African-Americans did go out, and they did
march to those voting polls, and they voted for President Donald J Trump. That’s why he’s
the president. The problem that we have is the left – the Democrats, the liberals, that
keep pushing an agenda and they’re not effective with it. Right. They want the same old, same old. They love
that people burned down their communities. President Trump wants to build back these
communities. That’s right. President Trump wants to stop the violence. So he is going
to be a good president, not just for a black people but for all people. You will know, he just lied about how many
people were at the inauguration. Everybody could see that he wasn’t as big as Obama’s
And yet he was going on… Let me stop you. Let me go ahead and stop
you and get you straight. Right. You mean the very fake news lie. We were there.
There were thousands upon thousands, upon thousands of people there at the inauguration.
We were there. We saw it with our own eyes. That’s right. I think honestly, Diamond, I think it was
easier to see it from the camera positions at the top. And you really could see there
were more people there under Obama than there were on the Trump. I mean the evidence was
with the eyes… OK. So why are you debating me with this question
because the inauguration is over. I suppose I’m just interested in what you
think, because you obviously love the guy. I absolutely do. He’s our president. When he sometimes on occasion just says stuff
that is just stupid. What do you think? Do you think that’s just Donald talking? Excuse me. Wait a minute. My president never
says anything that’s stupid. You see, that’s was wrong with you left people. You all always
want to be so politically correct. Well he’s not politically correct. He’s honest. And
we love him for his honesty. Many people are saying, he’s had a slightly
rocky start. He lost Michael Flynn. Obviously Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, has had
to recuse himself from certain things. Lots of questions over the original travel ban.
Do you think it’s been a bit messy? Who do you blame for that? Do you blame Donald Trump
for that? Or who do you blame? I blame the media for taking and conjuring
up a story about the Russians, insulting the American people – the people, the millions
that got out and voted for our president, president Donald Trump. It was not the Russians
that hacked the election. The American people hacked it – we went to the polls and we voted
for him. Is there anything this guy could do where
you wouldn’t say you’re on his side? You wouldn’t get in the car and let him drive you over
a cliff would you? Is there anything this bloke can do that is wrong?
He don’t do anything wrong. See that’s the way you all mess up – you get it wrong. You
think it’s wrong because it’s not your way. What he’s doing is the American way. He is
trying to secure the border to keep people safe. He is trying to keep people from coming
into our country wanting to chop off our heads – the people that come from these certain
countries that do not like Americans. He is trying to create the atmosphere where people
are thriving again where the inner in urban cities are being built again. That’s what
he’s doing. So we, the American people, we love it. So there’s nothing my president can
do to make me feel sore. He makes us happy every single day. We love him. The thing is, everybody makes mistakes. It
would be very odd if Donald Trump didn’t make some mistakes, and I’m just wondering if you
can think of anything… Can you think of anything he’s done that was a mistake – because
if you can’t, it probably tells us that you’re just big fans and you are just on his side,
come what may. You know what? The only mistake that I can
think is the mistake of not continuously, every single day, all day, keeping the very
fake news straight. He needs to do it on a regular basis – every day. Tweet it out every
day about fake news and don’t stop that. Listen, our president don’t make mistakes. We are very loyal to our president. We trust
his decisions. We trust that he’s going to make the right decision, and the way that
it will affect the American people. We trust that he wants to do things that’s going to
benefit us. And not hurt us. We trust his judgment. That’s why we voted for him and
not a politician. That’s right. Can I ask, do you two ever disagree yourselves
between the two of you? Or do you do you always agree on everything? We agree to disagree when we have a disagreement. That’s right. Diamond, Silk. Thank you so very much. Nice
talking to you. Thank you for having us.