What is up my guys, it’s Kira here back with
another one. Today I’m going to be sharing my money making
strategy for Imperial cooking. This is my first guide for BDO and hopefully
if you enjoy there will be more to come. This method is super easy to setup and understand
and totally free to play friendly, although with slightly less profit. So with the Central Market changes it has
become pretty easy to plot out how you can make profit from imperial cooking and alchemy
every day since you can create a basic spreadsheet and input the prices for items and if you
do it properly, instantly see what you can buy up to make maximum profit per day. This guide requires absolutely no prior worker
or node investment, you can seriously do this without any prior knowledge at all. All you need is the relevant cooking level
and the spreadsheet. So brass tax, how much do I make per week
from imperial cooking? I make 180 million or more in pure profit
at 303 CP. Now this is the pure profit, including all
costs and taxes but excluding the fact I craft my own utensils and does not include any extra
income except the imperial cooking tokens. So as extra income from this you have byproducts,
blue level procs from the actual cooking and of course the extra procs from crafting the
boxes. All of these easily increases the profit to
over 200 million per week and you’re also gaining CP over time which is great since
you can then make even more afk money. This is purely afk income and takes me a few
hours of semi-afk cooking and processing every week to achieve. The reason this is also very free to play
friendly is that if you don’t own the outfit, life stone, food and store outfit to get low
cooking time, you can just buy the finished meals and turn them into boxes using this
guide and the provided spreadsheet. You’ll be making roughly half as much profit
per week but it’s entirely proportionate considering you cut out the gathering time for the utensils
and the actual cooking time. If you are going the cooking route which is
how I do it, the first thing you’re going to want to do is gather logs for the utensils. I do this at mansha forest, 350 energy once
per week. I do have a tier 3 hedgehog, I haven’t done
the math without it but if you have high CP, low energy and/or no hedgehog you may need
to do 2 gathers per week. You can then spend 350 energy at pilgrims
sancuary gathering stone each week. Then you’ll process the logs and stone into
polished stone and useable scantling, drop them in whichever city you have a workshop
to craft utensils, I use heidel. I generally produce more than I can use each
week, so maybe out of a month I’ll only have to do this 3 weeks out of 4. Now I use Grana as my cooking/imperial turn
in city, this might seem like a bad idea to some people due to grana costing so much CP
for housing but the reason I use Grana should be pretty evident. Imperial cooking is only worth doing for me
personally if I can log in each day, turn in the boxes within a few minutes and don’t
worry about it again. If you’re having to move boxes from storage
to the trader multiple times per day and watching the clock trying to time the turn ins, you’re
just wasting time you could be making money elsewhere. So due to Grana being expensive CP wise and
out of the way, I choose to use Grana. it’s also useful that the turn in is literally
2 feet away from the storage. Other towns may work but that’s on you to
try yourself. Also my overnight afk time is usually fishing
in Fairy Tooth Cabin so it makes sense that I can wake up run from there to Grana, sell
my fish, turn in my crates, set myself to afk run to whatever city it is that is closest
to what I plan to do for the day and then go make some coffee. Although this could be done in any town using
an alt, the reason I use my main for everything is that I’m cheap and don’t have enough cooking/processing
outfits or weight on another character to do all this. So where does the money come from and what
are the specifics you ask? Well here’s a spreadsheet that I found on
reddit one time from a person called Katnip, I’ll leave a link in the description. I haven’t used the spreadsheet for anything
that the person originally intended and I’ve edited it heavily so I’ll include a link to
my version in the description of this video for you to use, just make a copy of it and
you can edit it as you like. As you can see the numbers are all there and
I think they’re accurate. All you have to do to make this work for your
character and server is edit this box here for your CP and it will update for the whole
spreadsheet as it’s all linked together. This will change your materials required for
the week, the silver per week etc etc. Now due to whenever someone releases a guide
on anything in BDO for money making and the nature of the market, this is all subject
to change and that’s why I’ll show you how to update the pricing to work for you. If you’re going to be going the 0 cooking
route, this is the only column that really should matter to you, MP min. This is the price of the finished meal. You can update this whole column within a
couple of minutes and the profit will auto calculate to show you what would be the best
to purchase to box and sell to the trader. I don’t personally do this but you can see
the profit isn’t that bad for almost no time invested. After that you just see what is most available,
what is making the most profit and you’re good to go. Now if you’re doing the cooking, it takes
slightly longer to update the pricing but I generally do this once a week when I’m already
doing another afk activity or riding somewhere since it only takes a few minutes. Each of these boxes down here are linked to
the prices in the table above, so if I update the price of say fish, you’ll see that the
final profit changes to reflect that. After updating all the prices you’ll see that
there’s a very clear way to tell which meals will net you the most profit per day, then
I go to another tab labled cook per week. Now this I haven’t yet had to change since
the prices since I started doing this have been totally stable but if you say need to
craft another kind of box instead of the 5 listed here, you’ll just have to add the stats
yourself. It’s very simple and if you just copy the
forumulas per row until it makes sense. It should be relatively straight forward but
if you’re unclear about something just drop a comment and I’ll get back to you. Now the reason I only cook 5 boxes per week
is that with 303 CP as you can see that means I can turn in 151 boxes per day, which is
roughly 30 of each box if we make 5 different types. The Imperial cooking NPC usually buys between
25 and 35 of each box per cooldown. Now typically I’ll have a 6th box made which
I’ll dip into each day if someone has sold a small amount to the npc already before I
get on which is very rare, or if I don’t hit the 151 from those 5 boxes I may need a couple
extras to reach the limit. The 6th box I
make is usually just whatever the most profit per silver spent I can find, so this week
it was tea with a fine scent which as you can see was netting me 83625 silver per box
in profit. Now when you look at the numbers on the spreadsheet
it doesn’t look like a lot of money, but it’s basically 800 million silver per month with
almost zero time investment, almost zero CP or worker investment and can be done by anybody. If you pair this with Alchemy, which I don’t,
again just because I don’t have the alchemy skill or costume yet, you can easily earn
close to 2 billion silver per month with almost no effort. That’s a pretty big chunk of silver to add
on to your usual methods. I’ll include all the material required in
the description and like I said if you have any issues or if my math is off somewhere
please let me know, I made the spreadsheet very late one night and it is very rough visually. Thanks as always for watching, feel free to
check out my other content, leave a like, hit the subscribe button and feel free to
hit me up with any questions, criticism or ideas for future videos. I wasn’t planning on making guides on this
channel but if it’s something that people are interested in then I would be down for
more. Cheers guys and until next time, peace. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H_MxpseI6zKWEE7oUgV45R2NAzdLnXEmCP6YpKQPOsc/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZDH7sfbG4lXzOcYCISTfeir4grfnkTs_I6-I9BP7vls/edit#gid=1100695920