Hey guys, welcome to Hyunju’s Corner. On today’s book chat we’re gonna talk about Girl with a Pearl Earring. Just a heads up, this video does contain spoilers. So if we want to read the book before watching the video, now’s the time. Let’s dive in! what did you think the theme of the story was? To me, the story plot was simple. The character has a desire for something impossible. and tragically fails to obtain it. In this story, our main character Griet fantasizes of being with the artist Vermeer because it connects her with art. When she meets him for the first time, her artistic talent shows itself in a way she lays out vegetables by color. And she inherently understands how colors can fight one another. Maybe even better than the artist. Really, the art is her main fascination. But she never even realizes it as a calling for herself. And because of time period and her social status, the thought of becoming an artist doesn’t even cross her mind It’s like the elephant analogy where if a baby elephant is tethered to a pole, it grows up never understanding
its potential to break free and believing its whole world
stretches as far as the string. In this sense, Griet’s story is an even bigger tragedy because she didn’t even know what she truly desired. What did you think of the relationship
between griots and Vermeer? I loved Griet’s character. She is quiet and sometimes passive due to her status as a maid. But she can be quite bold in the
decisions she makes. Especially when it’s important to her. Like that time she altered Vermeer’s composition without asking. She risked her job to make to painting better when he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. And this also shows how passionate she is for the art and I love that about her. On the other hand I didn’t feel like Vermeer was an awesome guy. He is an important character in the story but his personality was far from attractive to me. He often failed to defend Griet from
his household when it is the right thing to do. And that makes him quite selfish. He is, however the person to recognize Griet’s talent for the first time ever. And through him she gets an opportunity to learn and explore the art in ways
she never would have been able to. For that reason, she is certainly grateful of Vermeer She somewhat idolizes him. And ultimately that is where her love for him
originates from. Although I do feel that the love Griet and Vermeer share for
one another is more a love and respect for the world they occupy. The world that others do not understand as they do. What did you think of the world? I was completely sucked into this world. And I couldn’t even tell where the fact
ended and fiction started when I read it for the first time, I had to check after finishing it
if it was actually fictional. And I found out that a lot of the characters
actually existed along with the locations. Because of how it was written I could imagine the environment and the scene quite vividly in my head. And also the weaving of the history and fiction was just so seamless. And I think it was the biggest aspect that pulled me into the story. So that’s about it for today. But I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so please leave me a comment below. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next
time with a new book.