Hi it’s Dave at Stable Vehicle Contracts,
I hope you’re doing ok. One of the many questions we’ve been getting
recently, after I’ve been raving on about White Silver being the best thing since sliced
bread as a new colour, is what is the difference between White Silver and Pure White?
Do they look much different? So we thought the best way to answer this
question is to do a video on it. So we’ve got a White Silver Golf R and a Pure
White Golf R Estate. So we’re gonna have a little look round both
the cars so you can get an idea how they look compared to each other, what they look like
on their own. But we’re gonna do it a little bit different,
we’re gonna split it into two seperate parts, one is real world, so these cars haven’t been
cleaned, well when was the last time you cleaned yours Phil?
Phil: urm two months Dave: that’s a disgrace, so that’s not been
cleaned for two months, that’s not been cleaned for about a week or so but it has been up
and down the motorway so it is pretty dirty. But two months is a joke, what’s your house
like? You can definitely see behind me there is
quite a big difference between the pure white and the white silver.
The white silver, as I keep going on about it is just something completely different
to anything that’s out there really, so for me it’s the best colour in the VW range by
a long, long way but pure white is still vary popular so should we have a little walk round
and look at them in a bit more detail? Going slightly off subject on the colour,
me and Phil were talking yesterday about the Golf R, when we picked this one up.
Normally Golf Rs they’re known as a bit of a sleeper car because it doesn’t look like
anything extra ordinary like a Focus RS or a Civic Type R, they are very much in your
face, a bit of a boy-racer, hot hatch type vehicle.
Where as the Golf R isn’t, but then we were looking at this and actually it is quite a
bit more in your face, I think what we pinned it down to is the alloys so Phil’s estate
Golf R has got the standard 18″ Cadiz alloys on it and this car has got the 19″ Pretoria
alloys which are about a £1,000 or £900 upgrade and they do make it look a lot more
in your face, I think is probably the best way to describe it.
It’s only something as subtle as an alloy wheel change that’s done that, but it’s mad,
we think anyway, what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section.
Does it take away that sleeper effect when you upgrade the wheels like this? We definitely
think it does, what do you think? So you’ve had a look round the cars in their
dirty state, so now we’re gonna get them cleaned and see how they compare when they’re fresh
out the valet bay. Let’s go get them cleaned.
So both cars have just come back from the valet and they are looking fresh.
Phil has just realised that his Cadiz alloys aren’t dark Cadiz alloys, they are just normal
Cadiz alloys. What do you reckon then, prefer them with all the brake dust on them or?
Phil: I’m surprised how good it looks to be honest, I’d forgotten what it looked like.
Are you gonna keep your car cleaner now? Phil: Yes…
Because you’re shamed into it. So what you can really see, hopefully on the
camera hear is there is a massive, massive difference between the White Silver and the
Pure White so quite a few of you guys have said in the comments that you couldn’t really
tell the difference between Pure White and White Silver.
When you look at it now like we are in the flesh, certainly after it’s been cleaned there
is a huge amount of difference. The White Silver, hopefully you can pick it
up on the camera, it’s almost like a grey, blue, white, silver… it’s a really weird
colour and I really, really like it and I prefer it to the Pure White, sorry Phil, I’ve
gotta say it. What do you think? Let us know which colour
you prefer, the White Silver or the Pure White. Let us know in the comments section below.
So let’s have a little walk around the cars again, now they’ve been cleaned and hopefully
you can see the difference between the two cars.
So you’ve seen the cars, we’ve given you a nice comparison and hopefully you’ve been
able to pick up the difference between the White Silver and the Pure White Golf Rs.
If you have, what you need to do now is tell us by commenting down below, do you prefer
the White Silver or the Pure White, let us know.
So thanks for watching, hope you’ve enjoyed this video, if you have don’t forget to like,
share and subscribe if you don’t already, see you again soon.