Making gold in Classic is not an easy task,
and at the lower levels it can make you feel hopeless when looking at the costs for your
level 40 mount. That’s why today I’m going to show you how
to make the gold you need with your fishing and cooking professions. In my Fishing and Cooking guides I show how
you can easily level both your fishing and cooking skills to 300 by the time you reach
level 35. It’s not necessary for you to do this, but
it does create a very lucrative opportunity for you as you’re leveling. Please understand that the auction house selling
prices are going to fluctuate depending on your server economy, so the earning potential
I show you are the average prices that I have seen on several markets. Before we begin it is important for you to
roughly understand what Fishing skill level you need per zone. This chart makes it simple for you, but in
general just take a look at the zone’s level you’re in and multiply that level by five
to figure out the fishing skill you’ll need. Keep in mind that this is the bare minimum
you will need to fish in those waters, and that a higher skill level will be needed for
a 100% catch rate. I will talk more on how you can raise your
static fishing skill later in the video. Because of the level of creatures in most
zones you will be fishing in I wouldn’t suggest you start fishing for gold until at least
level 20. The earliest fish that can create some wealth
is the Deviate Fish, and you will need a minimum of 50 in your fishing skill to catch them. It can be caught from the three Forgotten
Pools in the Barrens and also inside the Wailing Caverns. This makes it far more difficult for Alliance
players to farm, but also makes it more lucrative for Alliance players because of that reason. A stack of 20 Deviate Fish will earn Alliance
players between 2-8 gold, but Horde players might only see an average of half of that
amount. Additionally, you can cook Deviate Fish to
become Savory Deviate Delight which doesn’t provide a buff, but instead can change you
randomly in to a Pirate or Ninja. These are generally sold in pairs for 1 or
2 gold each. Deviate Fish are also a reagent for Elixir’s
of Giant Growth, so if you’re an Alchemist keep an eye on the market to see what is selling
better at what time. In general, a single Elixir of Giant Growth
will also sell for 1 or 2 gold. The next fish you’re going to want to look
for will require a minimum fishing skill between 150 and 225. Make sure you’re using lures if you’re still
below 200. The two fish are Oily Blackmouth, and Firefin
Snapper. These fish can be caught in fishing pools
only, and those pools in turn are only found on the coastlines. If you’re still in the level 20 range you
will find these pools in Darkshore, and Menethil Harbor for the Alliance, and Silverpine and
the Barrens for the Horde. When you reach level 30 it will be safer for
you to start fishing along the Savage Coast, and the Wetlands. Booty Bay is also a great spot for these two
fish as well. Remember that these two fish can be found
on nearly every coastline, so as you go up in level you’ll have more zones open up to
you to catch them. A stack of Oily Blackmouth will get you 5
to 10 gold, and Firefin Snapper will fetch around 4 to 8 gold per stack. Oily Blackmouth and Firefin Snapper can be
used to make Blackmouth Oil and Fire Oil which are reagents for several more items created
by Alchemists. Those items are shown here, and will generally
sell individually at the following prices. Perhaps the most lucrative fish on any server
is Stonescale Eel, but it is also the most competitive. This is because Stonescale Eel creates the
Stonescale Oil which is the reagent for the highly needed end game consumable called,
Flask of the Titans. The pools are found in coastal waters only,
and perhaps the most popular spot to find Stonscale pools is at Steamwheedle Port in
Tanaris. There is another spot that’s not as competitive
and that’s here along the Savage Coast in Stranglethorn Vale. Other areas where you will find them are in
Feralas, Azshara, and the Hinterlands. A stack of Stonescale Eel will earn you 20-30
gold. That about does it for the Alchemy Fish, so
now let’s talk about fish with lucrative Cooking Recipes. The first one we’ll talk about is Greater
Sagefish and it can be caught from pools found in lakes, ponds and rivers. I have found these pools most frequently along
the river in the Cape of Stranglethorn, but they can also be found in Feralas, Arathi
Highlands, Hillsbrad Foothills and the Hinterlands. It is also the reagent for the recipe, Sagefish
Delight, so keep an eye on the auction house to see which one will earn you the most profit. On average, both will be worth anywhere between
2 and 8 gold per stack. The remaining fish you can catch to earn gold
will require you to have a skill of 300. If you watched my Fishing and Cooking guide
I showed you how you can do this at level 35. As you level your fishing and cooking to their
maximum you will end up catching several stacks of Nightfin Snapper and Sunscale Salmon. The frequency that you will catch either of
these fish depend on the server times which are shown here. Nightfin Snapper will fetch you a decent amount
of gold, but where it really reaches its earning potential is being cooked and sold as Nightfin
Soup. A stack of Nightfin Soup will earn you nearly
as much as Stonescale Eel with an average sale price of 15-25g per stack. Sunscale Salmon won’t earn you as much, and
just like Nightfin Snapper should be cooked to earn more. Poached Sunscale Salmon is what you will cook,
and you can sell a stack for about 1-5 gold. Two fish are dependent upon when you’re fishing,
but for these it’s not about the actual time you’re fishing but rather the season. The two fish I am referring to is that of
Winter Squid and Summer Bass. Winter Squid can be caught between the autumn
and spring equinoxes, and back in 2004 that was from September 23 through March 19th. Now we have to assume it will work the same
way in Classic, so whatever day the winter equinox begins you can assume you can fish
for Winter Squid. The best location to catch Winter Squid is
at the Bay of Storms in Azshara, but can also be caught with less frequency in Feralas,
the Hinterlands, and Tanaris. It is a valuable item on the auction house,
because it can be cooked to make Grilled Squid which is a popular food buff for Rogues and
Hunters. When in season, a stack of Grilled Squid will
earn you 5-15 gold, but when not in season that average will likely go up to about 10-20. Summer Bass as you probably have guessed can
be caught between the spring and autumn equinoxes. It can be fished for in the same location
as Winter Squid, and can be cooked to become Hot Smoked Bass which provides a +10 Spirit
Buff. This is not nearly as sought after as the
Winter Squid, and so I generally don’t purposefully go after this fish to produce any kind of
wealth. However, if you’re in Azshara and fishing
you’re going to inevitably catch some while you fish for Large Raw Mightfish. Large Raw Mightfish can be cooked to Mightfish
Steak which provides a popular food buff for tanking classes. For the highest catch frequency you will want
to get yourself to Scalebeard’s Cave which is located here in Azshara. A stack of Mightfish Steak with get you around
5-10 gold. The extra Summer Bass or Winter Squid you
catch in this area will make this spot all the more lucrative. More gold making opportunities lie outside
of cooking fish, and so now I want to talk about pools of wreckage. When you fish in a pool of wreckage you will
be fishing for trunks, and the type of trunk you get will be determined by the level of
the zone that you are fishing in. The pools of wreckage are mostly found in
coastal waters, but that’s not always the case. Now here I will take a moment to show you
what the most common items each type of trunk will drop. These items are always in demand at the Auction
House, so the more you catch the more profits you will be able to turn. The price point for the items shown here all
vary greatly, so your potential gold per hour will depend on your own server economy. We’re done talking about profits, so now let’s
take a moment to discuss how we can increase our fishing skill. In the highest level zones you will need a
fishing skill of 425 in order to not lose any fish. Since our skill is maxed at 300 we’ll need
a lot of help, and so your best bet to make that increase is with fishing lures. All lures are attached to your fishing pole,
and will provide their buff for ten minutes except for the Aquadynamic Fish Attractor
which lasts for five minutes only. The most common lure you’re going to be using
is the Bright Bauble which gives you a +75 bonus to your fishing which means we need
to find 50 more skill points. So now, let’s talk about fishing poles. At early levels the Alliance has a quest in
Darkshore that will get them the Blump Family Fishing Pole, or you can buy a Strong Fishing
Pole, but those don’t provide the buff’s we’re really looking for. What you really need is something like the
Big Iron Fishing Pole which can be found in the shell traps at the Sar’theris Strand in
Desolace and gives a +20 fishing bonus. You will generally want to be at least level
30 before you go searching for it. Horde players have access to a slightly better
fishing pole that gives a +25 fishing bonus from a quest available at level 44 by Katoom
the Angler in Reventusk Village. However the Grand Daddy of them all is the
Arcanite Fishing Pole which can only be won by successfully winning the Stranglethorn
Fishing Extravaganza held every Sunday at 2pm. The last items you need to reach that 425
magic number is the Lucky Fishing Hat, Nat Pagle’s Extreme Anglin’ Boots, and High Test
Eternium Fishing Line which all provide an additional +5 fishing skill each. These are all rewards for turning in rare
fish during the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza in Booty Bay. If you enjoyed this guide please make Nat
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forget to drink some of that Rumsey Rum Black Label, because if you’re not drunk while fishing
you’re not doing it right.