Hey guys Eric here welcome to my diamond sh… This is the wrong game Hows it slouchin, and welcome to the diamond shovel vid… This is still the wrong game Are we good now could we start the video? What it do my nerds I finally made the diamond shovel video, *in deep triggered voice* (now you can stop bugging me) We all know sledgehammer games is setting the BAR for weapon balance, okay Well, I wrote that like weeks ago, that joke is now outdated and shit But check your shed nerd because there’s a new OP weapon in the… garden. QUE THE SHOVEL MONTAGE *in tinny flashback voice that’s hard for the subtitler to make out* I GOT IT So yeah now that we’ve established that the shovel is awesome I’m gonna show you guys how you can get it diamond. STEP ONE, 200 shovel kills. Easy-Peasy. If you can’t do this stop now. But for real if you want some decent shovel kills I recommend any kind of respawn game-mode So don’t be playing search-and-destroy, don’t play hardcore, you really get no benefit by trying to use the shovel in hardcore. So just don’t. I particularly found some pretty decent success in shoveling in war, but only at certain sections. I absolutely do not recommend charging the beaches on Neptune with a shovel, If you’re playing Operation Breakout I also don’t recommend you use the shovel when you need to build the bridge, because you won’t be able to hit anyone. Unless of course they’re flanking you, or they jump across the bridge, but that’s so infrequent don’t worry about it, and if you want some really good advice about recommended shovel class set ups So I’ll be talking about that later because now we’re moving on to… STEP TWO The Deadly 5 Challenges. After you get your 200 shovel kills there’s only five more challenges you need to complete to get gold and diamond. The first one’s gonna be 10 backstabber medals. This really shouldn’t be too difficult, by the time you have 200 shovel kills You should already be knowing how to flank and predict people’s positions. I think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone with over 200 shovel kills in this game is close to being a psychopath. So getting behind your enemies, digging your shovel into their backs, and crushing their spines shouldn’t be too hard. Next up is 5 near death kill medals. This can be easy and also not so easy to do if you’re smart with a shovel. You won’t be charging STG and BAR players head-on, but unfortunately if you want to get this challenge done you’re going to have to be stupid and just charge right at them and somehow hope that they almost melt you into oblivion but don’t actually kill you and then you kill them. Do that 5 times and you’ll be set. Next up is elephant camo, No lizard came out. Sorry to inform you there Eric, but that is actually the camouflagee of a Leo Pard. Whatever it actually is, you’re going to need 5 payback medals. You’re gonna be dying a lot, you’re gonna be getting a lot of payback, it’ll happen. Enjoy your chocolate chip, cookie ice cream camo you’re never going to use ever. Seriously no one ever uses this camo. But now it’s time for the last two camos before gold and diamond that you’re actually gonna care about. Starting with bronze. The one for bronze is actually kind of tricky. You’re going to have to kill someone with your shovel, and then pick up their weapon and then kill them with their weapon. It’s basically just five backfire medals. Strangely enough I actually found this to be the most frustrating of all the challenges, but you only have to do it five times so once it’s done, It’s out of the way, You’re good. But just be aware that sometimes you’ll kill people with your shovel And they won’t drop their weapon and it’s gonna piss you off and then sometimes you will kill them with your shovel, but then when you pick up their weapon you’re immediately killed by one of their teammates. It’s frustrating. Just take some deep breaths. It’s not that bad. You’ll get it done. This challenge is gonna kill me I don’t like this challenge backfire, got one of them. I got one of them, sweet. There it is, I got it I just got it. I just got it in one life. Let’s go. That’s it diamond shovel. And last but maybe least we’ve got the *subtitler directly qoutes* SOOPR AWSUM KAHPR KEHYMO. You’re going to need to shovel five people in a row without dying five times to get kahpr. There’s some pretty simple straightforward advice I’m gonna give you. Just be good. I know especially some of you young kids out there you’ve never been outside before you’ve never done yard work. You’ve never used a shovel, but that’s why Papa Merk has made this video to guide you scrubs into greatness. Dude, it is SOOO easy. All you got to do is, BA, BA, BA, BA, BA That’s bloodthirsty, it’s so easy Why are you not doing this, you scrub. Take some notes, look at this perfection. Like I said before, all you need to do is… BA, BA, BA, BA, BA And yeah, that’s pretty much how you do it. Just do exactly what I’ve taught you five times, and you’ll have the blood thirsties. So yeah now that you’ve got your 200 kills, and you’ve completed the deadly five… STEP THREE, Profit. Holy shit. Where the fuck did that come from? WOW! Oh my god. *wheezing laughs ensue* That’s so dumb. Oh my… he he he he he he he Fuck off me, fuck off me! Oh goddamn! *grunts in extreme concentration* *patrick star yells happy birthday* He was just holding a grenade! *Eric laughs at his camping prowess* I throwing knifed him off the MG! He’s probably so fucking confused. Now popular too contrary belief the shovel actually does have a lot of other great uses, like hiding dead bodies, messing with disgusting, camping, teammates *sequence of Eric’s tinny voice that the subtitler doesn’t want to decipher* DAAAAAHHHH!!! Okay, so I applaud your patience, and I thank you for waiting, because now, I’m gonna teach you how to become a shovel god. I’m not one to make class setup videos because I don’t want you to become a copy and paste MLG tryhard dork in game. But my dudes. I can’t help it. I need to teach you the ways. I need to show you the primo shovel class. *low triggered voice again* It’s literally just one thing. *small grunt of pride* I don’t know anymore Fuck me. Okay, so at first glance serrated is gonna seem like a pretty straightforward basic training. You get to have your shovel as your primary weapon, you get two throwing knives, and you get two tactical grenades. Big whoop right? WROOOOONNNNG!! Beautiful person watching this video, if you’re not using serrated, you’re doing it wrong, and here’s why. Can I get a side by side comparison? We’re gonna call this guy on the left scrub. And he’s using the shovel without serrated. This guy on the right is me. And I’m using the shovel with serrated and as you can probably tell I am meleeing faster And if you couldn’t tell purely just by watching these clips, the shovel actually has two different animations in this game. The first one is the non-ideal one called the dig if you get too close to enemies in COD World War 2 and you try to shovel them you’re going to do a preset animation. Now this does reset faster when you’re using serrated, but ideally you don’t want to do that, you’re going to want to do the second animation, which is just a swing. There’s a certain sweet spot in this game between completely missing and also being way too close. Once you discover that sweet spot you’ll learn that you can just swipe enemies to death, and you don’t even have to wait for a cool-down. This allows you to chain kill after kill, it’s amazing, it’s what makes shoveling so much fun, and it’s ultimately how you’re going to dominate the kill feed and just destroy people. So yeah, In conclusion, Use the shovel. And I hope to see you walking on the battlefield soon. *thanks for making this part sooooo easy Merk* Oh my god, who the fuck wrote this. Anyway, I want to thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed the diamond shovel video if you guys did, and you’d like to see some more videos like this one Make sure to drop a like. I’ll see you guys later Hmm