So basically, today’s class
Is about Gems information It’s a Gem therapy class. I thought that these are our
two important things… Rudraksha and Gems stones. So what I’ll do, just give
You a basic awareness about Gems and after that
I would like to take a break of… next week will be a little
break for Chakra Yog… ..and after that they will resume
Some other type of classes again So what do you all
know about Gems? Almost you will see every person
is wearing some gem or the other. You’ll find every person wearing
some ring, some pendent… ..on the body. Why do you think people
wear Gems stones? Firstly you wear gemstones because
You feel there is Saade Sathi (period of 7.5 yrs) So we can safe guard
Ourselves from Lord Saturn. That’s why we wear Gemstones. Okay. –Mam actually, in your horoscope if there
is a dignity planet, that is called) Yog (Karak Planet)…? (Not Audible) to increase the
Power of that planet… ..We wear the Gemstones. This is called basically, people
Know that are two methodologies… choose a Gemstones. One is Anukul and
One is Pratikul.
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Anukul means they say that all the
Planets that are favorable to you. You wear Gemstones of that planet
so (delete) you get more power… …from that planet. That is Anukul. Whatever is positive you
make it more positive. Another philosophy is Pratikul. Pratikul means whichever
Planet is not favorable… ..You wear the Gems stones of that
Planet to make it positive for you. So what happens is a client
goes to an Astrologer… Someone follows Anukul
Someone follows Pratikul… And then what happens one
Astrologer tells him… …please wear a
Neelam (Sapphire) Another astrologers says, “No no Saturn is
very bad for you, don’t wear Sapphire…’ So he gets confused. So that’s why every person today has
decided I’ll go to 2-3 people… I will take opinion from
2-3 astrologers… If three astrologers
tell the same Gem Story… and all the three said
Moonga (Red Coral). They will go and buy
Moonga (Red Coral). This is what people are doing. Yes or No? So finally let us try
to understand What is the truth? How many of you are already
wearing Gemstones? Raise your hands. Then say 30% already
wearing gemstone and this is true
for whole India 30% of the people you will see wearing at least one
or two Gemstones and the other gemstones are
hidden inside the shirt. So, so basically, these
are the two reasons. Any third reason of
Wearing Gemstones? Any other reason? One is yes because you
are in Chakra class So you will say yes. I’ll wear a gemstone to open my
Chakras, Okay. So first thing you have to
Understand why do we wear Gems? The main reason we wear Gemstone
is to empower ourselves The gemstones are
worn on the body basically, to empower the
Chakras of your body Whichever Chakras in your
body is getting less colour is getting less energy You will wear the
Gemstone of that… Chakra so that it
opens up to receive… the complete energy
from the Universe You can understand
Gemstone like a filter Gemstone is a filter
and when you wear a small piece of Gemstone
on a particular finger It will channel that
particular colour in copious amount
into your Chakra See normally understand you are getting colour every single
moment in all your Chakras. How you are getting Colour? Sunlight. Because of light. And the light is falling where? On which Chakra the
light is falling? It is falling on
the Crown Chakra. The light is falling
on the Crown Chakra It has got thousands Petals. And when the white light
falls on the Crown Chakra It is distributed towards
all your other Chakras. And all the Chakras absorb
their respective colours. But what happens is, suppose
a Chakra gets imbalanced. You know that Chakra
is like a Wheel. It is rotating.
Yes or No?? What do you mean by
Chakra gets imbalanced? Either the wheel is rotating
very fast – Overactive. Or the wheel is rotating
very slow – Underactive. Now if it is Overactive or Underactive. In both the cases the Chakra cannot
process that colour light into the body. It cannot because the
frequency is incorrect. Something like suppose you are tuning
yourself to a radio frequency. Yes? If you want to get
a particular channel. Either you go above it
or you go below it. Will you be able to
reach the channel? Yes or No?? Suppose your FM channel is
catching a particular frequency. It is not that, if you catch a frequency
above it you will get that channel also. Yes or No?? So it is not about Above it,
It is not about Below it. You have to get the exact vibration
of the Chakra to be able to absorb that colour from
the Environment… Okay. So because the Chakra is not active, the
Colour is not getting processed by that Chakra… and that is why the diseases
are settling in the body. You start getting
emotionally stressed. You start getting all the
diseases of the Chakra. For example, your Muladhara
(Base Chakra) became Underactive or Overactive. You start developing the
fears of instability. Suddenly you develop fears
of losing your job. Losing Support. You start getting pains
In the knees, bones, ankles. And you start getting all
that lower back pains. Suppose this activity happens
in your Heart Chakra. You start developing suddenly cold, cough,
allergies, blood pressure, skin diseases. And emotionally you start feeling
depressed, anxious, nervous, frightened So as per the Chakra… You start developing those
emotional and physical diseases… because of the lack the colour absorbed
by the particular Chakra. Clear? So in that case
What you can do… If you wear the Gemstone
of that Chakra… It will put lot of colour, extra
Colour, it will give to your Chakra. because it is helping
the Chakra to open that, I agree because of your frequency, you are
not able to naturally take a lot of colour… So what it will do? it will give so
much copious amount of colour… that the colour will enter through that
Chakra and it will energize the body. And slowly the Chakra
will become normal. Is it clear? So gemstone is basically, like a filter… which is diverting lot
of colour at a time. Something like suppose you
develop vitamin C deficiency. What will the doctor tell you? He will tell you eat a
lot of Citrus fruits Like Lemon, Oranges etc. Right? Same thing we can
do with the gemstone. If you wear Yellow Topaz or
Yellow Citrine on the body… You will get the same vitamin C on
your body by wearing the gemstone. Today if you have blood related problem.
You have Anemia. What will the doctor tell you? He will tell you eat
Green Vegetables. Right?
and blood is in the Heart. same thing can be achieved
by wearing a Green Emerald. Is it clear? So basically, gemstones, Colours,
Fruits, Flowers, Scent, Incenses, Rudraksha they all
do the same thing. They basically,
energize a Chakra. And basically, allow it to get the
Sufficient amount of colour into the body. Clear? So basically, since the ancient times
Precious and semi-precious gemstones… were believed to have extraordinary
enhancing and healing powers… affecting the mind, body and spirit and even influencing our fate
and the course of our lives! In ancient India, a number of Sanskrit
texts on gems have been written. “Graha-Gocara Jyotisha” and “Garuda Puran”,
“Brahat Samhita”, “Agni Puran” are the texts dealing with planetary Gemology. Do you know that even the
God’s wore gemstones? Are you aware of which
God wore which gemstones? Have you heard of a gemstone
called Kostubh Mani? This gemstone is worn
by Lord Vishnu himself. It’s beautiful Blue colour gemstone,
the colour is like a Blue Lotus. And it is worn by
Lord Vishnu himself. This gemstone came out of Samudra
Manthan (Ocean Churning). You know when the churning
of the Ocean happened… that time the Blue
Gemstone came out. Then there is another gemstone
called Chintamani (White Sapphire). Chintamani is a gemstone
which is white in colour. It is White Sapphire. And as the name says it takes
away a lot of Chinta (Worries). And it attracts a lot of good
luck and grace you know. Now these gemstones are mentioned in
“Devi Bhagwat”, “Vishnu Puran”, “Garuda Puran” they are mentioned
in these holy texts. Then there is one more Mani
called Syamantak Mani. Syamantak Mani is worn
by Lord Surya …Sun. It has got so much brilliant hue that
If you keep it in darkness… In a, if you keep
It in a dark room… the whole room becomes light. And the same Mani is also
worn by Lord Krishna. And there is one more
Gemstone called Rudra Mani. Worn by our Lord Shiva himself. And…If you want to know
the story of Gemstones? Now what is the Mythological
Story of Gemstones? Basically, the
Mythological story is… you know, Bali.
There was king Bali. And King Bali was the
grandson of Prahald. Have you heard of the
story of Prahald? The Prahald was the son
of Hiranyakashipu. and basically, so Prahald went on
to become a very big King. And his grandson was King Bali. So what happened was King Bali was doing
Ashvamegh Yagya (Horse Sacrifice Ritual)… basically, to dethrone Indra. And Indra went to Lord
Vishnu that please help me. Because Bali is doing the
Yagya (Vedic Ceremony)… to dethrone me. So on the hundredth Yagya
Lord Vishnu came as Vaman (Guru). You must have heard the story, it
is just to get the link together. So what happens is
Vishnu comes as Vaman… You know as a Saint or Guru. He comes to King Bali… and King Bali says whatever
you want I will give. He says you give me three steps. You give me earth equal
to three steps of mine. So King Bali said yes please. Take your three steps as
large steps as you want. So what he does, in one step
he covers the earth. in the second step he
covers the sky,
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then you know Bali
gets frightened. He said there is nothing left. I have to keep my oath to you
that I will give you three steps. Now the third step
please keep on my head. So then what happened? That Vaman kept the
third step on his head. And pushed him to
Patal Lok (Hades). So he went to Patal Lok. But his body became
full of 84 gemstones. Out of these 21
are very popular. And out of every single part of
Bali the gemstones came out. His blood became Ruby. His Eyes became Blue Sapphire. His flesh became
Yellow Sapphire. His mind became Pearl. His sweat became Sphatik (quartz) So this is the traditional
story behind the gemstone So… There are basically, three
Varieties of gemstones. One is the precious, which are Diamonds
Corundum like Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds. And then there are the Semi-Precious stones
like Aquamarine, Amethyst, Topaz, Garnet,
Tourmaline, Peridot, etc. And the third is the Organic Gems, which are produced in nature which
are Pearl, Amber and Coral. The gemstones are always
measured in Carat. One Carat is 200 milligrams. And what you look for when
you buy a Gemstone? You look for gemstone for
Beauty, Rarity and Durability. The beauty depends primarily on
it’s optical properties, which imparts its luster,
fire and colour. The durability depends on the hardness
and resistance to cleavage or fracture. Let us now discuss
popular gemstones. Everybody knows about
Pukhraj, Yellow Sapphire. Now Pukhraj… which Chakra
will Pukhraj work on? Pukhraj will work on the
Vishuddha Chakra. Pukhraj is the
gemstone of the Guru. It will work on your
Vishuddha Chakra. So it is the gemstone for
Spiritual Knowledge, Communication, Success, Profits,
Promotion and Abundance. Next is Neelam (Blue Sapphire). Which Chakra do you think
it will work on? Yes…Agya Chakra,
The third Eye Chakra It works on enhancing your
Intuition, for Decision Making, Success and
basically, Spiritual Enlightenment. Now what does Moonga
(Coral) work on? Which gemstone will it work on? Yes Muladhara Chakra. And Muladhara is the body. So it works for your physical and
mental growth, Vigor, Vitality, Stability and
Marital matters. Next is Ruby. Ruby will work on which Chakra? Manipura Manipura.
So this is for Health,
Wealth, Power, Name and Fame. Pearl! Where will Pearl work on? Swadhisthana Chakra. Swadhisthana. So it will work
on your peace of mind, Fearlessness, for your Calm,
Love and Relationships. Then we go to Emerald. Emerald will work on
Fulfilment of Desires, Spiritual Awareness, Love
and Compassion. Which Chakra is this? Anahata Chakra Anahata Chakra. Then you come to Cat’s Eye. Cat’s Eye will work on
which Chakra? Cat’s Eye will again work on the Muladhara
but the lower part of Muladhara. Cat’s Eye is a Gem
of the Patal Lok. It is a gem of Lord Kuber. So it will work on Stability,
Good Luck, Protection and Enlightenment, Abstract
Thinking, etc. We have to understand
the human body. The human body is white from
above and black from below. And cat’s Eye gives the colour
black or infra-red. Next is Gomedh(Rahu). Which Chakra it will work on? Crown Chakra. So basically, Gomedh gives you
ultra violet colour and this works for Good Luck,
Power, Success and Blessings. So let us go to some technical…
technical information. Whenever you buy a gemstone
every person has lot of fear. Yes or No?? Will I get the real gemstone or
will I get the fake gemstone? So first unless you
make yourself aware… What you will do? You will keep on hunting,
you will keep on getting confused. Initially you’ll think, let me only
see the supplier. If the supplier is known let me
only buy from the supplier. But then it is good
to educate yourself… because when you are educated, You can buy the gemstone from anywhere
and get the genuine gemstone. But to educate yourself you
should have knowledge. That how can I distinguish a real
stone from an artificial stone? To know that you should know the different
treatments which are done on gemstones. Clear, so… first, First treatment done is Bleaching. Now in bleaching what they
do is, they use a Chemical… and using the chemical you know, basically, they
remove the unwanted colour from the gemstone. If you see this jadeite in the picture
the left part shows how it was actual But when they bleached it the right
part of the gemstone became available… so that the brown
part went away. Many times they
bleach Pearls also. So that the unwanted brownish,
blackish portions go away. And then the resplendent colour of
the gemstone becomes available. But what is the harm? When they bleach the gemstone, the
gemstone becomes brittle and porous. So what they have to do? They have to do some kind of the combination
treatment on it so that it doesn’t disintrigate. disintegrate But I want to ask you… Do you think a bleached
gemstone will give effect? Will a bleached gemstone give
affect when it is worn on the body? One is you are saying, power will reduce and What I would like to say, a bleached gemstone
will not alter the property of a gemstone. The gemstone will work. Because the bleaching will take
away whatever is not needed. So a bleached gemstone will
Definitely still work. Next is Surface Coating. What they do is they alter
Gem’s Appearance by applying a colouring
agent like paint. So if you see the picture, the
Intense pink colour of these Diamonds is the result of a Surface Coating. Tanzanite also you know, basically,
they improve the intensity of their colour
by Surface Coating. and occasionally Quartz is coated
with Metal Oxides to create colours rarely seen
in the natural Quartz. So now I want to ask you
will a Surface Coating work? Will a gemstone having a surface
coating work on the body? This will not work on the body. Because a gemstone is supposed to give you
Copious amount of its natural colour. Now because of the surface coating
the natural colour will be deflected and the gemstone will not be able to
exhibit its natural colour. So surface coating
is strictly ‘No’. (Not Audible) Next is Dyeing. They introduce coloured dye, Coloured dyes into porous
or Fractured gems stones to change their colour. Sometimes they even induce these
Fractures, you know into gemstone so that they
can accept the Dye. Just like Pearls. You have got White Pearls. They’ll dye it pink
and make it Pink Pearls. So these are Dyeing. Similarly Corals,
what they will do? They will first bleach it into White
and then they will dye it into Red. So commonly many
gemstones are Dyed. Now will a Dyed Gemstone work? No, because the dye is an unnatural colour
fed into the gemstone. So a Dyed Gemstone
will not work. See why we have to be aware? Because when to send your gemstone
for testing into a laboratory… the laboratory can specify whether the
gemstone is dyed or it is bleached? So if you know what works
and what doesn’t work… It can help you to choose whether you
Should go for that gem or not. Next is this is the very very
popular method which is used in gem stones. Fracture Or Cavity Filling. The gemstones what you
get from Mother Nature many of the gemstones
have got deep fractures. If you see the Diamond on the left side, you
will see such a big fracture on its right side. Yes? To your right you’ll
see a deep fracture. What they’ll do is basically,
they will fill this fracture With materials like liquid glass,
oils or Colourless liquids. They will fill this up with colourless liquid
or liquids which are of the same colour as the gemstone to fill up
the fractures. Commonly you can
see in the Emerald. Basically, in Emerald Oils, Waxes and Artificial
Resins are entered into the surface of the Emerald… Basically, to create the Emerald
which is on the right side. So this is called
Fracture Filling. Similarly if you see Ruby, you
see the rubies on the left side. they have so many
different fractures… they are filled
with molten glass. And after that what will happen
you will get this Ruby. which appears totally
flawless and clear. So this is called
Fracture filling. Do you think Fracture
Filling will work? It will work. Fracture filling does work because
when you fill the fractures. the gemstone is still the same.. It is going to give
you its colour. Through the fracture previously
also the light was not passing. Now also light will not pass. So fracture filling works. In commonly emeralds people use fracture
filling but they definitely work. They just make the
gemstone look beautiful. Today in the demand
of modern times… people want flawless gemstones. They want gemstones which
are high class clear. Such high class clear can
only be treated or manufactured. But we have to see the
Treatment should be such… that it doesn’t destroy the
natural property of the gemstone. Something like dyeing will definitely
destroy the natural property. But something like bleaching and fracture
filling will not destroy the natural property. Next! Heat Treatment. This is a very very
common Commonly used method. In which the gem is exposed to very high temperature
for the purpose of altering its colour or clarity. Basically, they use commonly
in gems like Amethyst. This will remove any unwanted brownish
inclusions and lighten the colour. In Ruby the heating can remove the purplish
coloration and give it a more pure red colour. And this process of heating also removes the
Minute silk-like inclusions in the gemstone. I need to say that in this market
80 to 90% of gems are heated. 80 to 90%. See we are talking today of a
billion billion dollar industry. You will not find anybody
wearing gemstones. You know very rare you find people wearing
gemstone which are totally natural. 80 to 90% of the gemstones
are heat treated. If you see on this side. Sapphires you know when they are treated
you know they become so deep Blue colour. Initially these Sapphires
were just rejected. And now you know because
of the heat treatment. they develop a very dark colour
and they are commonly used. It is very difficult to get non
heated and non-treated gem stones. Now the question comes. Do heated gems work? The answer is they
will not work. Because the intense heat to
which the gem is subjected to… it alters its
Chemical properties. You can understand that this heat treatment
is changing the colour of the gemstone also. You have to understand you can wear a
gemstone which has got inclusions. There is no problem. You can wear a gemstone which has got
small needle like inclusions… or some black spots
or some fractures… there is absolutely no problem. You have to understand Mother Earth
has produced gem stones only for you. If Mother Earth is producing those
gemstones you can wear them. Why you need to
heat and treat them? Unless it is for
jewellery purpose. Unless it is for
beautification purpose. Yes or No?? Something like mother…
nature has produced an apple. There can’t be one bad apple and
there can’t be a good apple. But it is possible that in an apple
there are small inclusions. What you will do you
will slice them off.. and you will eat the apple. Yes or No?? So understand that just having some inclusion
will not destroy the properties of the gemstone. So it is better to wear a
Gem which is fractured. Which has got needle
like inclusions. Which has got slight threads… Which has got some black
Spots, brownish spots… there is absolutely no problem
You’ll get the same results. The brownish, the black spots are
not going to transmit colour. They are just going to
be little barriers. Towards the cosmic light. But then you are not getting a tiny gem,
you are wearing a 5, 6, 10 carat gemstone. So the rest of the gemstone
can transmit the light. Definitely the brown spots, the black
spots are going to be hindrances. but they are very tiny compare
to complete surface of the gem. So you should not have fear
when you wear the gem… that if I get a gem
having a small bubble… having a small scratch,
having a small thread, having a small spot,
Whether it is black… or whether it is brown. You should not have worry that
this gemstone is going to harm me. Definitely not. It is not going to harm you.
It is for you. It will give you benefit. Those inclusions are only going to deflect some
of the rays of the natural colour of the gemstone. It’s okay you are wearing
a big piece anyway. Next is also High Pressure and
High Temperature Treatment. Now this treatment is basically,
Applied on Diamonds. And when they apply on Diamonds
the atomic structure changes. and the brownish
coloration goes away. And you get a Diamond
which is totally colourless. So for Diamonds you know commonly this high
pressure high temperature treatment is used. Next one is Irradiation. This is also very a
commonly used technique. Irradiation, in which you know expose a gem to an
artificial source of radiation to change its colour. If you get your gemstone
tested in a laboratory… and it comes that this is
an irradiated gemstone. It means that it has been exposed to a
colourful light to change the colour. So you can see that many Diamonds,
Quartzes, Sapphires they are irradiated. Will irradiated gems work? Definitely no. Because you are changing
the colour of the gemstone. Lastly there is a method
called Laser Drilling. What they do is if suppose
a Diamond has got a flaw… A flawless Diamond
fetches a large value. But suppose it has got a
flaw. What they will do? They will use a laser which will go
deep into the core of the Diamond. they will destroy that impurity.. inside the Diamond with chemical
forced into the channel. and there dissolve that impurity and
finally the Diamond will become.. flawless to look at. But Diamonds are the only gemstone
which can be treated in this fashion. Because only they can
withstand the heat of the laser. Will this method
for gemstone work? Yes. Yes definitely. There
is no problem. They are using a laser, they are removing the impurity
and giving the gem to you, there is no problem. Now I want to ask you… if suppose you have a gemstone
it gets cut from the side. will it work? It will work. Because understand the
gemstone has come from a large rock. It has come from a
large piece of rock. They have just taken out a small
piece and made a gemstone for you. Now what typically they do
when they mine the gemstone… depending on the large rock. And they want to take
out a nice clear piece. Because of that they take out
gemstone in different shapes. They have to see that how much portion
they can get as clear as possible. So they will make a shape of the gemstone oval,
square, rectangular, marquise, pear shape. Basically, because they want to take
out a clear piece as possible. But if your gemstone gets damaged from
one side, there is no problem. If it gets damage from
the surface also. If it gets damage
from the side also. It is going to work. They have polished the
gemstone for you to look good. But you could still
wear an unpolished rock. There is no problem. Clear? These are the different cuts. They like to do in gemstones round,
Princess cut, oval, marquise, Heart, Emerald, Pear, Asscher, Cushion Cut,
Trillant, Baguette, Radiant. So these are different cuts which
are popular in the industry. Now basically, we come to
Rudraksha Ratna science Therapy What is my research
on gemstones? When I research gemstone I also
Initially started with this mind set. that gemstone will work only as per
astrology chart of an individual. I thought that you know these gemstone
are not going to suit everybody… It will also only vibrate and resonate
with the particular kind gemstone. This is the mind-set I started. It took me three years to realize
that every single gemstone… can be worn by every single
individual in this world. You can wear every gemstone
available in this world. Just like you can eat any fruit,
you can eat any vegetable. You can use any
colour on your body. You can use any gemstone of
your choice on your body. Now since you can use all the gemstone on
body, what should be the criteria? What should be the criteria? The criteria should be what
do you need at this time? You need vitamin C?
Wear Yellow Citrine. Do you need extra
blood in your body? Wear Emerald. Do you need more
Communication powers? Wear Yellow Sapphire. Is not decision making
Clouded, wear Blue Sapphire. Have you become lazy? Are
you becoming lazy? Wear Coral. Do you feel, you’re lacking
support in this world? People are not supporting you. You are applying for a big
position like politics.. or you are applying for something big and you
want support from the rest of the world… Wear Cat’s Eye If you feel that luck is not
favouring you, wear Gomedh. If you are feeling very sensitive, emotional
because of imbalance in relationships wear Pearl. If you are looking to enhance
your leadership skills wear Ruby. You have to understand every single
gemstone made in this world… is for you. It depends what you want? Everybody doesn’t want everything.
Yes or No?? Today if I tell you, do you want a
Gemstone to make you do more hard work?.. you will say ma’am I am
already very hard working. Yes or No?? You will say I don’t need Coral. I
am already hard working. I get up in the
morning go to office. I work for morning to
evening I don’t need Coral. Yes or No?? Today if you are very kind and
Compassionate in your Heart… You don’t need Emerald. Yes or No? If your communications skills are already
good why should you wear a Yellow Sapphire? Yes or No?? You have to wear a gemstone as
per what you need in your life. There is no need of wearing all
the Navratanas Yes or No?? That’s why gemstones
are expensive. Because you should
wear what you need. You don’t need them
On a daily basis. You just need few gemstones
at a particular time in life. And that’s why the
concept started… that why should you wear a gemstone
only for a particular period? When they say wear Emerald only for so many
Years, wear Sapphire only for so many years… Because after that
you don’t need it. It is not that the gemstone
has stopped working. You don’t need after that time. That period is enough for you to get all the
energy that you need from the gemstone. Clear? It’s very good question. That when I select the
Gemstone what should I see? Should I see that it
Has got a good colour? Or should I see its size?
Or should I see shape? Or should I see its clarity? Basically, what I
would like to say is… you should see that number one
the gemstone should be alive. You know it should have life. There are many gemstones which
are very very dull, you know. And at the same time
they don’t look alive. Alive doesn’t mean that
they should be transparent. Because if you see Coral, Pearl
they are not transparent. Coral, Pearl, Cat’s Eye, so
transparency is not the issue. Number one, the gemstone
should look alive. Second is that the gemstone
should be fairly clear. Because definitely it is so much
clouded by impurities. Specially blackish and
brownish impurities… how can we expect it
to give the results? Because all the impurities
will be deflecting. Needles and threads are okay. But you should avoid the
Impurities inside the gemstone. and definitely deeper
and vibrant the colour. the gemstone is definitely
going to give more result. The deeper and vibrant
an Emerald is… ..the deeper and vibrant
a Blue Sapphire is… the deep and vibrant a Yellow Sapphire
is… they work. But don’t go for dark Yellow. The natural colour of a Yellow
Sapphire is pale Yellow. The natural colour of the Yellow
Sapphire is pale Yellow. Shortly I will be telling you the
cosmic colour of the gemstone. That time you can realize that Yellow
Sapphire doesn’t give Yellow colour. It gives Blue colour
to your body. So there is no use searching
for a dark Yellow Sapphire. Because as such it is going to
give you Blue colour only on the body So every gemstone gives a natural colour on the
body which is natural colour to the body… which is called its Cosmic colour. So what you should
go for is number one… You should go for vibrancy. How alive it looks? Lesser inclusions is better. A good colour is better. This is the way you
Chose a Gemstone. This is a very popular bracelet,
We make in our Centre. After my intense research
We prepared this bracelet… called “Maha Shakti
Ratna Kavacham”. Now this is the set of gemstones
which can be worn together. What happens is people
wear the Nav Ratna together. On the same finger on the same
hand, which is very harmful. You can’t wear gemstones,
you know, arbitrarily You can’t choose to wear any gemstone
anywhere. It will cause harm. You cannot be giving your
Manipura Chakra green colour. You cannot be giving your
Heart Chakra Blue colour. So it is very important to
wear the gemstone correctly. This particular is called
Maha Shakti Ratna Kavacham… and we have numerous
testimonials for this. It has got the Pearl, the Ruby,
the White Topaz, The Coral, the Yellow Citrine,
the Yellow Sapphire and the Cat’s Eye. This Maha Shakti Ratna Kavacham
when you wear on your right hand gives you energy of
all these gemstones. Most of these gemstones as you
see they are of the lower Chakras. Coral, Cat’s Eye, Ruby. It’s a very powerful, you know, Kavach (Shield). Basically, to give you a lot of Stability,
Opportunities and Success in life. Then there is another one we make. This is the second part of that, this
is the “Mahalaxmi Ratna Kavacham”. In this we have got Emerald, Gomedh,
Amethyst and Blue Sapphire. Basically, we use Blue Sapphire which
is therapeutic Blue Sapphire. Which is not very transparent. But it is hundred
percent natural. So this Mahalaxmi Ratna Kavacham
is worn on the left hand. And basically, it has gemstone
of the upper Chakras. The Heart Chakra, the Crown
Chakra, the third Eye Chakra. And this a very very
popular gemstone Bracelet you can wear
on the upper arm… using the stretch elastic. Or you can wear on the wrist. What was my research?
I realized number one… You can wear any
Gemstone of your choice. There is no restriction.
You are free. Everything that Mother
Nature produces is for you You can choose what to wear
at different points of time. This was my first research. Second I realized is that gemstones have
to be worn very very specifically on particular fingers and
particular hands only. The mistake that astrologers
and people are doing they are recommending people gemstones
on wrong fingers and wrong hands. Because of fingers are wrong,
because hand is wrong… People don’t get results,
They get negative results. Initially because they are
already going through problems. the Astrologer tells them that no
It’s okay it’s the adjusting period. There after that you know, the
Problems of the gemstone. and the personal problem
they both merge together… and the person forgets
about the gemstone. and keeps on wearing gemstone. A very big part of my Rudrakhsa
Ratna Science Therapy is. I make people correct
their gemstones. How they are wearing them? As per their Chakras whether
they need the gemstone or not? On what hand, on what finger, what arm,
they should be wearing the gemstone. I inform them. For example in my Science Therapy
I discovered… the whole world, you know, wear Emerald
on the right little finger. Which is dangerous. Because the right
little finger… is the finger for Muladhara Chakra. It is a finger for Coral. People are wearing Coral
on the ring finger. And they are having lot
of acidity issues. You tell those people to move
the Coral to the little finger. They will start feeling
very strong and powerful. And the emerald should only
be worn on the left ring finger. This is the stone of the Heart. This is the finger of the Heart. So the stone of the Heart and the
finger of the Heart, they should coincide Just because people are wearing incorrectly
they are having more problems. So definitely the astrologer would
have recommended you correct gemstone… as per may be your chart
That’s not the problem. But as such you can
wear any gemstone. So astrologer calculations are
actually not of much purpose. But main thing is, has he selected
the right stone for you? Has he given you on
the right finger? Has he made you get
the correct way? So next discovery of mine was that
how to wear a gemstone? And which gemstone a person should
wear as per his particular period? Whether it is Astrology Chart
or whether it is his Chakra… Whether it is imbalanced. This is our Research So when you come to
me for a Counselling. I determine your
status at that time. Your Chakras status, your planetary
Status at that time. And when I tell you to wear that
Gemstone, you see the effect of that So second is the wearing method of
the gemstone has to be correct. The third thing that I
discovered that yes, How to choose a gemstone? Today the whole world is running, I
want flawless, I want colourless. You know, I want a gemstone
which doesn’t have any blemish And ultimately they identify the
Gemstone which is very pricey. And finally they end up paying a
lot of money or they end up not buying it I realized that No, Gemstones
are very affordable. You can buy them. You can
get their properties. But yes, they have to
be natural, untreated. Or whatever treatment is done has to be just
like something called bleaching, etc. which will only remove the impurities. Just like you know, Rudraksha
Also, you do clean the skin. Yes or No? So it’s okay.
Bleaching is allowed. So my study was that what type of
treatments a gemstone can go through. Which will allow you to still
to wear the gemstone… on your body. And what type of gemstone
should be strictly avoided? Which are strictly no, no. Today what is happening is all over the city
and all over the country, all over the world… there are fake laboratories. You can get any gemstone tested for
as less as 50 rupees to 100 rupees. And they will give you a certificate
that it is a natural gemstone. Whatever gemstone you are wearing today
Has been given by your jeweller… or your astrologer from that kind of
laboratory please understand it is bogus First thing what you should do
is get the gemstone tested. From GII or IGI. They are
Standard laboratories. They will charge 2500 per
Gemstone but it is worth it. Because there is no use wearing a
counterfeit or synthetic or colour gem. and harming your body. It’s better to spend that 2500 and get your
Gemstone tested from IGI or GII laboratory. They will take 7 days for testing
and you’ll know what you’re wearing If the gemstone is heated, the
chemical composition has changed. You are feeding a different
colour into the body. It’s very harmful. You cannot. That’s why people say, Oh! I know person
who wore the Sapphire and this happened. This person wore this
and this happened. Definitely there is
negative result. You cannot feed a different
colour into a Chakra. And the gemstone
cause terrible harm. Not only physical, emotional,
it alters your thinking. And basically, then it starts attracting
Negative situations in your life. So if you wear a gemstone which is dyed,
Which is irradiated, which is heated. What will happen? Definitely you start
attracting negative circumstances. And negative health issues. So it is very important for you to
first get your gemstone tested. Whether it is natural or not? And then wear it in the right way. So basically, in my research I discovered
“Rudraksh Ratan Science Therapy”. the correct way to prepare
a gemstone Today in “Rudra Centre” the gemstones
that you get they all have got Bhasma and the metal
of that planet along with the gemstone. If you read our Ratna Puran, it is written that the
Gemstones have to be accompanied with Bhasma and the Metal. Especially if it is
a precious stone. So if you see the you know, precious
Gemstone items made by Rudra Centre… the precious ring will have the
Bhasma and the Metal enclosed There are tubes here where we
put the Bhasma as well the metal in the precious gemstone. So that all the malefic energy is first
absorbed before it is passed on to you. So if you see even this Ratna Kavacham. If
you see every gemstone on the side… has got tubes. because we have put the
appropriate Bhasma and the Metal. So that you don’t get any
Malefic energy of that colour. So this is how we prepare the
Gems in Rudra Centre and that’s why all the people
come back with testimonies. And basically, it is written you know.
It is said that when any star ascends… Fortunately we must take
the stone and herb… that is under the star and
make a ring of a metal… that is suitable to this star. And in it fasten the stone, putting
the herb or root under it. Not omitting the inscriptions of
images, names and characters. So basically, if you look at a gemstone
it has got a different cosmic colour than what it actually looks. Diamond. The cosmic colour
of the Diamond is pink. The cosmic colour of Gomedh
Hessonite is Ultra Violet. Of Amethyst is Violet. Blue Sapphire Indigo. Yellow Sapphire Blue. Emerald Green. Ruby, Yellow. Pearl, Orange. Coral, Red. And Cat’s Eye, Infra-Red. This information is already
there on our website. And as per the, as per
the gemstone we use the specific Bhasma, and the specific Bija Mantra
We inscribe on the standard ring. Yes, if the planet is very
favorable in your chart… even if we make without the
Bhasma or Metal it’s okay. But if planet is not favorable making a ring with Bhasma and the
Metal makes it very very positive for you So as per the planet, if it is Moon the metal
is silver, the gemstone is Pearl. The Bija Mantra is Kleem
and the Bhasma is Palash. So as per the different planets
We use different Bhasmas… inside the gemstone. So then the effect that
you get is many many fold Clear, any question? Okay. Now the question is does the
size of a gemstone matter? Right? What I would like to
say in this is… the size will help you
get the result faster. But eventually you know even
a smaller size catches up. Because a smaller gemstone also you
are wearing all the time on the body. It will catch up. So size doesn’t matter. But if it said, you have to
wear 4 carats, means 4 only. Today you think I can afford 2 carats or
I like a particular gemstone of 3 carats… there is absolutely no problem. At the same time if you love a
gemstone of 10 carats, wear it. There is nothing like
more colour Today if you eat more apples
you will not get sick. Your body will only absorb
the colour that it needs. There is nothing
called excess colour. So you can wear a
Gemstone, you know, which is of a large size. There is no issue. You can wear a gemstone of small
size also, there is no issue. On one side you are wearing a gemstone
like Diamond of only 30 cents. or 50 cents or 1 carat and
here you are saying… that no Yellow Sapphire
Should be minimum 4 carats… then why not wear
Diamond also 4 carats. Understand! So there is no issue like that. You
can wear a small size gemstone also. But most important thing, a
Gemstone has to touch the finger. If it doesn’t touch the skin
the colour will not transmit. This is unlike Rudraksha. Rudraksha will work even if Rudraksha
is not touching the skin. But for gemstone it is very
important the ring should be open… so the stone is
touching the finger. So basically, here we have shown
some bracelets, necklaces also. You can wear gemstones as Malas
they work very beautifully. But the Mala should have a
Sumeru Bead preferably Sumeru Bead means it should a
have a bead in the Centre Suppose this is a
Yellow Jain Mala… (Not Audible) It has got a central Sumeru
Bead. This is very important. Today people wear Malas
they just likethis, with hook. They are basically, meant
for only jewellery purpose. But when you wear a necklace like
This. which has got the Centre bead… this is the bead which
works like an entire Mala… and gives an energy to the body. So you can wear this. People make a
Tassel or you can put a pendant here. No problem. But it is very important to
have a Sumeru bead in the mala. You can wear the
Mala of any length. You can wear 54 beads, 108 beads.
The length doesn’t matter. Similarly you can wear any
Gemstone, Bracelet also on the body. There are different bracelets. This is a Rose Quartz Bracelet. Where you think the
Rose Quartz will work? Heart Chakra…Where
Diamond works. Basically, it is not
Heart, it is Hrit Padma Chakra Diamond will work on
Hrit Padma Chakra And Rose Quartz
works like Diamond. Rose Quartz also works on
the Hrit Padma Chakra So basically, you can wear this Rose
Quartz Bracelet on your hand… but on the left wrist only You cannot wear Rose Quartz
on the right wrist So there are many things to know
about different gemstones… Whether you wear on the left,
whether you wear on the right. which finger to wear, whether you can
wear on the arm… whether you should
wear as pendant. So there are many
different questions. But all these questions can be
answered Because you don’t need to know
all about gemstone. You are not doing Ph.D. on gemstones. You need to know only about the
Gemstone that you need in your life And for that only you need to
come for consultation. And in consultation, you know, we can help
You to determine… What gemstone you need and
You can use that gemstone… To basically, empower your
Chakras I want to tell you one thing
more about gemstones. Whenever I look at
Gemstone, it makes me feel that you know they are like glasses. They are like filters through
which you see the world. You have to understand
every Chakra on your body… has got two sides. The front and the back. The front is what you
give to the world. The back is what you
receive from the world. Yes? Something like
Heart Chakra… The front part is the love
you give to the world. The love and the trust and
the compassion that you… exhibit towards the world. And the back Heart Chakra is the
Love, Compassion, and the Trust that the world
gives to you. Similarly in the Muladhara Chakra, the front Chakra is basically, what work,
what effort you give to the world. And the back Chakra is
what the world gives to you. Today if you want to heal,
what you give to the world. You have to wear Rudraksha. If you want to heal
yourself from within..
00:56:58,222 –>00:57:00,
…to enable you to
give to the world.. what you are meant for.. In Muladhara, Stability,
in Swadhisthana, Self Esteem… In Manipura, Self-Respect.
In Anahata, Trust. In Visuddha, Self Confidence.
In Agya Chakra…Acceptance In Crown Chakra, Gratitude. If you
want to exhibit these properties… to the world you have to
wear Rudraksha authentic. But if you want to
get from the world… you have to wear the
Gemstone of that Chakra. So today if you want support from
the world in Muladhara… You have to wear Coral. If you want good partnership,
good unions in this world… you need to wear Pearl. If you want that the world
Recognizes you as a leader… you have to wear Ruby. If you want that the world loves
you and trusts you.. you have to wear Emerald. If you want that the world
makes you feel worthy… You have to wear Diamond. If you want that world understands
you, you have to wear Yellow Sapphire. And if you want that
The World accepts you… You have to wear Blue Sapphire. And if you want God to bless
You, you have to wear Gomedh. So understand the gemstones
are like Spectacles. Through which the
World sees you. So when you wear the
Gemstone on the body… the way the world behaves
towards you, changes. The world changes not you. To change yourself, it is…
Shiva Rudraksha. To change the world it is Shakti (Power)
which is gemstones. So Rudraksha and Ratna they are
Shiva and Shakti together. They just pair each other that’s why
our company is called Rudraksha Ratna. The pairing of the
Soul with the Shakti. Soul with the mind
is Rudraksha and Gemstones It is not that you can wear a
Rudraksha instead of a gemstone… or gemstone instead of Rudraksha. They are totally independent. Rudraksha is for cleansing
yourself within. And gemstones are for
filtering the world outside. That is the power of
Rudraksha and the gemstones. Okay! One very good question. What about Diamond? Diamond is the only gemstone
which works without touching. Every single gemstone has to
touch the finger except Diamond. Diamond works when it
is slightly above the hand Because Diamond gives Magenta
or Pink colour to the body. And do you know in the spectrum you
can never see Magenta or Pink. Has anybody seen Magenta or
Pink in a rainbow spectrum? It’s a very very hidden colour. So Diamond never
touches the skin. You know traditionally
in the western world. when people get married. they exchange Diamond rings. Now this Diamond is, basically, you
Know, for the sacred Heart Chakra… It stands for Love
and Self Worth. And that is why the bride
And the bride groom… Exchange Love and Self
Worth amongst each other. by exchanging Diamond Rings. Next is that if the planet is
Malefic should I wear the gemstone? Of course, you need help. If the planet is Malefic… You are attracting adverse
Situations because of the planet. of course you should wear. And if you going through a Dasha
of the planet which is Benefic… of course you should wear. There is nothing called
Malefic and Benefic That’s what you
need at that time. And if you see that gems are
Offered to the planet… Gems belongs to the planet,
they are gifts of the planet. Today when you have Rahu
Dasha, won’t you pray to Rahu? Or you run away from Rahu? Pray no. If you have Surya
Dasha, you have Ketu Dasha… you will pray to Rahu or pray
to Ketu and pray to Surya no? And Surya is himself giving you the Ruby.
They’re (not very clear) himself giving you… Cat’s Eye and Gomedh. How you can run away
From their gifts? Of Course you have
to wear their gemstones.
01:01:42,109 –>01:01:42,891
Okay, very good question. Ketu will affect only
your Muladhara. It is the jurisdiction of Ketu. Ketu will not work on
any other channel. It will only affect
your Muladhara. So best is to wear their Rudraksha
and gemstone of the Muladhara. Of the Ketu. Wear the Rudraksha of Ketu and
Wear the gemstone of Ketu. And definitely as I said that
the Chakras work in pairs. If your Muladhara is affected
your Agya is affected. So you can wear the
Gemstone of Agya also. So when you are in Ketu Dasha
you can wear Blue Sapphire also. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So what you should be doing is, basically, you
Should be wearing the Rudraksha of Ketu. Today we have got a bracelet
called the Angarkaya bracelet. It has got Rudrakhsa
of 6, 8, 14 and 18. You wear that bracelet
and wear a Blue Sapphire. And then come and tell me
Whether your headache, sinus… Agya Chakra block exists after
two weeks. It will work. So its a combination
of Ketu plus Saturn. Muladhara and Agya Chakra, but this is the science
there are lot of various combinations. But as per your issue you know, we can
tell you which the right thing for you. So you have to understand whether
the planet is Malefic for you… Or Benefic for you, if you need it. If it is affecting you adversely. Wear the gemstone
to get the effect. Wear the gemstone to get
the positive results. And as I said because the
planets work in pairs… because the Chakras
also work in pairs. You can wear the gemstone of
the complementary planet also. So if you are wearing for Swadhisthana
you can wear for Vishuddha also. So if you are wearing Pearl, you
can wear Yellow Sapphire also. Clear? Any other question? But Ketu’s Rudhraksha is
not 3 mukhi and 7 mukhi. Ketu’s Rudraksha is 8 Mukhi. It is Ganapati. So Ketu’s Rudhraksha is 8 Mukhi.
You have to wear first 8 Mukhi. Okay! Any other question? What is Sade sati? Sade Sati (7.5 Years)
is Basically, a period of Saturn. Right. It is a period where
whatever you believe comes true Sade Sati doesn’t mean that the
Shani (Saturn) is harming you. It means that whatever you believe… Is coming true. Because
Saturn stands for your beliefs. So it makes you face your
belief and the delete the belief. Release the belief. So Saturn’s stone which is Blue
Sapphire it is excellent in Sade Sati. Definitely wear Blue
Sapphire, at that time. You can wear after that
also, if you need. See what happens if you are very
sensitive, after some time you will know.. that no I don’t believe in this It’s okay. I am fine with it. You
will remove it after some time. You don’t need to stick with it. If
You are a very aware person… A time will come when you
Will outgrow the gemstone. Okay. Very good question. You are asking that, you know, it is said,
the Diamond should only be worn in gold? This should only
be worn in Silver. Or basically, they say Diamond
should be worn in platinum. Pearl should be worn in Silver. Yellow Sapphire should
be worn in gold. What I want to say is, the gemstone will work
like the gemstone irrespective of the metal. You understand. A gemstone will work like a
Gemstone, irrespective of the Metal. Yellow Sapphire you make in Gold, Copper,
Panchdhatu (Five Metals), Platinum it will work only like
the Yellow Sapphire. But what happens that the
Planets also you know… are ruled by the different metals. So if you are wearing Pearl and
you are wearing silver also… you will get lot of result. Like Gold is associated
With Yellow Sapphire. So if you wear gold also
and Yellow Sapphire also… you will get the additional
benefit of the gold. But it doesn’t mean that the
Yellow Sapphire will work less. We are popularly making
Yellow Sapphire in Silver. We are popularly making Emerald
rings in Silver, gold. Because the gemstone for
Emerald should be Bronze. But it is difficult to make
rings in Bronze. So we are making in Silver or Gold.
But they work the same. It is just that the benefit of
the metal you are not getting at that time Clear? Any other question? First of all, I really want to see who has
made such a complicated story? I am really very
very interested. One day I am really going to
find out… who made all these
Complicated stories? Because you are Dhanu Lagna
you cannot wear this. Because you are this,
you cannot wear this. First of all release that. You can wear all the gemstones. First of all, you wear the Diamond Wear Diamond for Dhanu Lagna
and check the results. See understand it
is not like that. You cannot say because you are Dhanu
Lagna please don’t eat Mango. No, you can’t say that. You can eat all the fruits, you
can wear all the gemstones. So number one, understand that
there is nothing like any gemstone which is prohibited for you… because the planet
is retrograde, duplicated

01:08:09,333 –>01:08:14,223
Because it is Malefic, because Saturn
is watching it. It Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Most important is what do
you need at that time? And that I only come to know
when I do your Chakra analysis. When I analysis your Chakras,
I will know what you need I will know what you need. That is the important part There is no single gemstone
which will cause harm to you. You can wear any gemstone what
attracts you but in the right way. But most important thing is you
should only wear what you need. Otherwise unnecessary there on
the body. Yes or no? If you have already a very good Communicator
there is no use wearing a Yellow Sapphire. You’ll not become a better
Communicator You are already a good
Communicator So rather than that, wear
some other gemstones. If you have dependency issues,
Powerlessness issues, wear a Ruby. Depends on what you need in your
life, you have to wear a gemstone. This whole astrology part has been
Made so much messed up, jumbled… because people have tried
to use logic when the gemstone did not work for them. The gemstone did not work because you have
worn on wrong finger or it was treated. They wore a treated gemstone or
wore on the wrong finger. Then what happened they
had to use logic. So they started applying logic That is why you please go to
top five astrologers. I can challenge you, the gemstone
Recommendations will be different. I can challenge you. Go to any top five. I disagree with that also Because understand your consciousness
cannot be printed on a paper. You are an evolving consciousness
every minute. You are evolving. Your horoscope would tell you, that what kind
of imprint you have come to in this world with. Your horoscope will
tell you the imprint, your thumb print. When you were born
what was imprint? What was the planetary status? What kind of lessons and
Karma you have come with? You are born with which unlearned
lessons from your earlier births? In the previous birth you did not learn the
lessons of the Muladhara, Swadhisthana and Vishuddha. You have to understand your Ketu,
your Mangal, your Moon and your Jupiter will be ill placed. It is an imprint of
your birth, that’s it. And then what happens is, as
per the natural movement… the transits, the Dasha and the
Antardasha of the planets. And then what happens is, they start teaching you
different lessons as per their cycles. And you start evolving. So when you see the Dasha and the
transits of planets… and you look at it
from your thumb print… from the imprint which
you were born with you can judge the kind of lessons you
are going to go through in this life. that Yes, you’re born with a
bad harmonious, you born with disharmony
in relationships. Because you have to learn
how to have harmony. You have to understand from the chart
how is your seventh house? How is your sixth house?
How is your third house? From the chart you can have an idea that, what is
Imprint you have been born with? But then it doesn’t
define you there. You have all power within you to remove
the imprint, to destroy the imprint. And make the new
Imprint of your life. So basically an astrologer has
to look at the initial imprint… with the Dashas and the Antar Dashas,
and see that as per the imprint… you know, what this person
is going through. What are the planets
he is going through. What are the Dashas
he is going through. like suppose, Saturn Sade Sati comes
maximum three times in a person’s life. It affects different parts of
the body at different times. Initially it clears the
Beliefs of birth. Every time it clears
different different beliefs. And in the last Dhaiya (l2.5 year period of sade sati)
it goes on the head. So understand that from there
the astrologer can judge. The person will have more problems related
to mind, related to his decision making. Or he will have
Problems in his partnerships. Or he will have problems in
Initiating new ventures. Or he’ll attract enemies. Because these are the lessons
taught by the planets. Today if it is a
lesson of Muladhara. You know instability
can come, there is a threat of losing job. There is a threat of
breaking marriage. That is Muladhara period. Swadhisthana period means you
will attract debts, court cases. Manipura Sun period means you can
attract people who can defame you. You can attract powerlessness. You could lose position. Period of Mercury – issues in
Communications, issues in trust. Period of the Vishuddha –
lost in direction. Period of Jupiter is Vishuddha, lost in
Your direction, lost where you want to go… you are going here, you going
there, but you don’t know. You roaming around aimlessly. You
lost in Guru, lost in your direction. Period of Shani, you are
making wrong decisions. Period of Rahu… Unknown fears. Unknown enemies. So depending on the planets an astrologer
can see what helps he needs. How he needs to filter the energy
of the world coming to him. And that is how the gemstone
has to be selected. Clear?
We have to do Mantras also particularly? See Mantras are
again additional. As I said a gemstone with
a metal is additional. Mantra additional.
Prayers additional. But yes, doing Mantras, doing
Meditation, doing prayers… will align you.
It’s going to align you. So it’s always allowed, it’s
always recommended Yes. Yes. 100 %. You can give
Your gemstone to anybody. After you have worn your
Gemstones for 2 – 3 years… If still the quality and
All is very good… but if you feel that gemstone
has developed some scratches… You can definitely send it
to some jeweller, artisan… Especially you know
people who do recutting. They can reform,
refurnish your gemstone. They can destroy all
the scratches and all. They can make your gemstone nice and shiny.
and you can give it to anyone It is not that the gemstone has
absorbed the vibrations. How can Emerald absorb
your vibrations. You clean it. Wash it. There are lot of cleansing
items like milk, curd, incense fumes Clean it and give it to anyone. So every single gemstone can be
reused for many many years. But understand if your
Gemstone has got crack. You should not wear it Because cracked gemstone starts
behaving like two gemstones. And you’re not allowed to wear 2 gemstones
on the body at the same time. You can’t wear Emerald here
and Emerald as a pendent also. You have to wear only one gemstone
on the hand on the wrist or the arm. It’s not allowed. Understand. What happens is when people get very
good results from the gemstone… they get very excited and then they
wear two and then bad time starts. But then they remember
the good times. No. It’s very harmful. Wearing 2 same gemstones
together is very harmful. Understand people are nowadays
wearing multiple Diamonds… When they marry somebody, you know, they say
Oh I want to give my bride a Diamond ring… Which is for love and self-worth. But what they do? They want to save money so
they have multiple Diamonds. Or they want to ring
to be very beautiful. And then all the problems
start after marriage. Because they are wearing multiple
Diamonds which is very harmful. It destroys your self-worth It creates lots of negativity
and stress within the body. But You don’t realize. There are many many people who are
wearing multiple Diamonds… when they come to me I tell
them please sell all this… and just get one Diamond. Even a Diamond of 20
cents, 30 cents is going to work. But 10 Diamonds of 10 cents are
not going to become 1 carat. They are going to
Harm your body. You cannot have multiple
filters inside your body. So these are some important
tips when you wear gemstones. Okay.