Hi everyone, welcome to another channel video. Today I will talk about how you can make gold in different ways in the game How i did my gold And I’ll tell you how you can farm without using anything none GL, luck, lepre, or other stuffs Stay here until the end of the video I’ll start by talking about how to farm without gold loot, lepre, Hisha… Do you know this place Let’s go to City of Kelys Is there where you’ll farm without thats stuffs I’ll show you first the item and its price Look at the auction and find the planarite How you can see 185k Here is where you craft the pp, planar pendant this item its good for any class and any lvl, its one complet pendant – translating the stts of pendant to portuguese- You need open all tombs to make that pendant, when you open all you i’ll receive dailys Tombs 2 its faster and easier you’ll farm the planar fragments each boss gives you 2 frags when you finish 50 runs, you come here and trade 100 frags for 1 planarite ingot you can do this about 3 or 4 hours, so its posible make 1 planarite by day Now I will show another place to make easy gold But this one need luck Which is: Leprechaun Pendant You need also luck elixir And Hisha This pet If you have Arlorian Ring you can use it It helps Theres some belts With awakens Thats grants luck and theres Weapons with awaken Then you can get some substantial luck And more chances to drop the Locked That grants luck status too I’ll show where you can farm it Mainly here In Kraken Kraken Isles And Windmoore It’s where it drops more lockeds Some others maps on Kraken, depends on your luck And Nordr Elite, at least for me But I truly indicate to farm lockeds It’s Kraken. A place that also drops LOTS of Massive Its here in Mausoleum, but in Mausoleum 5 and 6, drops many massives there..i’ll talk more later Here you can farm some gold, but using Lepre, Hisha and luck The last places I’m going to speak will need some itens with goold loot. Its better above 80% gold loot, because 60%, 40% or 20% don’t make much difference First place its Underhul Elite, Sourthen Gates You can farm 1,5k – 15k depends on your goold loot , and don’t need many time to do this runs it’s fast and easy, and many people are doing because they are farming aps i’ts a good place to farm with gl Very suitable for those who have gold loot The other place you can farm A LOT of gold with gl its here Samberholt Graveyard this first map its cool, you can farm a little of gold and get some points but here you can drop SCALE. It is worth between 770k and 850k Is it worth opening the Mausoleum 5 and 6? Yes, it is The gold drop its insane! You can drop massive only opening the chests of map And in addition when you no longer need ranking you can trade tokens for chests with gold. each chest 10k So, open the mausoleum 😛 dagger with 80% only 1.884 from boss 2,166 in total Avarice set 200% gl and dagger with 80% 12,681 ONE RUN @[email protected]