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back to Royalty Soaps. Today we’re going to be making our birthstone soap for March. Now like most other months
March has two birthstones, it has Aquamarine and Bloodstone. These two stones, I feel, would look a little bit funny together so I chose to go with Aquamarine because I feel like that is
the more commonly accepted and well known birthstone. However, if you would like for me to make a Bloodstone soap
you should let me know by clicking the big thumbs up button and also telling me down below because who knows there
might be a whole lot of you who are like hey, I’m in March and that’s like one of
my favorite stones ever, so it’s definitely something
I can do in the future but we’re gonna stick with
Aquamarine for this video. Now I don’t know if you guys know this but Aquamarine is called
the poor man’s diamond because it’s a lot less
expensive than a diamond but it’s still really expensive
to put on a soap okay, like way to expensive. So we actually ended up purchasing a stone that is commonly used as a
substitute for Aquamarine. It’s called amazonite, and
it’s really, really pretty. It’s kind of a Tiffany blue and it’s got a little bit of brown and some milky crystal appearance to it. It’s really pretty. Now, like all of the stones
soaps here at Royalty Soaps, you actually remove the
stone off of the soap before you use the soap in your bath. It’s just for pretty on top and it’s sort of like
a two for one product. You get a cool stone to put on
your desk or in another place to display and you also get
a soap to use in your tub. My sister Shelly was born in March and I had her approve this design before it went through to you guys. So I really hope you guys
like what I came up with and without further ado, let’s
make some Aquamarine soap. Now to make the best soaps, you wanna give your
buckets a little massage, loosen ’em up, make
sure that they’re ready for their big job ahead. – [Katie Voiceover] Hi Katie, I’m ready. – Excellent, now we can
add our lye water solution into our oils. My lye water is sitting
at a frigid 80 degrees. I say frigid because that is cold by most standards of soap making, lots of those online recipes that you see are like work at 120 degrees. Okay, so I have my
Cuisinart stick blender. I’m gonna blend on high
for about 10 to 15 seconds. That’s all I need for my
particular recipe listed down in the description box below for free. Newbies, give it a go see what you think. I’ve been using it for
years with great results, skip all the hard steps and
just go to something good. (upbeat music) This container is heavy
and I have to pour it off into these littler buckets. These are going to be our accent colors. The biggest container is going
to be our Aquamarine color and I’m going to be making it today with Blue Tide by Mad Micas. I’m actually gonna work on
this bucket before I mix any of the other ones up because this color is the most important and I need to see whether or
not I’ll need to lighten it. I should be able to gauge that, just by blending it in
right here with my spatula. I don’t feel this color needs
to be amended very much. So I’m just going to anchor it with half a teaspoon of titanium dioxide. The other blue I’m using
today is Silverfin Blue. This is also from Mad Micas
this blue is very similar to Blue Tide but it’s
just a little less green. This I’m also going to anchor with one half a teaspoon of white but it’s going to make a
bigger difference in this one because it’s a smaller bucket. The rest of the white I am
adding into our third container and into the large blue one,
I am adding some apricot seed. Now I’m gonna blend those colors in well. (upbeat music) The fragrance oil I am using
today is nectarine and mint. It is a fan favorite,
every time I use this I get so many emails and so
many Instagram messages from people saying I bought the bar with the nectarine and mint fragrance oil and I want like seven more
bars of it, it smells so good, are you ever gonna add this to your standard product line? I’ve thought about it for a while, I might actually do it this year because it’s just such a good one. And as an extra bonus it
typically slows down the speed at which your batter is accelerating. So if you want to do
something a little more fancy, you want a little more
of an intricate swirl. You can do that with the
nectarine and mint fragrance. This is going to be an in-the-pot swirl but we’re going to pour
it a little differently than I normally would my in-the-pots. So first of all I’m breaking the fall by pouring it on the ledge
inside the container. This is gonna make sure
we’re not over swirling in our bucket. I’m also gonna leave a little
bit just about that much in my white container. And then over here on this side, I’m gonna do the same thing
kind of breaking the fall in that corner and then
leaving a little in the bucket. Now with the entire bucket. I’m going to spin it around a little bit, and you’re seeing a lot
of movement on the top but what what’s really
going on as it’s being mixed in on the inside, you
can see that a little bit on the sides of the container. You see the whites kind
of spreading over here. Alright, and now it’s ready to pour into our large slab mold, and we will do that after
this quick commercial break. To begin, I’m going to pour from a corner that I didn’t pour any soap into. And I’m going to let
this go until it touches the other two corners, and that’s gonna be our first layer. And with my tea strainer, I’m going to add a generous
edition of poppycock mica, this is a copper mica from Mad Micas. It’s very, very pretty and this line is going to get punctured. So I’m not worrying about making sure that every single little bit has some, we’re not doing that today. We’re just trying to make
sure that it’s thick enough that you can see it. In fact in a couple of areas, I’m gonna put a little too much so that it sits on top and
hopefully mixes a little with the layer that’s
about to get dropped. Now you remembered I
poured from this corner and let it spread out this way. So this time, I’m gonna
start in the middle and work my way back. Hopefully that will create a
slightly different pattern. Once again, it’s okay, if it punctures. It looks like it’s not
puncturing very much though, there we go, that’s what we
wanted little puncture there. And we’re just gonna let that fill up. I’m now gonna use my spatula and push from the middle towards the edges and we’re gonna put a little
bit more of that copper mica on top before I tap
this down on the ground. I didn’t even reload my tea strainer ’cause again, this is not gonna
be like a very professional, super distinct looking line. It’s just going to be a layer that you’re gonna see some sparkle in. Add now I’m scrappy scraping
out to my big containee. Now, with the extra color
that I left in my containers, I’m just gonna scoop it on
to the bars, big plop style. And then before I tap this down, I’m adding a little
more of the copper mica, just randomly all over the place. Using my glass swirling tool, I’m gonna do some pretty
big swirls on top of this. This is reminding me of
some sort of painting. I don’t know which one I think
it’s just the color palette. Now you guys are gonna
get to see a new tool in this video, cue the oohs and ahhs, cue the music, my brother Kenneth hath
made a new wire divider. That’s right no more string, no more tape, wires isn’t this lovely? That he engineered himself I
might add there was no like oh, let me just follow this
little Etsy tutorial. Nah, Kenny did it all himself. So now that it’s been placed on and I know where each individual
loaves are going to be, I’m going to be adding a drizzle and this is different
than what we normally do because I made it with rubbing
alcohol and not olive oil. So I’m going to put this down
the side of these two areas. And again, I’m using rubbing alcohol because I want it to run a little bit. Now it’s time to put the stones on top. They’re all very unique
and very beautiful, and you see as I’m pressing it in, and this is why I used what I did, it’s moving I mean, it’s like water so it’s kind of encapsulating
the stone a little, going all around it and highlighting it, gonna add a little more on to this one ’cause I have a long stone
that’s about to go in. And with a little bit of movie magic, all of the stones have been placed. I’ve spritsed it with rubbing alcohol. Now I’mma bring you guys in for a close up so you can see these babies real close. I am obsessed with the way this looks. I really like that all of
the stones are set in copper, I think that really brings out the blue and the individual stones
and sets them apart from the blue in the soap. I feel like a case could be made for this soap being a little
more on the plain side. It didn’t use like super
fancy techniques or anything but what I really wanted to
stand out in this design was the color, the Aquamarine, that
needs to be the showstopper in my opinion. So we’re gonna let this
sit for 18 to 24 hours and then we’ll come back,
we’ll split slab into loaves and cut the loaves into bars after this quick commercial break. (upbeat music) Folks, there’s a new cutter in town. This is a high top soap cutter. I have never seen one of
these on the market before. I got this from an Etsy shop. I have to test it out
and there’s a few tweaks that I wanna make to it, but here’s what I love about it so far. First of all, it cuts high
tops, that’s the big deal. It has such a tall clearance
compared to normal cutters. Also it cuts 19 bars instead
of 18 and I was able to pick from like 50 different colors. And the sweet fellow that runs the shop, he put my little R logo here
on the side, it’s really cool. I also got a high top single bar cutter and it’s from Russia with the shipping and the cost of the
cutter, it still costs less than any other ones that
I’ve seen here in America, and like I said, you get to pick the color and it cuts high top so
really, can you go wrong? No, she needs a name. So if you guys wanna leave me some names suggestions down
below, I would be delighted. Okay, so we have our Aquamarine soap here. I picked an end piece because
I wanted to cut the shark one, just gonna line it up, begin pressing down and admittedly these soaps have
sat for longer than 48 hours so they’re a little harder. Let’s take our little shark
fin out and peek at the inside. Ooooh boy so we’ve got this
little frizzle frazzle bit of a mica line. We have the mica matching it on top and then this cool swirly inside. I love how it almost looks fuzzy. Now with soap swirls, not all of them are going to look the same and they even vary from
loaf to loaf, depending on where you have cut the bar but I really like the color
palette for this soap. I think it’s so stunning. Also what a good little cutter, it did such a good job
considering the fact that these soaps have
sat for like two weeks. It is not very musical however
so I have that against it. Whenever I push it down it doesn’t say ♪ brrriiing. ♪ Man, this smells incredible. That is one of my favorite fragrance oils. This is gonna make a nice
stacked photo, isn’t it? Ooh la la Kenny came out
with the question of the day it is, do you like
dolphins or whales more? I personally prefer whales. I think they’re whimsical and
I really like the wallpaper that has whales next to ships in the sky. How about you Kenny dolphins or whales? – [Kenny] I like dolphins,
they’re smart and adorable. – There are good things
obviously about both animals but we want to know your personal opinion. So to vote on the question of the day, all you have to do is click the I in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. My sweet little March babies I
hope you guys love this soap. Yes, it does look very
similar to the turquoise soap that I made in December. That sold out so quick and I got so many messages
of people saying like, please make another soap like that. So we’re doing that for March
for our turquoise babies. I’m so pleased with these
y’all they smell so good. If you wanna see another soap
made with this fragrance, I will link it now and the
upper right hand corner of the screen it’s the
nectarine and mint soap, and it smells so good. Now if you need to purchase
yourself one of these because you are a March baby
or you know a March baby who needs one in their life,
they need to get clean, ’cause they dirty then these
soaps will be available on March 7th at 3pm Central
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next time I see you will be on March 7th, the release
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like this is really one that I’m like (pants) about and until it have
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put a smile on your day. A smile on your day,
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