Hey guys, today I am going to show how to make these pearl earrings. First design is classic and vintage, second design is spiral drop style, third one is really popular hoop earrings style. I will be using round nose plier, chain nose plier, side cutter, some earring wires, 20 gauge wire, 3mm Swarovski Bicone beads in crystal AB colour, Swarovski Rondelle beads in crystal AB colour, silver line seed beads, three sizes of Swarovski white pearls in 4mm , 6mm, and 8mm. I will cut a piece of wire. Use round nose plier to bend it to make a loop. Usually we should make a regular round loop, but i just like to make a slim tear drop shape, then use chain nose plier to hold the loop and bend the wire to keep 90 degree angle, put one 8mm pearl close to the loop, use chain nose plier to adjust the loop, then i put one Rondelle crystal, that’s the first section, followed by a 6mm pearl, actually you can use 22 gauge wire for today’s designs, which can be easier to bend and place the pearls. then followed by another Rondelle crystal, that’s the second section, and a 4mm pearl, use a 3mm Bicone crystal to finish beading, so we’ve finished the third section. it’s your decision to make the design longer or just short like this, cause you can repeat for each section. Use chain nose plier to bend the wire, then use round nose plier to hold the wire, and bend it to make a loop, then use side cutter to cut the extra wire, i will still use chain nose plier to make the loop like tear drop shape. Take the earring wire, open the loop here, connect these two parts together, then , use chain nose plier to close the loop so we’ve finished the first earring style. For the second design, we need a longer wire, and you can decide the length you want. Make a loop on one side like the first style, i will place a 4 mm pearl followed by a seed bead, and just repeat this section till get the length we want, for this video I have used 16 pearls. Still make a loop and connect it with the earring wire as shown for the first style. I will use the handle of a makeup brush to shape the wire into a spiral shape. We can adjust the shape to make it look nicer. We have finished the second style, very easy. For the third design, we do exactly the same like the second one to make a long drop earring first, then hold the earring wire in this angle, and bend the bottom part up, open the loop of the earring wire, and go through the bottom loop, then use chain nose plier to close the loop. Now we just use fingers to shape it into round hoop, you can make other shapes if you like So yeah, very easy to make today’s earrings, thank you so much for watching , hope you enjoy today’s tutorials, I will see you next time 🙂