Today we have a beautiful day, so we went with my friends something again dig so we’ll see Fortunately, we got permission 🙂 PRIVATE PROPERTY – ENTRY ONLY FOR PRAGUE – do not go HERE OR YOU GET SLAP YOUR FACE Today we face the meadows along the river Otava. so we’ll see if we will got something. Perhaps there will be something. Nice shallow high signal We are on private property, so we should always behave in the same way as any other property. But just when i dig a hole It will not be a hole like crazy and I can not leave her then. let’s see so it is a bigger piece of a trash. well yeah. piece cans and then it just repair. It’s got to walk on the football field. wonderful environment and we are pleased that we can be here. and we will not annoy anyone. clean it all and no one will know that I was here. So what you found. Czechoslovak military stud small I have a lot bigger pretty well. Here you go. beautiful work And here we have one cow sign 197 The first coins it’s 1 Kreuzer in fairly good condition 1860 Mint B – Kremnica and meter further additional coins this time 1 Czechoslovak crown with a beautiful patina. Normally I do not like so much of the Czechoslovak coins, but this is really nice. it comes to see that there is good soil I must say that the weather today is really wonderful. I have to undress, because it is really hot. probably part of a fitting This time again but another 1 Kreuzer here are really the coins in a beautiful state. Well in a beautiful … better than I have so far. I still have at home cleaned. Archaeological events 🙂 a piece of a locket. It probably will not cap the pipe. One easily plated plate It can see that there is some gold plating maybe any sign now here is nothing to see 50 haler later in 1971 and a bit further quite deep another crown 1962 those were produced probably the most and ten centimeters more 🙂 the same year piece Austria-Hungary 1 Heller not even need to be cleaned 1895 beautiful condition these coins have this condition normaly we’ve got another 50 haler So look at it. I already thought that’s me pops ring. and it is some bird ring Bit in my heart sank. I thought that it will be a gold ring. and one cartridge not been shot Now, I thought that will turn any silver but it is Today the first 10 haler 1964 if anyone thought that kicking only little iron so this is something for collectors of agricultural equipment so this looks interesting This copper ring tapered sides looks like bronze Probably not ring maybe it’s something stupid we’ll see .. part of the horse harness So he showed up and one knife. it’s nothing to see on him Wood is missing here, and the blade is inside. and one more cow 319 20 haler this seems to present my best find today. for somebody can be absolutely nothing but in this condition is often not find 1851 Mint B – Kremnica both sides are beautifully readable Beautiful half Kreuzer anyone here lost pocket Vanguard we thought that it will be anything but empty. He probably some other hunter threw away. If you know whose it is, let me know I’ll send it to him 🙂 Three hours behind us. and what we conjure up the half Kreuzer is probably my best find Here have colleague nice 1 Kreuzer Here some weights For today, we therefore say goodbye I hope you like this video and we will see in next. Bye and have a nice day!