(kutzia speaking
native language) So who’s the buyer? I’m guessing london. Ah, well, they no longer accept
conflict diamonds, huh? Wouldn’t hurt to interest
some other parties. Start a bidding war. What, one war’s not
enough for you, huh? (chuckling) I missed you, danny. Solomon:
See? It is here. He has tried to find it. All right, mr. Vandy,
time for you to start digging. (low, ominous theme playing) Hey, bud, Have you got a smoke? Smoking will
kill you. Sorry. That’s all right. Time I quit smoking
anyway, huh, solomon? Ĺ› Ĺ› It’s gone. What?
Someone has taken it. This is where
I buried it. It isn’t here. Well, then there’s no reason for
any of you to stay alive, Is there? (gun cocks) Hold it, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I know, I know, I
know where it is. I know where it is. It better be there. Ah, yes. Oh, here, here. It is here. Yeah?
Yes. Yeah, there it is. (shouts) (groaning)