This is the beautifully simple and very elegant Aerial
single diamond pendant by Hearts on Fire. You’ll see it’s a single
round, brilliant-cut, solitaire diamond, it’s perfectly cut so it gives an enormous amount
of sparkle and brilliance, as well as all seven
colours of the rainbow that come out of this diamond. It’s available in various sizes. You can get it in different
colour combinations as well, so if you’d like a rose
gold top, here you are, and white gold chain, you can order that, or two-tone with yellow gold. There’s lots of variations available. This also comes in
different diamond sizes, from very small to quite large. As it’s a Hearts on Fire diamond, the size becomes irrelevant,
because even the smallest diamonds are visible from across the room. That’s because they sparkle so much. The diamond has flexibility
to move along the chain, and with the very clever pointed design at the top of the diamond there, it stops it from flipping over or being upside-down. I don’t know if you’ve
ever owned necklaces like that before that
never kind of sit right. This is expertly designed so
that it always looks perfect. The Aerial single diamond
pendant by Hearts on Fire, an essential part of any
woman’s jewellery wardrobe.