” Princess Silver ” Episode 47 Sir Sun. Why do you think I will agree? We have known each other
for many years. I think that I had been
of help to you. You became a well-known general for
your contribution in southern fringe. With Sun family’s support, you’ll rise
to be the master of this country. Now, I have the secret information
about southern fringe’s defence. It can help you take down
southern fringe. Sir Sun. The friendship we have before this… is just for our own benefits. But now, you want to change
your allegiance to me. I have to be clear then. What is the value of your loyalty? Today, you betray the secret
of southern fringe to me. Will you betray Northern Realm’s
secret to Zongzheng Wu You… in the future? Of course not. You can even barter away
your own daughter. And you can even betray Wu You who
was your student for so many years. How am I going to trust your loyalty? Besides, you had taught Zongzheng Wu You
so many years for nothing. Even I, understand Zongzheng Wu You
better than you. If he can share with you
those secret information… that you talked of, then it means,
they are not so secret anyway. And your daughter will be safer off… with him than with me. Guards. Your Highness, this… Sir Sun, don’t put up a fight.
Just go. Forgive me for not being able
to see you off. Bring him away. Your Highness, have you lost your
trust in me because I’ve failed… the Silver-Hair Demon mission? Your Highness! How dare you mention this to me. You used this lowly tactic
in my name… to put Rong Le in dire. And you even kept
information from me… until I almost died in Qingzhou. Sir Sun. You have planned it out so well. Take him away and chop off his head. Fu Chou, you promised me that… you’ll spare my family’s life if I
carry out this Silver-Hair Demon plan. How could you break
your promise, scoundrel! You’ve always been my favourite. I remember that when I first saw you, I felt that… you are quite similar to… the younger me. I really never thought that you, Zongzheng Yun He, who is my greatest enemy
and my greatest villain… that was burnt into
my mind since young… will turn out like this today.
A useless man… weighed down with age. If I were you, I would have cursed myself
hundreds and thousands of time. Fu Chou, you… and your ulterior motives. You usurped the throne and
hurt your father and brother. Or perhaps,
you want to curse my mother… for being evil and sinister. After all, she had murdered
your beloved one… right in front of you. But if others had gone through
the same as what she had, they might become even more… sinister and scarier than her. After all, she did it to save me. The sin that my mother
had committed… can only be borne by… this son of hers. Now, I too have experienced… the pain of losing someone you love. But back then, you really shouldn’t have destroyed
my mother’s lifetime happiness… for the person you love. Back then, if only… you had some conscience
as a father and husband, this tragedy might not have happened. Now, I feel that my mother’s temperament
has changed drastically. She is too resentful in some things. I keep on feeling that… she is doing something behind my back. West… West… What are you trying to say? What else can you say? West… Yes, for the past one year and a half, the curses that were pointed
to me and my mother… were quite a handful. West… You know something? West? What you wrote is the word ‘west’? Chou. Mother. Chou, if you want to see me, you can just ask Chang Jian
to inform me. No need to come to
this place by yourself. This man here… will just be an eyesore to you. You have to nurse
your injuries in peace. Look at your legs. Mother. Are you in touch… with Sun Ji Zhou in Qingzhou? I’m just a woman in a palace. How can I be in touch with
a person who is miles away? Chou, don’t let your imagination run wild. Nurse your injuries in peace. When you have recovered, you can wage war
against southern fringe… and cut Zongzheng Wu You into pieces. But now, the snow storm has cut off
the road along with the food supplies. I think that… it’s better to go back to Zhongshan
to regroup and recuperate first. When I have fully recovered, I’ll take down southern fringe. -Chou.
-Mother. This is a national affair. I can’t discuss it with you. I’ll have to take my leave now. Miss Sun. Don’t come near me. Ling Yue. Finally, you are here. You are here to get me out, right? Ya Li. Ya Li, this must be hard on you. Xiao Sha is just following orders. Please don’t blame him. I’m in such a dire state right now. There is no use for me… -to blame anybody.
-Don’t say that. You are just grounded here
for the moment. You’ll be fine then after they
manage to recapture Sir Sun. I don’t want him to. I rather hope that he doesn’t
come back forever. He can’t come back. He can’t come back. By the way, here.
I brought you some food. Quick. Come here. Eat it while it’s hot. Ya Li. I’ve brought you some of my clothes. I know that you had worn better
clothes than these in the past. So, please don’t mind
about the quality. I’m not in the position
to be picky now. I’m already very happy that… you are here to visit me. By the way, you’ve brought
so many things with you. Will Rong Le scold you… if she knows about it? She won’t. You know that she treats
the servants very well. Moreover, she’s in a sweet cocoon
with His Highness now. She doesn’t have time for us. -Is that so?
-Yes. Good then. Why are you here? I came here to because I heard that
you’ve brought a huge bag with you. I never thought that
you are here to visit her. She plotted against His Highness… and destroyed His Highness and
Princess’s relationship. She is evil. You should stay away
from her person like her. Xiao Sha, she is not
a person like that. Besides, she is my friend. When she was still a noble lady,
she had treated me very well. Now, she has fallen and nobody
is here to take care of her. I can’t possibly
leave her alone, right? Besides, for the incident last time, Ya Li must have done that by mistake
because she was forced by her father. -She was not like that in the past.
-No matter how she is in the past, she has changed now. For some things, if she had done it once,
she will do it again and again. If you help her this time… and if she wants to hurt
the Princess in the future, -you’ll become an indirect accomplice.
-She won’t do it. Moreover, it’s impossible that I will… Enough. I know you won’t. But she will. She is Princess’s enemy now.
You can’t be kind to your enemy. Or else, you’ll be disloyal
to the Princess. Alright, I get it. By the way, don’t tell Princess that
I came to visit her. Or else, she will be mad for sure. Make sure that there’s no next time. Let’s go. ” Man Yin Chamber “He killed my father.And he destroyed my mother.My hatred for him is bone deep.But compared to your life,it’s nothing for me…to own him a favour.I’m sorry. It’s all because of me. No need to blame yourself. This is my choice. It’s not your fault.Face the possible truth?I cried when you leave and I keep on
reminiscing the happy times we had.
The regrets that I have…will last me a lifetime.Princess, this Blood Raven Roots
is indeed very effective. Looks at you now. You are as beautiful
as ever and you are glowing in it. Later, when you go to the hall for
a meeting with the officials, they will be in for a shock. At first, I thought that… it’ll be a happy thing if I could… restore my past look one day. I never thought that
I’ll feel like this. Consort Rong Le. His Highness had left Qingzhou
last night to go to the border. Today’s morning court
has been cancelled. What? Princess, walk slowly. I think hatred must be
burning in his veins now. He had led his troops to the border
without waiting for the snow to melt. I’m afraid that he’s going to fight
to death with Northern Realm. I just never thought that he
will leave without telling you first. I understand. Actually, I don’t dare
to face him too. How can I force him
to face me as well? How can His Highness be like that? Princess’s leg is still wounded. How can he leave without a word?
There are so many things here… I have another report. We received words from
The Hidden Ones. Sun Ji Zhou has been murdered
by the people of Northern Realm. Ya Li has been staying
in her manor recently. I wonder how she is. Don’t tell Ya Li about this first… in case she lets her
imagination runs wild. Princess. I think… it’s better if you
forget about Miss Sun. What is it? You are very close with her. You didn’t go to visit her recently? No. I didn’t go to visit her. Xiao Sha… Xiao Sha has forbid me to do so. By the way, Princess, Miss Sun’s maidservant, Chun Ni… has requested to see you. Chun Ni? Then something might have
happened to Ya Li. Xiao Sha. Bring Chun Ni here.
Let me ask her. Yes, Princess. -Leng Yan!
-Here! Order the troops to set out now! We have to reach the border
and set up our camp before sunset! Yes, Your Highness. March forward! Greetings, Consort Rong Le. Chun Ni. Ling Yue said that you
wanted to see me. What is it? Please accept me under your wings… and let me serve you. Why? I remember that when
Sun’s Manor was confiscated, you were the only one… who were willing to stay by
Ya Li’s side to serve her. Why will you leave her now? I don’t want to be a person who
will leave a fallen mistress too. But… Miss Sun hits you? Ever since Miss Sun
is grounded in her manor, it’s like she has changed into
another person. Now, she always hit me
without any reasons. She thinks too much. She can’t forget her past humiliation. But still, she shouldn’t hit you. I don’t blame her. I think… it might be because I’ve seen her
went through all of that. As long as I’m by her side, I’ll be
a thorn that reminds her of the past. If I leave Miss Sun, maybe she will get better. Consort Rong Le, please help me out… and let me serve you. -Get up first.
-Consort Rong Le. How about you get her out of the manor
so that she can choose her own life? I don’t wish to leave the manor. I was abandoned by
my parents since young. I have no one to rely on. Luckily, Miss Sun is willing
to keep me. Now, I don’t even have
a family member that I can rely on. I know that… Miss Sun has done you wrong. I’m willing to serve you
with all my heart… to atone for Miss Sun’s sins. -Please, Princess.
-Get up first. Chun Ni, get up first. Her Highness has agreed. Thank you for your kindness,
Your Highness. Xiao Sha. Bring Chun Ni to Ke so that
Ke can treat her wounds. After that, ask her to go to the
side palace to take a look at Ya Li. Yes, Your Highness. Princess. Slowly. You have always been close to Ya Li. But because of me,
you didn’t go to visit her recently. If it wasn’t for Chun Ni, I’m afraid that we wouldn’t
know about Ya Li’s condition. Please punish me, Princess. Actually, after Miss Sun
is grounded in this manor, I had gone to visit her
a couple of times in secret. And I too found out that
something is wrong with her. But after that, Xiao Sha… told me not to visit her anymore. After I thought about it,
I’m afraid that she’ll harm you. So, I didn’t tell you about it. Slowly, Princess. Now, Sun Ji Zhou is dead… and Chun Ni has left her. Ya Li is all alone now. From what Chun Ni had described,
something is wrong with Ya Li. How about you come
with me while I visit her? Alright. Princess, walk slowly. You’ve scared me. Don’t come near me. You are indeed sick. You are pale. Your breathing laboured,
low vital energy and are delirious. Have you been having delusions lately? Did you feel that somebody wants to
hit you, scold you or even kill you? No. Nobody is here to kill me. Nobody is here to kill me. Princess Rong Le. What is wrong with her? This is a mental disease. But luckily, her symptoms show that
she’s in the first stage. She’ll be fine after some medication. I don’t want to take any medication.
I’m not sick. You are sick. Who knows that you won’t
poison my medicine. Don’t come here.
Don’t come near me. Demon. You are a demon! You can just go and seduce
all those men. Don’t come here. Don’t come over here. She has silver hair. This black hair is just a delusion. That’s right. It’s just a delusion.
All of them are just delusions. All of them are just delusions. Princess, I think… Miss Sun has really gone crazy. Ling Yue. You are here, Ling Yue. Finally you are here, Ling Yue.
That’s great. That’s not right. You can’t be with her.
She’s a demon. If you are with her, you’ll get hurt.
Do you know that? You can’t be with her. Ya Li. Ya Li. Princess. Miss Sun has really
gone crazy. Let’s leave at once. Ling Yue. Are you going
to leave me too? My father has escaped alone. And I don’t know where Chun Ni went. Now, are you going to abandon me as well? Or is it that… since the very beginning, you are sent here to spy on me? Ya Li! Don’t come near me, all of you! Princess Rong Le. You’ll only upset her further
if you are here. How about we go back first? I’ll give her some medication.
She’ll be better after she takes it. Let me out! Let me out! Let me out. Greetings, Consort Rong Le. Uncle, please have a seat. Recently, His Highness has sent us
some emergency letters… to ask for backup troops. But you’ve been absent
from the morning court… with the reason being sick. You wouldn’t send forward
any backup troops. May I know the reason? Do you think… this is the best time to go
into war with Northern Realm? I had been pondering about it
for the past few days. But I didn’t manage
to get an answer for it. Based on reason, we have rested
for more than one year… because we want to wait
for the best chance… to achieve the greatest victory
with the lowest cost. But it is really risky to march… our troops to them so recklessly now. But based on emotion… Based on emotion, all of us can understand
Wu You’s action. Fu Chou had killed his father
and stolen the country. Now, even Wu You’s mother is… Such bone deep hatred. Even I, want to kill
Fu Chou for revenge. Let alone Wu You who is their son. When the late emperor was in dire, I had to leave the camp to find help. That had resulted in the death
of the late emperor. Until now, I still have a nightmare
about him every night… where he is covered in blood. Such keenly felt pain… is what I share with Wu You. If it wasn’t because
I’m too old and weak, I’ll definitely join the battle. I want to kill Fu Chou
with my own hands. But I don’t dare to
let him take that risk. You just know that… it’ll be a slim victory
if we wage war in haste… while the snow has cut off the
road along with the food supplies. But you don’t know that… we have a bigger issue here. Only me and Wu You know about it. If I tell you about it, I beg you not to disclose
this secret to others. What issue is it? Tell me now. You may leave first. Yes, Your Highness. After the earthquake in Zhuo… together with the spreading
of the plague, a lot of the army’s
fine horses are dead. We are left with less than a third
compared to the original numbers. General Luo Zhi had won
those battles in the border… by bluff and bluster only.
They don’t dare to attack. And that’s because they lack horses. So, with the numbers we have now, even if we can win by chance, we can’t drive straight in to the core
of Zhongshan to defeat them. We can only fight with them
at the border of Northern Realm and… wasting the strength of the country
and the army that didn’t come by easy. These are what you worried about? That’s right. I had tossed and turned,
pondering about this issue. Because I can’t discuss this secret
with our fellow officials… and at the same time, I’m in
bitter regret that because of me, Wu You has lost his parents
and has abandoned the country. You don’t have an answer whether
or not we should go into battle. And I am tortured by it as well. But I’m clear about one thing. I can’t let Wu You get hurt… and I can’t let the people of
southern fringe get hurt. I understand what is
in your thoughts now. To make a decision that
can affect the country, it’s indeed too much of a burden
for you to carry by yourself. Don’t worry, I’ll help you
reassure and deal with… the officials in the court. Thank you, uncle. But you need to be clear. The officials obey you… because of Wu You’s determination
to turn Gray for you. If you keep on delaying
the decision to send backup… and leave Wu You
alone in the front line, I think there will be
uproar in the court. I already wrote a letter for Wu You. I believe that he will
make the best decision. Since you already have a plan, I don’t have to worry for now. If you face any difficulties
in the court, you can come to me. Thank you, uncle. Farewell. Xiao Sha. Consort Rong Le. Go to the border and
give this letter to Wu You. This is a very important letter.
Keep it by your side always. You have to personally give it
to Wu You himself. Tell him that I’ll
wait for his decision. Don’t worry, Consort Rong Le.
I’ll depart at once. Xiao Sha! Why are you here? You are going to the border
just like this? Don’t you know
that it’s cold up north? Can’t you wear more clothes? Take it. You always forget to take care
of yourself when you are busy. Are you a little bit angry at me? Actually, I’m going there
on Princess’s order. It’s not dangerous.
Wait for my return. -I’ll spend my time with you then.
-Look at you. All words no action. You said that you’ll accompany me
but how many times had you done that? At any rate, for you, Princess has always been
more important than me. Are you jealous? Princess and us depend on each other.
We are one. For me, you are as important as her. When I come back this time, I’ll ask Princess to let me marry you. When the time comes, if you
don’t want to stay in the manor, I’ll beg Princess to free us. She won’t stop us for sure. From now on,
no matter where you want to go, I’ll go with you. Enough. It’s late already. Go now. Be careful on the road. -Come back earlier.
-Alright. I’ll leave now. Wu You! Don’t go. Princess! Princess. What is it, Princess? Are you having nightmare again? I’m fine now. Ever since His Highness left, you haven’t been sleeping well. Maybe you’ve gotten used to
His Highness sleeping by your side. How about I keep watch tonight… and sit by your bed to serve you? It’s fine. You have been taking care of
my leg wound for the past few days. You must be exhausted. Your Highness, you have taken me in. It’s like you have saved my life. I’m grateful for you but
I don’t have a way to repay you. Please agree to let me
keep watch for you at night. Let me repay you. I’ll have to trouble you then. I’ll go and get ready then. Tomorrow night,
I’ll come here to keep watch for you. Princess, I don’t have to worry then. I’ll take my leave now. Wu You. Will you agree with my decision… after you get my letter? ” Linan Door ” Your Highness, we received 20
emergency letters from the front line. Please lead a troop forward
to back them up. Prince Li’s troops are already
stationed at Tong Pass. He might attack anytime now. Chang Jian, pass down my order. No matter how Zongzheng Wu You
provoke us with his troops, we will stay inside this stronghold
and put up our defence. We have enough arrows, sand and
boulders to defend the city. If Zongzheng Wu You attack us, our soldiers in the front line… will fight to their last breath… to protect the city. Five days. We just need to hold it for five days. I believe that he will retreat. Arrival of Her Majesty. Chou! You have already recovered. Why are you still delaying your time
for the past few days? Now, Zongzheng Wu You
is wobbly on his feet. And his backup is not here yet. As long as our troops
reach him first… and attack him,
we can kill him easily. I already told you. I have my own plans… regarding the military
and political affairs. Moreover, I didn’t say that I won’t attack them. I’m just waiting for the
best time to do so. As for when is the best time to do it, there’s no need for you to know. You just need to know one thing. As long as Zongzheng Wu You
makes the first move, he will lose for sure. Are you going to… keep your plan a secret from me too? I’m not trying to keep it a secret. I just don’t want to lose again. Zongzheng Wu You has
marched here out of rage. It’s rare that he’ll be so rash. When he has exhausted himself
and his soldiers are weak, we can return fire… and destroy them once and for all. This is the best strategy
to defeat his. Please don’t meddle with my plan. I feel that Zongzheng Wu You’s
rashness out of rage… is better than you being indecisive. If you are still so indecisive, I think I can only wait
in Senyan Palace… until Zongzheng Wu You
comes and kills me face to face! Your Highness,
now, what should we do? I’ll decide again after five days. Yes, Your Highness. Tong Pass is a strategic location
with difficult access. It’s easy to defend and
hard to be attacked. If we attack them first,
our chance in victory is slim. And as soon as the battle starts, we need at least half a month
to take it down. The snow has cut off the road. And it’s difficult for Qingzhou
to supply food to us. With the food supplies
that we have now, it’s enough for
five days only at most. We have conserved our strength
for more than one year… just to prepare for this battle
with Northern Realm. Although it’s risky to attack, I’m not doing it all because
I’m swayed by my feelings. Fu Chou has gone back to
Zhongshan because he is hurt. It looks like their numbers are
increasing day by day in Tong Pass, but actually,
it’s just bluff and bluster. From the news we gathered, our enemy is in the
same situation as us. Their supplies are cut off too. If that’s the case,
speed is paramount in war. We attack them while
Fu Chou is not here… and while they are still unprepared. We might be able to take down
Tong Pass in five days’ time. We have conserved our strength
for quite a while. If we press on without letup,
we might not lose. Wu You, an army with grievance
is bound to prevail. No matter it’s public or personal,
as officials or as sons, we have to battle them. But this battle is too risky. If we want to go into battle,
it’s better for us to wait for backup. Your Highness.
Secret letter from Her Highness. Wu You. What did Man Yao say? Please leave us first. I need to discuss something
with Agent Wu. Yes, Wu You. Is Consort Rong Le against
this battle as well? Just now, you had opposed to us
drawing the swords first. Although I don’t think that
we will lose for sure. But you still oppose
to the idea, right? Because I know that
although we might not lose, our chance in victory is slim. Wu You. You and Consort Rong Le
don’t wish to drag… the people of Qingzhou
into a long lasting war too. But my heart is in constant turmoil,
tortured by regret and hatred. For the past year, Wu Yu had
advised me again and again… to wage war against Northern Realm
to take revenge on Fu Chou. But I had stopped him every time. But in my heart, I know that… from the moment my mother’s remain… is destroyed, I can no longer
convince myself with those words… that I used to convince him back then. For your teacher’s case back then, when I luckily escaped… while my whole family
was exterminated, I too, wanted to kill off all of them
regardless of the cost. But in the end,
I forced myself to stop. If I had acted recklessly
and given away my life back then, I wouldn’t be standing here now. And there will be no
The Hidden Ones today. But brother, -my father and mother…
-Wu You, if they are looking down
from up there, they’ll hope that you can
put the people first. You are a leader. There are hundreds and
thousands of people behind you. Consort Rong Le understand
the pain you feel as well. But she still wrote a letter to
stop you from beginning this war. That’s because she
doesn’t hope that… you’ll become the sinner that
put our people into dire suffering. But, she is not trying to stop me
from going into war… or endure sufferings
that others can’t. Instead, she wants me
to choose another path. She wants me to do something
that others can’t. Here, Princess. After Chun Ni watches
the night for you, I think you look so much better now. Thanks to Chun Ni for
watching the night for me. And thanks to you for taking care
of my leg wound every day. -I’m much better now.
-These are just our duties. Princess, it’s late already. You should rest now.