Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from naztazia.com Today I’m going to show you how to crochet these boho bead earrings. The written pattern is on my website naztazia.com You will need size 10 crochet thread, a thin crochet hook, some E size beads, and one and a half inch hoop earrings. To begin, use some clear nail polish to stiffen the end of the crochet thread. Then once dried, place 10 beads on the thread. Since we don’t need them just yet, push the beads down the thread. By the way, be sure to click on the subscribe button to get notified of new videos from me each week. To begin, make a slip knot on your hook, and then make a single crochet around the ring. Try to crochet over that ending thread if you could to secure it. You will make a total of twenty-five single crochet stitches in these hoop earrings. As always be sure to check out my beginner crochet videos if you need help. Once you have your 25 single crochet stitches, just turn your work. As an alternative to the normal chain 3, I like to make a single crochet stitch followed by a chain. Now skip the next stitch and begin a double crochet stitch: slide your bead down at the last section and finish your double crochet stitch. Skip one stitch and make a double crochet in the next stitch. Bbefore finishing the stitch slide your bead down to encase it. Skip the next stitch and make a double crochet in the next stitch. You can see how I’m sliding the bead down at that last yarn over. Keep doing this for all ten beads. Also if you’re on social media you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. After our last bead, skip a stitch and make one double crochet. Skip the next stitch and double crochet in the last stitch. You’ll see later how this helps even things out on both sides. Turn your work, skip one stitch, and single crochet in the next stitch. Skip a stitch and single crochet in the next stitch. Repeat this across. At the end skip a stitch and slip stitch into the last stitch. Now slide your stitches around the hoop. Cut your yarn and weave in all ends. You can add a dangle at the end if you wish with jump rings. Apply a little jewelry or nail glue to the ends to secure them. Here is the finished boho bead earring. Also check out the matching boho bead bracelet on my channel too. To view this video in other languages click on the closed caption link on YouTube and turn on subtitles. From there you can choose from over 100 different languages. I hope this video has helped you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Feel free to like and comment on this video. Check out the description or the info button of this video for more information. And please visit naztazia.com for more tips and tricks on Creative Self-Sufficient Living.