Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
Edward Verlander’s daughter Sharon, granddaughter Sarah, and two
great-grandchildren to Kyle Field as they’re presented with his Aggie Ring,
lost more than 75 years ago! My uncle found this ring in the Joebella village where I am from several decades ago. My uncle kept this ring for more than 20 years, and then he gave it to me. And then I kept the ring for almost two years. I also told my uncle to not give or sell the ring to the wrong person and he
should give it to the rightful owner. At that time, I thought, if my dad was in
the army and someone returned something he had lost I would feel very thankful. I never heard of Morotai before… You know, I see the map, I see this may be
interesting in Morotai, let’s see what they got. Popular youtuber, Ricky Santoso, set out to travel around his home country of Indonesia and vlog every step of the way. As if by fate Ricky’s journey brought
into the doorstep of a private world war two museum owned by Muhlis Eso. The first time we wanna go to explore what Morotai is like. Going to the beach, going
to the waterfall, and that day we were going to the jungle, “Where is the museum?” And then I see that small house. “It’s not a museum!” I say, “This is like people local house!” Mr. Muhlis is like welcoming really nice with big smile. “Welcome to my
museum. Let’s go, let’s check check check” As Muhlis explained the significance of
Morotai and showed Ricky his impressive collection of WWII artifacts, a mysterious gold ring caught Ricky’s eye. And then I see the ring. Mr. Muhlis wear a ring, and I knew it is not an Indonesian ring because it’s so different so big. So after the interview he was just like, “Do you know about this ring?” and then “Oh, finally…” And I see it and “Wow, it was so cool” but I don’t know about this ring. And then I really see it this name “E. V. Verlander”
in the backside so maybe this have a clue . So I take a Instagram story, I take it, but I
never thought it’s gonna be somebody knew about this ring. I just like “Okay
let’s try it,” you know. He asked me to help him so I do it. On the other side of
Indonesia Aggie dad Rudy Sutio sees Ricky’s Instagram story
and recognizes the Aggie ring. On a phone call with his daughter, and current Aggie
student Eugenie Sutio, Rudy mentions he saw Mr. Verlander’s ring. At the end of our conversation I remember that I just saw in an Aggie Ring and thatAggie Ring is
from 1943, and you know, they found that ring in Morotai. I called my boss I
said you cannot believe what my dad just found, he saw an Aggie ring from an
Instagram story of a youtuber called Ricky. I remember at that time, how
exciting it was being a part of this because I knew it would be a big story. And then one person said, “I knew that ring, it is from Texas A&M
University.” He said that. But didn’t see they have an ‘A & M’ and then
he keep telling about the story and then the story is like, yeah maybe this guy is
right… Not long after the initial exchange, the family of Edward Verlander was located and plans were set in motion to bring this long-lost Aggie Ring home
to its family. It’s hard for us to communicate, especially through the
internet. America and Indonesia are very far away. Even with only a video post,
Ricky was able to connect us and that makes me feel very thankful and happy. Thank you so much, Ricky. Thank you, thank you. While Eugenie was home in Indonesia
visiting family, her father gave her the ring so it could begin the final stage
of its journey. This story is very important to me because it’s a coincidence how an Aggie Ring can be found in Indonesia, out of anywhere else
is in Indonesia, and I’m from Indonesia, I work in Texas A&M Marketing &
Communications. Just thinking about telling the story through us, through me,
through my dad, through Ricky, it’s amazing. Over 75 years after Edward Verlander
originally lost his Aggie Ring his descendants made their way to Aggieland
to reunite with this momento from their family’s past. Before passing on the ring,
Muhlis recorded a heartfelt message for the Verlander family. Please keep it safe. Send my message the Verlander family. I have finished my duty, but please, when it
gets into your hands, please keep it safe This ring is something that I treasure
the most. I have been trying very hard to keep it safe and I desperately want to
give it back to its rightful owner. I can’t bear myself to keep this ring, I
don’t have the right to keep it. I don’t have the right to keep it because it has
its owner. I’m like you and you’re like me. Please
take this. It’s really hard for me to believe somebody in that situation would hold that ring and such value that he didn’t know that person, it doesn’t
mean anything to him other than this person’s family out there possibly
wanting this personal object. That is sacrifice because I know that the
resources they have are limited. I think my Papa would think this is the most amazing story ever. I think he would think it was really cool really neat. You
know, if there’s a heaven out there he is having the best time watching the
situation that his great granddaughters are here today, his daughter is here today, to come out here and celebrate this event. I think
that I think he’d think this is amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
Edward Verlander’s daughter Sharon, granddaughter Sarah, and two
great-grandchildren to Kyle Field as they’re presented with his Aggie ring
lost more than 75 years ago! I think this means more to our family than he may ever know… …more than we could probably even
tell you today. and that I hope that he and his family
are doing well and we wish nothing but the best for them and if there’s
anything that we can ever do to return the favor I would certainly do it in a