(funky music) – So welcome back to What Gear Reviews. And today I am looking at what might be the finest wireless speaker
known to man right now. And it is the Devialet Gold Phantom. Now we’re talking about the speaker that has the design of a BMO,
the engineering of a Bose and the ease of use of a Sonos. So let’s take a closer look
at this interesting design. On the front of this
it has a single tweeter which has a design with a
pattern of a frozen raindrop. And surrounding this tweeter is a driver for those mid range sounds. But one of the first
things you’re gonna notice when you look at this speaker
is those lateral subwoofers. And not only do they look
amazing when it’s playing but they sound absolutely awesome. And it’s all because of the
way the cabin is pressurized. Each one of these lateral woofers has the power to move
30 kilograms of weight. Although I highly recommend
you don’t have this too close to anything because whoever
was using this before me has dented one of the lateral woofers. And this is a two grand speaker. So whoever that was nice one, yeah. So when it comes to the onboard controls there’s only one button
which turns the speaker on but it also doubles up
as a pairing button. So when it comes to using the speaker you’re probably gonna use
the app most of the time and it’s really really intuitive. Most of the streaming services
are already integrated into it but you can connect to it directly by your Bluetooth as well. But if you want, you can
get yourself one of these. So the remote control costs about £120. And all you need to do to pair this is literally hover it
over the speaker itself and it will pair. And basically is all it is a dial to change the volume on the speaker. So no forward and back
skip buttons unfortunately. And it kind of looks like face cream. So the Gold Phantom
definitely has some upgrades from the previous version,
the Silver Phantom. And I’m not just talking about
the rose gold on its side. Inside this speaker some of the elements have been upgraded from
aluminum to titanium to help accommodate that 4,500 watts and a higher frequency range. So let’s put the power of the
Gold Phantom into perspective. That 4,500 watts of
power is the equivalent of 281 JBL flip fours. And I made a video on that not so long ago and I was at an event when it had a bunch of JBL flip fours all
playing at the same time. But that’s insane. 281 of these. And also think about 10 Sonos play bars all playing simultaneously. Even that doesn’t match the
power of this single speaker. So when it comes to low end sounds, this thing will really blow your mind. It can reach levels as low as 14 hertz. Which means insanely deep bass. And there’s so many
patterns on the Phantom I could be here talking all day about em. But I haven’t got time for that so let’s just talk about one specific. The ADH amplification method. So basically, Devialet have found a way to combine analog and
digital amplification methods allowing this speaker
to increase its sound at crazy speed with no
distortion or saturation at all. Now if you’re thinking about
getting one of these speakers, one thing to bear in
mind is that this speaker will actually put out a mix stereo sound from the one front facing
driver and the tweeter. So if you really want to
get that stereo experience, I highly recommend you get two of these. But they’re not cheap. If you’re looking for this
one, the Gold Phantom, which is the most powerful, you’re looking at about two and half grand. But if you want to check
out the prices right now, follow the link below this video and that will give you the
most up to date prices. So you’re probably want
to know what I think of this speaker having used
it for a couple of weeks. I must admit, this might
be the very best speaker I have ever tested, ever. The clarity of the music is so amazing. And you’re gonna hear stuff in
songs that you’ve listened to 10,000 times before and it’s because of that crazy frequency range. We’re talking about high
res audio and then some. Because the bass on this thing, the lower ends, are just mind blowing. When this speaker plays,
everybody shuts up. This speaker will quite
literally blow your mind. So I just want to say a
big thank you to you guys for supporting an UK
underdog tech YouTuber. I really really appreciate your support. And a big thank you to Devialet
for hooking this up for me. If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure you hit the thumbs up to subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one. Good time of day. (funky music)