When God created the light and placed
the light as suns and stars into the Cosmos, the Earth cried to God
and asked for her share. And God heard the cry of Earth
and sent all his angels. They cast their light into the Earth,
and it was turned into crystals and gems. There are many legends and fairy tales
about precious gems and crystals. We have all grown up with them. The world of our tales
are filled with treasure, shrouded in adventure and danger,
guarded by dwarfs and dragons, they call upon those who are able
to raise them from the depth of the earth. Princes of mighty empires wear sparkling
gems in their crowns and scepters as symbols of their power. The myth of Atlantis awakens the memory
of the magical powers of giant crystals. Yet the story that brought me onto
the trail of the gems is new. It finished with a very strange sentence: “We need to become crystalline from within”. Even though intuitively and poetically
I understood this sentence, it kept going through my head. Something was different about this sentence. It was not because of history or myth, but because it pointed towards
a mission for humanities future. And so I decided to explore the relationship
between humans and crystals. Gems and crystals have always been valuable companions,
fascinating people through their beauty
and their energetic properties. The relationship between humans and gemstones
certainly dates back a few millennia. The oldest artifacts that prove this,
are amber, well over ten thousand years old, that have been engraved. So obviously jewelry was
made out of it. It was not just found like that. If we look into the different cultures, be it shamanic, spiritual or even
the Christian and Islamic traditions, in whatever traditions we always find
crystals in each of these cultures. They were certainly used in cults even then. They have been found as burial objects, and only
certain things were even added to the graves. I would say it really started first with
precious stones, and later with magical stones, healing stones, when the first
high civilizations arose. So, to make a rough classification of the different eras in which gems have played a role, one might say that it began in the Stone Age. I would even call that the archaic phase,
where people still had to trust their intuition, They did not have science in the modern sense,
so instead they used their life experience. I think people first experienced then that there was more to these stones
than just their beauty and outer form. I think this archaic experience certainly led
to the first applications as healing stones. We can still observe that today – Stone Age cultures,
primitive peoples, still exist. There you can see how they use stones,
some as healing stones, simply because of what these
people can perceive directly because they can to a certain extent
communicate with the stones. The subsequent period
I would call the mythological era where civilizations arose
in India, Sumer, etc., where the stones were given
a place in the cosmology, or were assigned to planets,
signs of the Zodiac, or the gods. And then, starting with Ancient Greece,
I would call the natural studies phase, where stones were explored
– where they come from, where they played a role as ores
and as a source materials. That would be the period starting with the Greeks, the Romans, up to the early Middle ages. Then came Arabia, the medical phase, during which stones were
made into medicines. They were ground and processed alchemically
so that minerals were made into drugs. Even then that has continued until today,
resulting in Homeopathy and Spagyrics, which use the traditional alchemical recipes. Then came the scientific phase, with the emergence of mineralogy
and geology in the last 300 years. The medicinal uses fell into the background, because
you could not explain how stones work in that way, and then in the 20th Century the esoteric phase
came when the circles of Anthroposophy, the medicine of Hildegard of Bingen and
modern esotericism sparked an interest in the healing properties of stones again. Today we have a synthesis
of all these different phases. They have not replaced each another,
but each subsequent one has added to the others The archaic has remained just as
the mythological, the natural studies, the scientific and now also to the esoteric. Today we have the opportunity
to draw from all of these sources and see what can be applied
and what works in practice. Today ever more people are
interested in precious gems. Increased prosperity and a seductively
large supply of gems from all over the world are not the only reason for this. Certainly in modern times,
the last 25 years in particular, many people have turned to
the energetic qualities of stones. More and more people out there have
discovered stones for themselves. They experience something like
a calling by the stones. They are attracted by certain forms
of stones or certain crystals. And they like to have them as a companion. I think the industrialization and
the technologisation of the last century increased our rational and scientific thinking. This cut the mystical,
the intimate connection to stones. But over the last thirty or forty years, we find,
especially in Europe, but also worldwide, a remembering, a searching, as if the soul of
the world is remembering that there is an important store of knowledge and healing that
went missing, that needs to be recovered. Influences are coming from all directions. Many people would like to take
responsibility for themselves, in terms of their own development
and their health. People are looking for ways to naturally
strengthen their inner balance and restore it. Many people also find modern medicine
too overwhelming and not supportive. People are looking for opportunities
for other ways. One of the ways they find is using
the forces of rock crystals and gems. There is a longing for the soul in Nature. Our model of science has told us that
it is an illusion, what shamans, Indians, primitive people and our
ancestors believed and lived namely, that each tree has a soul,
every lake, every rock The anonymity that has been instilled in us
has made our life has become cold and hard. We have no relationship to other beings,
because we no longer believe that they exist. I think that the time has come for all of us because we only have one path of development
available to us now, namely the spiritual one. We want to know why, how, where. The material world can not
satisfy us anymore, and now the movement that asks
this question has grown very big. Today, we have developed with our thinking, but
also through science, a much larger consciousness. We also need this to comprehend
the spiritual concepts at all. Of course there were teachings in every
culture that had answers for small groups of specialized, intelligent people. Today it is about:
the whole world wants answers. But let’s look at the gems themselves. Under intense pressure deep down in the Earth,
in a process lasting millions of years, elements are transformed
into objects of pure beauty, pure form and pure light
– like ambassadors of eternity. Nobody can say exactly how
old gemstones are actually. They are much older than what we know. Scientists are talking about 50 to 500
million years of age for individual stones. The most important and interesting thing
is you to just realize that we are dealing with the oldest things,
one might say, on this world. Spiritually speaking, with the most
ancient beings who are here on Earth. Who are still in their original body, which
is not destructible who does not decay. From the mineralogical point of view,
the formation of quartz crystals is not so unlike to us humans, and it is amazing
when going through the relevant literature, how metaphysical it reads. It begins at conception, one can say. In a crevasse,
a cavity in the rock, in the mountains, it is often tension joints that have
been dragged into a vacuole. Steaming, hydrothermal fumes,
a solution that is highly energetic, pressurized and heated
and enriched with minerals, splits water into hydrogen and oxygen
and the oxygen combines with the silica, the silicon that has been removed from
the rock into the nutrient solution. And form small seedlings, just like the first
cell of life grows from a fertilized egg, the resulting seedlings
in this tension joint form as a precipitate and nest
in the outer shell of this vacuole, just as in a womb,
like a fertilized egg in humans. If such a seedling falls onto
the right culture medium in this way, then it automatically
continues to grow like this. Then that determines its direction of growth and represents
something of a genetic trait, which leads it. It could be considered sacrilege
to mine these precious stones, to cut them from the mother load
to which they were connected for eons. Their wonderful beauty though is not fully
revealed until they reach the sunlight. It is often by coincidence
when water and erosion bring gems to the surface
that a deposit is found. Sometimes they are discovered
while mining for ores or stones. Michael Vogt is a geologist, explorer
and expert not only for precious stones. We will accompany him to a deposit
in the middle of the forest, where he retrieves the stones
from near the surface. The place to which we’re now
going is located in the woods. It once was a quarry. Above and below it are layers
of plaster and Celestine. Gems can get to the surface in various ways. On one hand by weathering and erosion, then also by landslides,
when a mountain breaks away. Weathering also often reveals the gems on
the surface that are very, very hard and have separated from the host rock,
which has eroded away. This means that you can collect the gems
and identify a deposit in this way. Furthermore, gems accumulate
mainly in rivers. The creation of the gems is
continuously occurring, all the time, during the various geological
activities in the Earth’s crust. You always have to examine closely:
how is the gem formed, and then you look at the surrounding rock, and then you can of course
draw conclusions on the age. You could be off by one year
or hundred thousand years though. If mineralized water exists
in a certain geode, and this compacted rock,
which contains this geode, if during in a period of fifty to a hundred
thousand years, it cools down by 1 degree, and water under pressure can indeed
be several hundred degrees hot, you can imagine how long it must cool
down to be really cold afterwards. The crystals grow within a certain
range, so you can already guess that the growth could have taken hundreds
of thousands to millions of years. Here is the transition layer of
the Jurassic to Cretaceous. Above these rocks there are
these sulfate-containing layers, which we can’t see now, of course,
because it’s covered. Let’s suppose we wanted to expose them,
then we would have to work for hours to days. Because everything is accumulated
here and fallen down, I guess you would have
to dig at least two to three meters. The mystical aura of the autumn forest and the strange unreal sounds
of hammers and picks through the fog remind me of a treasure hunt
as in a fairy tale from childhood. For a moment I worry we might
awaken the spirit of the mountain. Even in its raw unpolished form
a crystal is full of beauty. Its full beauty is only released
by human hands though. The art of cutting and polishing gems requires
mastery and love for this special material. A special sense for its potential is what
turns a raw stone into a work of art. The traditional gemstone-cutting workshop
of Ernst-Otto Biehl in Hundsruck is one of the last of its kind in Germany. Modern, brightly lit workshops
do not have this charm anymore, even though the work there has
become easier and cleaner. Michal Gienger’s mission in Life is
to explore the inner potential of stones. He has studied crystals and their
effect on humans for 30 years. The modern study of the healing properties of
crystals in Germany is mostly due to his work. We can examine the development
of modern crystal healing therapy. Today so many different sources,
scientific as well as spiritual, are available. This has allowed crystal healing
medicine to develop in the last 30 in ways that previously were not possible, in
ways that combine different fields of knowledge, not just examining
scientifically OR spiritually, but in a holistic way that benefits humans. Modern crystal healing has taken
very different paths worldwide. The starting point clearly
was the United States. Crystal healing was only revived because Indian
knowledge was passed on to white people. It was authors like Katrina Raffael,
Jane Ann Dow and Daya Sarai Chocron who all learned from the shamans and have then
translated it into our western perspective. So there is a branch that is based on tradition
that has been passed down for centuries. Channeled knowledge was added
to this pretty quickly, both in the U. S. and
to some extent in Europe, but the focus was here
was the United States. This came for example from Gurudas, who has written about gem elixirs and where knowledge was drawn
directly from spiritual sources. I personally do not do it, so I can not say
much about that but interestingly enough, in the case of Gurudas it was applicable. So that he has brought new things
that have turned out to be true. Here in Europe, you would have to actually
say, in German speaking countries, we have gone a different way,
because we had homeopathy as our model. The different fields have fertilized each other. You naturally look at what others are doing,
what knowledge others have gained. Ultimately what works well and can
be repeated determines what is used, whether it comes from traditional sources,
from channeling, of if it comes from our more analytical work. I am also very pleased to say that
no boundaries were created, but that there was communication,
mutual fertilization, and respect for each others
method for the sake of results. You could say quite simply,
who heals is right. Analytical crystal healing is the attempt to bring
all the different things in an orderly system. Therefore we have taken the stones
themselves as a reference point: their origin, their structure,
their color, their minerals, and tried to look what effects
go back to what origin. If stones with similar color have a similar effect,
then it must have something to do with the color, or if stones with similar structure
have a similar effect, it must have something
to do with the structure. It was not certain from
the beginning that it would work. It was an attempt to organize things
by their effect and to investigate, but it has been confirmed greatly in practice. Because analytical crystal healing
has thus become a system that has more order than for example
homeopathy or other systems. You don’t have to memorize the therapeutic
properties for individual stones and only need to understand the basics, and you could then deduce from the basis,
which effect the stone could have. I purposely say could because you can
never predict with certainty. There are basically four major factors
that have a role in the effect of stones. The color of course is
the most obvious factor, and that colors have an
effect is also well known. Also every element,
every mineral brings its own effect. Iron brings up completely different qualities
in a stone than magnesium or calcium. The third aspect is the structure of a stone. How the pieces are arranged and
what forms they get as crystals, and the fourth element
is the process of creation. I think it’s understandable,
that a volcanically formed rock has a completely different power than a stone
that was formed by weathering and deposition. All four of these factors on the one hand
determine the effect of the stone, what it can be used for, and also,
to which people it fits best. We humans are indeed individuals, and not everyone
responds to a stone in exactly the same way. With these four factors we can determine THE right
stone for THE person in a very specific situation. The effects of crystals are not only
explained by their specific properties. Humans with all their complexity,
constitution, ability to resonate and their entire bodily,
mental and emotional being, also always determine the kind of influence
a crystal has and which process it will support. Stones will affect people at all levels. Funnily enough, twenty years ago, when
we started to do research with stones, there were really two camps. Because there were people who said, stones are
matter so therefore they only affect the body. The others said, wait a minute, stones
work energetically so that can really only work on the mental and spiritual levels. From our own observations in research
groups and also in natural medicine practice, we can say that all levels are affected. Humans are not just their physical bodies, but surrounding and penetrating
them are different energetic layers. We can call them energy bodies. That means, there is an energy body,
it is called the etheric body, which extends 5-10 cm beyond the physical body.
This etheric body is like a blueprint. All the organs that we have in the physical
body we also find in the etheric body. The ethereal body supplies
the physical body with vital forces. Additionally, humans have as spirit-soul
essence an emotional expression, an emotional body, one can say,
because it is also an energy field, which can be felt by people
who have subtle perception. And he has a mental body that is a body of
thought that goes beyond the emotional body. Some spiritual traditions speak
sometimes of other spiritual bodies, which I do not want to explain in detail now. The model of layers, which we find
indicated in so many books, do not only correspond to
the layers of this energy body, but we have to imagine it as more pervasive. The emotional body is around
us and in us as well, and it has a major center in our
physical body, which is in the thymus. And these bodies are part of our everyday life,
we constantly think, we perceive things, we have our emotions that we spread around us,
we have our physical vitality, and this body or through these fields and we also
communicate and interact with the environment. That is why you can feel the mood of others,
or catch the thoughts of others. And of course, all of these areas
can also interact with stones, because stones have these fields, too. The various factors of stones,
color, origin, structure, minerals altogether determine
the information of the stone, so to speak. And this information is now being
transferred to us, basically in two ways. Firstly, every stone has a radiation, it absorbs energy and heat and releases
the energy received at certain frequencies again, which can then act as a carrier wave for
this information, similar to radio stations. And secondly each stone – everything basically,
vibrates when it is heated, and these vibrations produce sound waves. That is, we have to imagine that such a crystal
is steadily clocked at a certain frequency. If I bring this crystal now into my energy field,
it synchronizes the vibration of my energy field. We can not change it, he is constantly
evenly clocked, says science. But our electromagnetic field
adapts to its frequency. These effects or information arrive
in us in a way that we react to it. What we experience as effect is actually
in response to the information. So you could say, because we perceive
these things, they are effective in us. That also means stones don’t give energy, they are
not batteries, from which you get unlimited power, they only give an impulse,
like an idea or intention. We carry out this impulse
with our own life energy. It is always through our own strength that
comes into motion and causes an effect. A stone can act on the spiritual level,
it suddenly brings back memories, it helps us to take perspectives
that we have long forgotten, it helps remember your goals in life again. It may work on the emotional level,
to release feelings. It can work on the mental level,
so thoughts are really changed, and of course there are many physical effects. It can also bring memories of past lives,
when they have an important message for us. It can happen just as visions of the future,
that later actually occur, so that one finds that the effect of the stones have significantly strengthened
our spiritual potential. So the effect can be very, very different. You should always be aware, subtle healing
does not work with the principle of pleasure. It can be enjoyable,
it can be wonderful and ecstatic, but it can also be very uncomfortable
and painful, if old pain, old traumas need to come up
again in order to get free. Consequently, one should not judge the effect
by whether it was pleasant or unpleasant, but but reflects on how you are afterward. The sensitive human experiences
can be quite difficult to put into words because the language with
which we express ourselves, the language that we have learned,
offers too few possibilities. If you ask an Eskimo about snow or ice, then you will notice that they have
50 words for snow and even more for ice. This is part of their world, their perception,
where they have developed precise terminology. We are only beginning to be interested
and open to subtle levels again. We do have not the exact terminology.
This needs to be developed. About the repeatedly used term of subtle energies,
that many therapists and crystal healers use – to again respond to this – you should be aware
this term is indeed somewhat unscientific, which we will now explain with scientific words.
There the difficulty already starts. People working bioenergetically use the term
“energy” in the sense of life energy. This is a slightly different concept than
the physical and technical term. Energy in physics is always something
that is measured quantitatively, and basically shows how much
work is being done or can be. The energy of life has something
to do with this physical energy term, it is mainly about energy structures
or rather, the free flow of energy, or the other way around, about blockages
in the flow of energy in a living system. So this energy term is more about order,
structure, flow and movement. Quartz crystals, especially rock crystals are
somewhat special amongst the family of crystals. Their purity and their specific elementary
and physical properties distinguish them from other
minerals not only in appearance but also in their possibility of application. The word crystal is often misunderstood
and misrepresented. It is used mostly for rock crystal. The word crystal describes nothing more
than a geometrically growing form. A geometrically growing form
expresses itself mathematically. For example, in a crystal the opposite
surfaces are always parallel. There are mathematical rules that prove that a crystal from
the smallest molecule up to full-grown, meter-sized crystal follows
the same geometric pattern. In mineralogy this is called
a crystal lattice structure. Each crystal has a growth axis,
which is the so-called C-axis. The crystal is composed
of smaller tetrahedrons, that is silicon and oxygen form in the shape of
the tetrahedron, which is a four-sided pyramid, and millions of these
tetrahedrons form a spiral shape and go in tunnels through
the crystal to the tip of the crystal. The energy flows along
these tunnels in rock crystal. Large computer companies that have
researched crystals for many years have proven that this crystal lattice structure actually
has a similar function as an antenna. Hewlett Packard, ITT, Schaub Lorenz,
all the big computer companies did years of crystal research,
where they found, for example, that crystals have
an electrical and optical axis, which is often or usually in the direction of their
growth form, that is in the direction of its tip. A grown crystal has an antenna function, and thus a capability
of transmitting and receiving energy pulses, that a fragment of a mineral,
or a tumble-polished stone, or a noncrystalline formed
mineral does not have. Concerning the internal structure of the rock
crystal that is for example piezoelectric, which means pressure creates a primary
electric field around the crystal. The special property of the rock crystal is
the internal arrangement, the molecular structure. This structure, the way the molecules
are arranged in rock crystal, creates an optimal flow
of information and energy. Let us again return to the computers. As I said, no computer today could
function anymore without quartz chips, no traffic lights, no cars, no aircraft. Our entire technology depends
on the quartz technology. One should therefore actually talk about
the crystal age in which we live, in the way as in the Iron Age when
everything was dependent upon iron. We live in what we call the information age, and includes that we are aware on several
levels of the dynamics of information, what it does in people. Spiritually, we become more conscious
that of the thought forms we send out, including feelings and emotions. That these have a direct impact
on our own energetic being, but also on the condition of others. Well to put it simply, the quartz chips
do nothing other than bundle information, and enhance the clocking
and transmission of it. This is the main capability of quartz. And that’s what all kinds of healers
make use of as healing tools. As such, crystal has the property
to emit energy, and to receive it. It is the sender and the receiver. It has the capacity to transport
energy from one level to another. That is, if I give put thought energy
and thought pulses into a crystal, then it brings them into
a measurable electromagnetic spectrum. The practical work with such sensitive tools
requires a lot of knowledge, attention and respect. Lukas Kohlweg is an energy worker. His purpose
is to harmonize the energy body of humans. His futuristic instruments
and installations combine specifically made rock crystals arranged in
special patterns into complex systems. These support his work on
the energy body of humans. I use crystals mainly in energy healing devices, in crystal healing devices that
are designed for different functions. The healing table is to give
someone a full body treatment. The various healing devices allow
one to connect to the soul and to put one’s karmic processes into motion, or to balance the chakras, or to control
the energetic system of the glands. These are used as needed. We have already explained, that crystals due
to their structure attract and release energy, that is when I connect the crystals
together in certain layouts and patterns, then I can create energy fields. And if I possess the knowledge of the form,
then I can connect the shapes together, and can therefore interconnect
certain energy functions. Depending on the pattern
there is an energizing, which can then either be
used to release energy, if someone wants to let go of something,
or to introduce energy. And secondly I can cut them of course. I can facet them and therefore let
them radiate energy very specifically – I can pulse them, they
can produce a soft mist. Depending on what therapy I have in mind,
or what kind of problem I have, then I have to decide what I need now. Do I need a sharp beam now,
because I have to get through something, or do I need a fog because
I want to be caressed, or do I need a pulsation, because I need
stimulate something to make it work again. These are the important possibilities of crystals,
namely the decision of how I use them. And that is also the knowledge
that is inside the healing devices. The principle of energy healing
is based on the fact that we can change the energies in the body. We can not change the past, but we can change how we handle the energy or our experiences. And working with energy requires, if you now want to use them for energy
balancing or indeed for development, that we begin to control our reactions, and
we that take our behavior into our own hands. Donald Freeman Jaskolla is an international
trainer for working with Vogel-Cut crystals. These crystals distinguish themselves through
their exclusive purity and very precise cut. Their facets with precisely calculated angles
greatly enhance their natural ability to receive, store and release information. The knowledge what has come through
to me about rock crystal is based mostly on the findings of an American scientist
and mystic, and his name was Marcel Vogel. Marcel Vogel was someone
who worked for 27 years at IBM, who did a lot of liquid crystal research, and who was spiritually
inclined and mystical. He brought together spiritual and
scientific knowledge in a unique way and explained the properties
of rock crystal in detail. Marcel Vogel developed
a special type of crystals. I want to show such a crystal that has been cut into this form, unlike a conventional, uncut crystal. The properties of the rock crystal are
optimized in a so-called Vogel-cut crystal. The rock crystal as transmitter and receiver, the way it comes out of the Earth is like a radio
signal, which has not been adjusted properly. There is a great addition of noise, and the actual information signal
can not be accurately transferred. To offset this disadvantage, he has developed
the so-called Vogel-cut crystals. They are cut in such a way that they make
the transfer of a precise signal possible. They are made so that they send out
a coherent, that is an equally oscillating, electrical impulse, and that makes them
unique in their use for healing work. This rock crystal has been
cut into an eight-sided form and it has been discovered
that the more sides, the more facets such a crystal has, the stronger
the spin of energy and inner reflection, and the more stronger the output
of energy is from such a crystal. Vogel-cut crystals are
different from normal rhinestones or most polished crystals in that they are
cut exactly and precisely in their angles. They are cut along the growth axis. And they must be, and that
makes a Vogel-cut crystal, in exact resonance to vibration of water. Water has a specific frequency
as measured on a radionics device. The rock crystal is cut so that it
comes into the same frequency. If both match exactly,
it is called a Vogel-cut crystal. There are only 2 grinders in the world
who have the ability to do that. Many of the crystals,
which you can find on markets or at gemstone dealers that imitate this form, have nothing to do with a Vogel
– cut crystal – you need to know. This is a very special, one might say,
highly tuned tool for therapists, or for people who do energy work. The original Vogel-cut crystal had four sides. Now there are Vogel-cut crystal variations
with more facets, 6, 8, 12, or odd numbers. The higher the number of facets, the greater the energy is reflected
in the crystal itself and amplified. That does not mean that the higher
the facet, the better the crystal. But each crystal has its own special,
preferred application. Anyway it is a fallacy in male thinking,
to always think “the stronger, the better.” Especially when working with subtle energies
one learns very quickly that a precise, but also gentle pulse with the correct information
vibration is much more effective than any strong, overwhelming energy. The findings that for example were formulated
by Marcel Vogel on quartz crystals and their possible application in relation
to the structuring of water or the like, are all based on the findings and development
that goes with the information age. One of the approaches to work with the crystals is to use its capacity similar
to how we use computers. Though perhaps with a little more dedication, and that’s the interesting thing about
the crystal that it calls and asks us also: to very respectfully deal
with all levels of creation. If gems and crystals have such an
effect on the human energy body, namely that their vibrational quality and energy of intention can be transferred
as information to a living being, then the question arises if this effect
can be proven or even measured. The effects of stones are directly detectable, there are for example biofeedback
devices that show immediately how to through the effects of
a stone changes in the body appear. This biofeedback device works with
a skin resistance measurement. Due to the specific skin resistance
measurement values are obtained, which are stored in the computer. The device displays the energy or aura image of the most important organs that are also be
found in the reflex zones of the hand, visible on this graphic. All of this is much inspired
by traditional Chinese medicine. A measurement procedure is as follows: the subject places his hand
on a board with 40 pins. At first the current state
of the person is measured. Then we analyze the measurement. The second step would be to select
a particular stone based on the analysis and place it in this person’s hand. The moment when the stone touches
the skin, the picture changes. The person’s state has changed considerably,
as can be seen here. There a lot more energy in the body now,
here at the bottom of the graphic, the knee, the elbow, and so forth. Previously it was relatively low. This is the evidence that due to
the characteristics of the stone, the condition of individual organs or possibly, the mood of the whole person,
the whole body changes. A very important statement
of traditional Chinese medicine is that every disease has a spiritual cause. This has been confirmed in a very,
very large number of measurements. If for example the energy or aura
picture changes and only turquoise, green and blue colors are shown, then you can assume that everything
has changed for the better. The art to find the right
stone has remained an art. This is not only possible with methods,
and instruments can be only a tool. Ultimately, this requires more know-how
and consciousness of the user. An extensive experimental setup is needed
to measure the field changes that occur by installing crystal energy devices. The bio physicist Dr. Walter Medinger has been researching the effect of
electromagnetic fields on humans for many years. The instruments he has build
specifically for this purpose are able to measure very
fine electromagnetic fields. We have fetched the technician
to find out what effects for magnetic frequencies
on the human system have. That was the reason why we brought
the technician: to see if it’s measurable. Whether that which is perceptible
to humans can also be measured. And also to read from the data
collected what crystals do, and how and in which direction
we can investigate further. I have used a grid method for
measuring the magnetic flux density. This is the size in which you usually
measure the strength of a magnetic field. The measurement is made for
the vertical component of the magnetic field. The goal is not to capture the full
magnitude of the field in all 3 directions, but the structure of the field. Therefore, the measurement in one direction, because the measurement values then change
when the magnetic field changes direction, even if it maintains its strength,
its total field intensity. The device, which is used for such
measurements is called a Tesla meter. A Tesla is namely the unit
of magnetic flux density. This is a very large unit,
we usually measure in microtesla, because the strength of
the natural magnetic field in the direction of measurement in
Central Europe is about 40 micro Tesla. The value fluctuations and the natural
variations of the geomagnetic field are in the range of tenths of micro Tesla. If we can detect effects that go significantly
higher, then we say they are significant. If we can see significant effects,
then we can show changes in the structure of the magnetic
field on the basis of these fine readings. The total energy of the magnetic field
remains approximately the same, but it is distributed differently. That’s what
our measurements should show in this case. And what would be enough to prove
a healing effect in the sense of life energy. In this experiment, the magnetic field measurement was used
as a tool to determine whether the healing table, especially when activated by a healer,
has changed the field somewhat. The magnetic field is indeed
primarily a field of order, so with this field we have
the best chances of getting physical, objective evidence of such changes. If you approach such a goal in a technical way,
you must first determine the background, that is which magnetic field conditions
are present in the room itself. We made a further series of
measurements a little above the table, by stretching out a measuring sheet there,
whenever a client was on the table. So we could then compare these values
with the background measurements, with the magnetic field of
the table without human influence. The results are providing a kind of map
or in a terrain display, as seen here on the screen with
a 3-dimensional representation. Here the heights were combined
to the measured values. In this case we see the measurement,
which was made on the ground. You can see that the field is quite restless:
there are relatively severely fluctuating values. The next display shows the field,
as we measured it on the measuring table. It is much more balanced, which shows that the installation
in itself provides a good balance of the magnetic field values. This situation was also been
measured on the table, in the presence of the energizer who
has activated a certain energy range. We see that the field is still pretty balanced, but there are small differences
to the previous image. To make it clearer I use the difference
of the measured values between the two previously described situations. The difference is the effect that Lukas caused
by activation of the energy programs. We see in this chart a structured effect, upon closer inspection
you can see a kind of grid line, especially in two preferred directions. These are reminiscent of
the magnetic field structure, as they are found on well-known energy spots. Places where people feel special bioenergetic
effects and where healings occur. This enabled us to objectively provide evidence that Lukas is able to structure
the field in this way. Particularly noteworthy here is that
the strongest measured effect occurs right there, where the energy worker sat during the session. Towards the end, after we displayed
the different energy levels, we were able to recognize in the measurement
that this energy has a measurable effect. Especially that a human in
the process has a huge impact, and that… the energy worker in the process is also visible,
as the one who directs the energy. Such measured results are
still the exception though. I think the development of science and technology
in the modern world and modern spirituality, especially spirituality has learned
from technology or science. Precisely because these findings,
which have been made – to the smallest scale,
down to the atom and even further, as well as to the largest scale, that is into
space, how our Universe is structured. This is something that was quickly
integrated into the spiritual worldview. The opposite direction
is a bit more difficult. Although there have been more and
more scientists starting from Max Planck who noticed that the more they investigate,
they reach the limits of the mind. They realize that things are not only material,
not only physical, but that there is something
like a spiritual reality, thoughts that have an effect and similar. But these people are few, because they must
go against their own doctrine of science, and are often treated with hostility
or even be dismissed as crackpots. While in the reverse case is it natural,
living in the modern world, to look at and use modern scientific
findings as a spiritual person. Hence the path from science
to spirituality is easier than vice versa. Classical science has no answer to the question of why such effects are healing or energizing. In reality we now certainly have
explanations for these phenomena. The scientific thinkers who have made
the most progress, based on quantum physics, have not stopped at these barriers that
the field of physics has shown to us. These are the smallest scales, the so-called
Planck scale as it is called in Physics. One cannot go below this scale
with physical means. But we know today that there is
a reality beyond these barriers. Leading thinkers describe something
beyond that being the range of spirit, and that consciousness, the mind is
woven into the fabric of space and time. And we can tell from the scientific side today because we find that the smallest
elementary processes are affected by this. Now it is often argued that influences
at this elementary level would be so weak that for example the thermal motion of molecules,
which always have a degree of uncertainty, would wipe it all out or compensate it. But if we now consider that there is
the phenomenon of the so-called coherence, where many molecules behave
identically according to certain laws, then it means that patterns are amplified
tremendously on an elementary level. We know for example today that in water
approximately 13 million individual water molecules join together into coherent structures
that vibrate in a strictly coordinated way. Then water molecules do not act
individually anymore but collectively, and that means a huge amplification. And this is an effect that occurs
constantly in our body fluids. Water is indeed the main constituent
material of our body. When a certain field structuring influence
through such coherence is reinforced in our body, it’s only a small step to imagine that even
incredible effects in the body are possible. And in the cells, water is 100% coherent. That is also the reason why biochemical
reactions in a healthy cell are ordered so and so wonderfully run. If we understand coherence as a particularly
high degree of order, then the question arises, how can you create order,
or how you can support the body in the reestablishment of order,
if something is out of order. And a wonderful example of this kind,
that nature offers us, are crystals. We also know that water is purified during
its natural path through the ground, through its contact with minerals, crystals,
and becomes structured thereby also. Rock crystal has a lot similarities
with the element of water. Water when it freezes, takes on the same hexagonal
shape, that we know that as a snowflake. Stones are now often placed in water and then
this water is ingested as gemstone water. Apart from the subjective effect it can be demonstrated here that a change has
taken place in the water through the information. Methods, such as the water crystals by Emoto,
or the drop image method by Ruth Kuebler, show that water actually changes qualitatively
without any substances brought into the water, but only by the information,
which the water has absorbed. To think of gems and crystals only
as tools for harmonizing human conditions though would be a disservice
to realizing both the stones and humans. Even beyond their healing power crystals
are absolutely justified or can be of help. Basically we can say that if we are doing fine, if we feel normal,
then there still is much to learn. Basically stones can help to acquire skills, if you want to train something specific,
if you want to learn something. This can be from learning
to play an instrument, through to expanding your own awareness,
there crystals can provide a useful support. My personal experience is that
crystals in particular promote the development of humans
energetically and accelerate them. It goes along with the change of consciousness,
with the change in the awareness that more and more people are opening up
to the subtle levels of perception. And since the crystals are highly
experienceable at these levels, people are opening up to
crystals and their properties. Consequently, we can use healing crystals
not only for physical healing purposes, but they should primarily be used
for emotional stability, and above all,
to support spiritual development. There are wonderful healing crystals
that act as spiritual catalyzers, with whom we can go through
processes very quickly, for which you previously had
to do years of therapy. That to me is really the main
advantage in using crystals that we have in our spiritual work great helpers
and tools that facilitate and accelerate the work. To me it always appeared that crystals are,
and that it difficult to prove, but can only be observed, encourage us in
the development of our subtle awareness possibilities. That through the crystals our consciousness is enabled to perceive beyond
the normal spectrum of awareness. Crystals are helpers on our path. They are not, I would say, something that magically gives
us consciousness, but they encourage us to develop our own ways. From the viewpoint of spiritual development,
the crystals, the healing stones, are for me personally the strongest tool
to grow a divine consciousness, to mature. To what to all religions speak of as the goal,
namely unity consciousness. Our developing awareness that recognizes
the same spiritual foundation in everything, will easily also include the crystals
as the part of the conscious world. So I do view stones as life forms. If you view the time in a geological scale
and begin to think in millions of years, you’ll see that even in the realm
of stones there are developments. That stones are born from the depths of
the earth and that they have their period, in which they exist at the surface, and then pass away again, are
dissolved and reformed into other rocks. For me these are also life processes
that we as people do not normally notice. If you consider this dimension, then can certainly
also communication between man and stone can happen. Entering into a stone circle
of Earth Keeper Crystals, we can recognize their effect
on their immediate surroundings as carriers of a specific consciousness. Over the years Wolfgang Hahl,
a visionary and spiritual teacher, has collected many impressively large crystals. He has created an extensive
network of powerful crystals with the goal of helping harmonize the energy body
of the Earth itself through their healing properties. The name Earth Keeper crystals derived
from ancient Indian prophecy. In these prophecies, the appearance of huge
crystals will be announced at this time. It is said that ages ago
beings of light, our Creators, went into huge crystal bodies to act in
the future as a protectors for the Earth and for humanity and to stay there until then. If we remember that quartz is the only imperishable
material in the Universe then that makes sense. Because rock crystals can,
as we have heard, lie millions of years in
the Earth without decaying. And so say Indian legends,
would end this period, when humans increasingly destroy
the earth and devastate Nature, these beings of light would become active
when their bodies are found in the earth, taken out, and are able to spread
their healing properties. The whole thing started 25 years ago
when after a seminar in a meditation had a vision of the earth spirit. I heard in my mind at the same time a voice
instructing me exactly and explaining that the future would be
about me gathering together so-called Earth Keeper crystals from around
the world, and to use them for earth healing. That it was necessary to save these
giant crystals and protect them, and they were urgently needed for
the stabilization of the energy field of the earth, but also to raise the human consciousness, And that it was my job to start this process. This seemed of course to me to be just as crazy
as it sounds to anybody hearing this first. As a result, I ignored the whole thing for
a while until actually several worldwide active wholesale merchants spontaneously
invited me to visit them in Brazil. After the third invitation, I thought,
this cannot be a coincidence anymore and accepted the invitation and in fact on
the same day, when I arrived in Brazil, for the first after a long time huge,
golden-yellow citrine crystals had been found. Now there are many interesting events to
tell them, but in summary let me say, that this was the first Earth Keeper crystal that came into my life and that it
took several days of negotiations in order to save this crystal
in front of cutting and grinding. In the following years hundreds of giant
crystals were brought to me in mysterious ways and under the strangest circumstances. Even in periods where I considered
this more of a curse than a blessing, when I had to spend my time again
and sacrificing all my money in order to save these large
crystals from being cut. When crystals find their way to us,
find their way into our lives, we should always make ourselves
aware that we are not their owners, but realize that we are just a blip in
comparison to these crystal beings. That they may exist for
hundreds of millions of years, and will continue to exist for even billions
of years if they are not physically destroyed, and that we are relatively short-lived
beings in comparison to them. All the giant crystals gathered here in
the square and in the museum of the Earth Keeper are perhaps represents only 1% of the amount of Earth Keeper crystals which
were brought to me in the last 20 years. Most of them were passed on to people in
healing places, to private homes, to hospitals, to clinics, in order to unfold
their healing energy and to support people in their spiritual work. What this whole thing has to do with earth healing
becomes understandable when we realize that the ultimate earth healing is only possible
with a global shift in consciousness. What good is it if we plant trees and reforest when the next people then go
and cut them down again. Consequently, we can only really permanently save
or heal the earth and if there are more people who are committed to develop their awareness, and that is an essential task of
the Earth Keeper Crystals. I hope that more and more people around the world
get together in groups to operate in meditations with Earth Keeper crystals to heal the Earth. The more we open our hearts
to compassion for all other creatures, and out of compassion the need arises to heal, the more the spiritual forces bring us
the supporters and helpers. Ultimately, this means that they will
help us grow our consciousness, the whole world is speaking
of a rise in consciousness, to the extent that we wake up
eventually to a higher truth, namely the truth that we are all one,
that we are cells of a large body. The crystal entities have given me
a very touching message: that there are not only the oldest beings
and the first beings who were on Earth, but also that they will be
the last ones to leave. That it is their duty to manifest the divine
light of the Universe here on Earth, and they therefore had to emerge as
the first here, had to get a form. And will pass away as last, when all is gone,
when this earth, this sun is remelted. This touched me greatly,
to make myself aware of this. I have searched for the deeper
relationship between human and crystals and I have found a treasure that
cannot be measured in carats. It is the relationship that humans
and stones can ennoble each other. To become crystalline from within does
not mean solidifying, not petrification, but establishing a coherence both
in our bodies and consciousness. Translator: Channing Jones
Subtitles: Dimitar Filipov