Hi I’m with Kaushik who’s
a co-founder of Locket. And you’re actually one of
the co-founders with Yunha, who I spoke to earlier.>>Right.
>>Yeah, and could you talk to me a little
bit about the design process, and how you go about testing with users,
and how do you make sure that you’re building the right things for
your users?>>Well, our product is
mainly a lock screen product. So we have to be very, very careful what
kind of things we put on lock screen, what colors we choose, what kind of
things we are actually modifying or notifying on the lock screen. Because this screen is seen by a user
almost 100 to 150 times a day so it is very near to the user. And he has to make sure that
he really likes that screen. And it’s non-intrusive. So we take care of things like,
very simple design. We also make sure that he can quickly
access what he wants to access, and we also keep things like timers and weather icons on the lock
screen in right places, so he can very naturally go look at that,
instead of actually searching for it. And the color of the ring on the lock
screen is also very carefully chosen because we want to make sure he
does not find it very intrusive or taking away his space or
he doesn’t like it. All those things are taken
into consideration. Fonts and styles are also
taken care of over there, but apart from that, because the lock
screen is something which you look at when you first
go into your phone. There are places where you wouldn’t want
your neighbors to look at what is on your lock screen and all these things. So taking care of that, as well,
is a very important thing. All these things put together make the design process at Locket a little
more complex than any other place. But however, we able test all
the features and make sure we pick up right things and that’s how
the design process goes at Locket.