Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and today we hit fifteen million subscribers. Yay! Release the balloons! Tyler, where are the balloons? This is the shittiest balloon I’ve ever seen. (Tyler) Another balloon! πŸ™‚ I mean THIS is a balloon! Want to smack our big black balloons together? *balloon beatboxing ensues* *balloon trumpet* It’s like a, it’s like a, (seizure ensues) an alarm, you know like a party alarm! *both laughing* Ah yes, 15 million subscribers! I am inundated with pride. Is that the right word? I am swole with pride. Anyway, 15 millions subscribers is a big deal. Like, a really big deal. It’s weird because it’s one of those numbers that seems to have more meaning than other numbers. Like, 14 million was nice, 13 million was cool, but for some reason because 15 million is an even number. (Tyler) It’s not an even number. Actually! 15 million IS an even number! So screw you! 15’s not! So yeah, it’s like it’s a meaningful number and I just wanted to say “thank you guys”. So much for, uh, getting me to this milestone so quickly. Uh, it’s at this point it’s like “Ah man, so many people, what do I do?!” It feels like I should be doing something important SO.. I’m recommitting to something that I wanted to do for a long time. And I’ve made excuses for it, and I have no reason that I’ve made excuses. Other than that life has been crazy. But now you see THIS!… All of THIS!… Whooo, this is my new office! Yay! There is editing computers over there, there’s a TV back there that we’re gonna have a live feed of everyone who donates on the stream! We’re gonna have a live feed going of names, and pop ups, and animations going! Like blah bow, blah bow! We’re gonna have multiple cameras, we got lights. We got a little bit of sound proofing, these cool things, which have you been asking. They’re like, super professional lavs, I mean you can hear Tyler clear as day and he’s not even here! (Tyler) Yeah Ghost of Tyler! (Tyler) Whooooooo Oh God, is that a ghost?! *really low volume ringing* (Tyler) No.. That is weird though, the way that the voice goes on the… HAAAAA *really low volume ringing* (Tyler) Whoooo *really low volume ringing* *Mark opera singing* (Tyler) Your mic totally peaked! That’s okay. Okay, enough dicking around with that. It’s um, it’s like an industrial loft That we turned into this really cool stage that’s gonna be adaptable for uh Number 1, livestreams, number 2 group recordings so when Bob and Wade come out Or even Jack, or anybody that wants to record with us. We have a couch for it. And we have a recording TV, and we have recording computers, and livestreaming computers. Basically this is what I’ve been talking about, what I wanted to build for a long time. What I never really had, is an office, that’s custom designed. And you should see these big ol’ sound soundproof curtains we have. Just like slapped over there! It’s like a box, ’cause it wasn’t meant for it. It’s like concrete and stuff, you’ll see, like if we ever show like the editing computers. Like, uh, it’s not meant for this! But we made it for it. So this is what we’ve been waiting for, for so long and it’s taken longer than I thought. But I’ve always wanted to have an outside office. That’s separate from my home, ’cause I have always recorded in my home. And I’ve always wanted to have something for us to like go to and do this sort of stuff. And that is custom built specifically for it. And we finally have it! Tyler get over here! (Tyler) Okay! You’re standing like a weirdo! He’s not dead everybody. I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for 15 million subscribers. And it’s really cool that right now, finally, this is ready! And we have a place where we can work together, uh, uh, Tyler is here which I’ve never actually explained why he’s here. Um Yeah, Tyler and I are working together now. And uh, he keeps me on schedule. And he sets up all the stuff we do. Uh, he gets all the stuff for these challenges. And he pushes me, uh to stay on task, for stuff like that – he’s basically my boss! I’ve hired him to be my boss! He tells me what to do everyday and he’s like “Mark, you lazy sack of shit. Why don’t you get off your ass and actually do something with your life.” And, uh, he’s gonna be helping set up all these charity events – and we’re gonna be doing them every month from now on. and also if I have my phone… THROW ME MY PHONE!!… *clank* JESUS! I don’t care if you broke my phone, but don’t hurt my diamond play button! Oh hi Chica! Oh and hi Chica. Chica’s here too. ‘Cause Chica doesn’t get out of the house enough. You should’ve seen Chica when she first got in here. she was like: OOOHHH, OH MY GOD, EVERYTHING’S SO AMAZING! It’s hot here. Where’s the air conditioning? Goddammit. We had to put – We had to install air conditioning in this place because it was not ready for air conditioning We basically had to do a lot of shit to make this place work. But it’s perfect. It’s beautiful! We repainted everything we like – carpet down ’cause it was concrete floor. It’s gorgeous! I love this place! It’s perfect! But anyway, we’re gonna be doing monthly livestreams – Oh. Oh no! That’s what happened! Knocked the diamond loose. AH God. YOUTUBE I NEED ANOTHER ONE! ‘Cause… The diamond came out. Ah shit! Goddammit! (Catherine) We have Gorilla Glue! Ah, it’s not the same. But Gorilla Glue, does it dry clear? (Tyler) But Gorilla Glue, does it dry clear? (Mark) HEY YOUTUBE! GIVE ME ANOTHER ONE THIS IS CHEAP AS SHIT! This isn’t real diamond! I don’t wanna do that, it’s yours! Go for it. I lick a rock. Literally I have. We both – *laughter* For the Carving Pumpkins Challenge, we bought these, uh, candles that are like Himalayan salt rocks. And uh- I after we shot, I’m like, “Can you lick these or are they poisonous?” And we looked it up. No actually I licked it before we looked it up. I licked it first and I’m like “Tastes like salt”. I started licking it and I’m like “We should probably look up if this is going to kill me.”, I looked it up and it said like “Himalayan rocks are super healthy” so I was like “OH GREAT!”. So now i just have a licking rock for everyday purposes like before I record every day it’s like *laughter* Alright! I”m gonna go record! *licking noises* Alright I’m off! It’s my good-luck charm! Don’t judge me! I should bring that here.. Just a cameo, “The Licking Rock!”. I’ll put it up on the shelf, just like every livestream; “If we get $100 donated”.. *licks* Ahhhh. YouTube, send me another one! So just thank you guys so much for 15 million subscribers Uh well fuck..We’re gonna be doing all of our livestreams and stuff from here for now on. Uh, and it was originally gonna be more decorated more nicely but that is an actual working TV. We’re gonna hook up to, uh, chat and for donations, and we’re gonna have merchandise. We’re gonna bring back pajama pants, Tiny Box Tim plushies, we’re gonna be doing all that for charity. And basically, we’re just gonna be running a better series of livestreams and we are gonna be doing them every month. And uh, the reason my phone was thrown over here and sacrificed my play button for, was so we can decide, when the next charity livestream was gonna be. So for November, we don’t have enough ti – *burps* Why is November completely full?! He, he also runs the calendar! And I never opened my calendar and it’s like.. (Tyler) Well, not full days. It’s like “Oh my God, what the shit is this?!” The 19th. Does that work? That works for me. The 19th So the November the 19th, we’re gonna be streaming for Crisis Textline. From like 10 am PST to 10 pm, we’re gonna have LOTS of stuff going on. We’re gonna have guests in here, Tyler is gonna be helping me out a bunch. This is also gonna be the challenge space. So.. No more like “in my kitchen” or “in my backyard” random bullshit. Like we have a dedicated space, we’re gonna have cameras on the ceiling. We’re gonna have GoPros set up, it’s gonna be great, all connected to these computers here. It’s just gonna be a lot of fun. So I can’t wait to do it. So thank you everybody so much for watching! Thank you for 15 million subscribers! Do you have anything you’d like to say? I want to thank you guys because, you’re giving Mark the opportunity to be able to do what he originally intended to do on YouTube. And you essentially gave me an opportunity to come out here and help him. Um, I’m sure Catherine and Ethan would say the same thing. Thank you Mark, and thank you guys for everything you’ve done. Yeah, so thanks again just… from the bottom of our hearts. You guys really have done an amazing thing. And I can’t wait to dedicate myself back into, just this huge sphere of doing good for the world. And also having fun along the way and making even bigger, better, and stupider videos! So thanks again everybody and as always, we’ll see you, in the next video, bye bye! Bye! Bye! *Mark opera singing* *Mark opera singing* Eeeee! *Mark opera singing* *shrieks of the damned* *low volume echo* Nice. *both laugh*