Hello, everyone! I’m your MengMeng, Dai Meng. Is there anything interesting along with each other? Any roasters? What happened? Dai Meng is a qualified idol, but when she’s asleep, she makes some noises like she’s mad at something. Like I’m mad? I think she’s more like an old man. Ok, come on, bring on the roast. One said she’s like being mad, and the other said she’s like an old man. What about you, kiki? Dai Meng will sigh before going to bed. She will exhale all her breath and loud enough to let the world hear it. And she’s also very classy, beside her sigh, she’s like the meme of an old man watch his phone on the subway, spray perfume to her pillow every night. She even has a double chin when she does it. Don’t know what she’s trying to avoid. Ok, a very impressive accusation from 3.
Is there anything interesting with roommates to share? We have meat, vegetable, fruits and milk. With coarse grains. (I have never ever game)
I have face blindness. I didn’t know there are two different staff in our apartment until they show up at the same time. I can ride a bicycle. Have hongbao during the Chinese New Year.
I’ve both give and received hongbao. How much did you give at most? 2 thousand yuan. My friend was getting married then… So you combine the New Year and wedding Hongbao? I didn’t get the chance earlier, and I felt so sorry, so I compensate during New Year.
You sound a little bit stingy. I think that’s a lot. Take an average of 10 selfies per week.
Averagely I have 30 thousand selfies last half-year. The last one, have left home for a long time. We’ve all done it.