Hi, in this video, I’m going to be talking
about some of my favorite healing crystals. These crystals that I have on here in this
video are those crystals that really helped me a lot. Couple of years ago when my life was primarily
out of control when I was terribly, terribly depressed, my energy levels were just, oh
my gosh, down to the gutter and my emotional life was really out of balance and things
were just really bad, I mean, really, really bad. I mean, I have just come such a long, long
way and if I have to share one of the tools that really helped me become the person that
I am today and-, first of all, I can’t even believe how wonderful and how amazing I feel
and how far I’ve come and I just want to thank all the forces that have helped me in this
journey and just the ability to the open-minded and just to be receptive to the wonderful
things that the universe has shown me and provided for me to help me heal. And I’m so thankful to everybody and these
crystal babies here are some of the tools that the universe brought my way to help me
heal myself. They’ve taught me such wonderful lessons and
I’m so thankful. So anyway, let me show you some of them. This is a Green Fluorite and before I say
anything else, I just for my healing purposes, I randomly picked out crystals that calls
to me intuitively. I didn’t go by any particular, you know, methodology. I just picked them out randomly and I felt
that they would help me in whatever way. I didn’t to understand anything. All I knew is that I felt drawn to a crystal
and I picked it up and I used it on my body as I felt guided. So, there’s no methodology here and also before
I go on further, I have to preface my statements really by saying that these are only my own
personal, personal, personal ways of doing things, and this is just how I do things and
how I work out the weird for myself. So, everyone has their own ways of doing things
and this is not any kind of medical advice or anything like that. This is just my story of awakening and how
crystals were revealed to me. Okay so, this is a Green Fluorite that I love. This is one of my major, major healing stones. This is an Orange Carnelian and this is my
little Selenite Tower that I’ll probably explain how I use it at some point. And then, I have the Red Jasper and this is
my favorite Unakite that appeared to me in a dream and I bought it and then obviously
I have some, doesn’t even look Purple here but I have some Amethysts, and this was one
of my favorite little Amethyst crystal. Gosh I wish the lighting was better. And then, I have a Red Ruby. Gosh, they don’t look red but it really is
red believe it or not. And then, I have some Rhodonite bracelets. These was really for emotional balance and
then I had like, Aventurine necklaces and Malachite necklaces like, I had so many of
them and then I have my favorite Hematite bracelet. Oh my gosh, this Hematite are just the ones
that I really use for grounding. I swear when, well, should I be swearing,
well anyway, yeah, when things are really whack and I feel so ungrounded and very, you
know, whatever, Hematite really comes to my rescue. So, this is one of my favorite crystals. Okay so, I have a bunch of crystals here. This is Sodalite. This was one of the my first third eye stones. I mean, in the beginning when I started getting
into crystals before I found out about Kyanite or before I… the purpose is for which this
was in my life was over. Sodalite was really my crystal for the third
eye. So anyway, what I used to do for my healing
like, in the beginning, I learned about the Chakras, the seven Chakras. So, what I would do, I would place all the
stones when I went to bed, before… as I got into my bed, I would place all the stones
on my body like, I’d put the red stones and the dark stones on my root chakra, the red
stones on my Sacral Chakra. I would put the yellow stones and the Citrines
and what is this other one, the orange Calcite which is one of my favorite stones. I would put it on my solar plexus chakra and
then I’d put a lot of green stones on my Heart charkra. I would put blue stones on my Throat Chakra. I would put, you know, an Amethyst or a Sodalite
on my third eye and then I would put another Amethyst or some clear quartz crystal on my
crown chakra and I’d just be laying on my bed and I would have all these Malachites
all over my body. I was that depressed and that emotionally
unbalanced in the sense that my emotions were just, I was so sad, I’ll tell you, so sad,
so many things were happening in my life and once I started learning that about the crystals
and started feeling their power and their strength and their vibrations, I just wanted
to pour them all over my body. I just said, “You know what, I’m just going
to lay here. I’m just going to have these crystals. Begin to activate my Chakras. Begin to open my Chakras or close then.” Whatever, I was not like even thinking about
anything. I would just sit there and make an intention
that the crystal energies would help me, you know, release some of the poisonous emotions
and just help me understand what they were so that I could deal with them, so that I
could transmute them into light. So, that is how I started using my crystals. I would just pour them all over my body and
then, you know, as days went by and I began to learn more about how to balance myself,
how to work with my chakras, then I, you know, I started doing something a little bit more
organized. But, crystals will never lead you the wrong
way. That’s just my personal opinion. Now, you know, there’s a lot of things that’s
grown in my learning. I have, you know, taken energy healing courses. I’ve become, you know, I mean, a much, much
different place. But, crystals will never do you wrong. So, some people wonder about, “Should I use
just one type of crystal? Should I use many crystals?” You can use as many crystals as you want. I have crystals around me. I’ve never been affected in any way. I think crystals are just such magnificent
consciousness, beings. They’re just… you cannot go wrong with gifts
of god. I mean, some people, may be they’ll feel kind
of, you know, you might react to a crystal in a different way but, from my own personal
experience, I have never been affected by crystals and I have a lot of crystals all
around me everywhere. And then, on top of that, I would, I wear
my crystals. Once I feel that I need to work with specific
crystals, I wear them. There’s are time when I was dealing with a
lot of, you know, trying to figure out a lot of things about my life and I would just wear
Malachite and notice how am I reacting to the Malachite when I wear them. What is coming up for me? What kind of emotions is it bringing out? What is it bringing out so that I can deal
with? So, I would use the Malachite crystals and
every time I need to feel grounded, you’ll find me with a lot of Black stones in general
and Hematite in particular. I never go anywhere without my Hematite and
then, of course, I have my Black Tourmaline that I usually have in my hand. Sometimes, I put it on my right hand which
is my projector hand and I have my Selenite on my left hand which is my receptive hand. So, sometimes when I’m feeling a little bit
tense and everything, I have these crystals with me. You’ll usually find me with my Black stone
on my right hand just to absorb every negative energy in my system and just release it and
the light stone to bring in all the light energy and all the wonderful energies to just
balance me out. So, I usually have my ying and yang stones
with me, my Selenite tower and my Black Tourmaline in my hand. And usually when I’m going to sleep sometimes,
when I’m feeling some kind of a wave, I usually have my crystals in my hand. I’m usually decked with the crystals. That’s just basically how it is. My Selenite is usually in my left hand and
my Black Tourmaline on my right hand and I kind of feel, I don’t even understand the
science of it. I can’t even explain it to you. I’m not like a left brain person. I’m very right brained in my thinking. So, I’m leaving the science to those people
who can explain it. For me, it works. Okay so, and then, crystals really, really,
really saved my life. I love these babies. I’ll always love these babies and if you have
crystals, let me… you could leave a note or a comment and just tell me how you use
your crystals and how they have changed your life and what kind of healing has ensued as
a result. Crystals are magical beings. I love them. See you next time, crystal lovers.