Finding the perfect gift for your man can
be hard. That’s why this holiday season,
we’ve made it a little easier. NARRATOR:
Say hello to the Echo Ring from Amazon:
designed with men in mind. MAN:
Alexa, what’s the weather going to be like tomorrow? ALEXA:
(indistinct mumbling) NARRATOR:
We’ve engineered the Echo Ring to fit snugly, no matter your size. Just slip it on and pair it with your phone to get going.
It’s just that easy. NARRATOR:
Amazon Echo Ring. ALEXA:
Available this holiday season in stores nationwide. MAN:
Honey! WOMAN:
What? I’m busy! MAN:
Honey, get in here! Now! WOMAN:
Damn it, I am! WOMAN:
What is it, what is it?! MAN:
I woke up this morning and I found this ring
on my downstairs, and it ain’t my Amazon! WOMAN:
What do you mean downstairs, there’s only one floor in this house, you idiot! MAN:
Shut up woman, you know what in the hell I mean! Now you tell me, what in the hell is it? WOMAN:
I think that’s my Nuvaring! MAN:
Oh, shit. Well that means- WOMAN:
Oh Jesus, get it out of me! Oh my God, get this Amazon thing out of me! Oh my God, it’s turning on! There’s a light coming out of my “ver-gin-er!”