This is Watch Your Style. Today I’m gonna be doing a video on diamond
watches. So, when we get into the topic of watches
with diamonds, we’re kinda going into a gray area there. Some people hate it. Some people love it. I for one, don’t exactly love wearing diamond
watches, but I do find them intriguing and interesting. And there’s a lot of things you might wanna
know about them, so that’s kinda what I wanna go over with you, just in case you’re in the
market to get a diamond watch. There’s certain things that you wanna look
out for and what you can expect to get when purchasing one. So, I have here for you a couple of different
models. Some actually are available like this from
factory. For example, the Royal Oak Chrono, there is
a version of it in rose gold that comes with factory set diamonds. This particular example is in stainless steel,
so it’s obviously after market and, for example, the Yacht-Master II, it doesn’t come with
diamonds…period! Lately, there’s just kinda of a thing that’s
been…it’s always been in style and it’s always been in fashion, but just lately it’s
starting to get a little bit more and more. For example, now, you’re seeing full pave
set Pateks, you know? Whether it’s the 5711, the 5980, so one…there
all getting done, including the 5726 in steel, which actually I’m more of a purist when it
comes to Pateks, but I cannot deny that they look really nice, all full-set in diamonds. AP is another brand, when it comes to the
Offshore line that they’ve always offered to model with full-factory set diamonds. This particular model I have here would be…it’s
custom set, but it’s something that’s made to look like the factory set. Now, when you’re going into this diamond thing,
the #1 word that you’re always gonna here in the world of custom diamond set and it
happens to be my favorite word is VVS. Yes, we all want VVS, pave-set diamonds, but
the reality is, a lot of them are not VVS. The ones that are definitely are VVS are gonna
be the factory watches that come set like that. So, just don’t let that…don’t let these
people lie to you and tell you that it’s VVS, when it’s probably just gonna be just VS and
SI1 and, don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a diamond set watch
in SI1 or VS stones. You don’t have to go all the way to VVS. If you can, more power to you. Amazing. One of the most important things is just the
way that the actual parts of the diamond look. I’ve held some really nice VS stones, the
right color, the right cut, that actually hit and blinged just the same way that a set
of VVS stones will. Another important thing will be the setting,
because the setting is one of the things that will make the diamond bring out the fire. So, since these stones are not being set in
a situation where there’s light coming in through the back of the stone, you’re gonna
want a good quality setting. You don’t want some of these….Some of these
diamond watches out there, have been set by a 5-year old in a basement with a chisel and
a jackhammer. That’s just my opinion. You want something that’s really done with
quality and it’s done with patience and not in a rush; because, at the end of the day,
yes factory set diamond watches are worth more money, but if you’re gonna get an aftermarket
set, you don’t necessarily need it to be VVS, but you do need a nice setting. Setting is very important when it comes to
a full diamond watch. Another thing when selecting a bling watch
is, you’re gonna notice that you have the options at time of either getting the full-pave
set face or the standard face. That’s really just up to your opinion. For example, this 5980 in two-tone that’s
fully completely iced out here. I’ve seen it before with the stock, blue dial
and it’s nice, but I can’t help but to say that it looks nicer with the full-pave dial. So that’s something you’re gonna wanna think
about when you’re getting it, because a lot of times when these watches have a full pave
dial, the dial is gonna be after-market as well. Is that a problem for me? Absolutely not. This is already a full custom watch. It’s just like those brand new Mercedes that
you see out there that are fully customed out. They’ve just been personalized. It’s like a work of art pretty much. So, those are the kind of things you wanna
go with and, when you see prices on watches like these, one thing I’ve also noticed is,
it makes a bit difference if the size of the bracelet and the clasp is also set � because
it adds a whole lot more of total carats at the end. Sometimes, a guy might come and be like, �Oh,
but this guy has a better price than that,�…Well, maybe because it has less stones; so there’s
a lot of things you wanna look at and you wanna try to focus on something that’s quality. And that to me is the end for everything. With the Rolexes, full-pave set, there’s something
you wanna also keep an eye on. With the models of the bezel has something
to do with the movement, for example, the Yacht-Master II and also the Sky-Dweller,
you wanna make sure that the bezel that’s installed, it’s still gonna allow the watch
to function properly. Those are some of the things that you might
wanna look it. Yes, I have seen in the past a couple of Submariners
and GMTs that have a nice bezel, but it doesn’t rotate anymore, but now also at the same time,
with a full diamond bezel, putting it to rotate on a Sub or a GMT for anyways; but just keep
that in mind, make sure that the bezel is still functioning so that you can still use
the movement correctly. One point I also wanna state, and this is
especially with Rolex, because with diamond Aps or diamond Pateks, I don’t really like
to wet those watches anyway without the diamonds. But, make sure that the watch is waterproof. If you’re gonna buy one, have it tested. Keep in mind that these watches are all being
drilled out, so that they can set the diamonds. Yes, there are cases when it won’t be watertight
anymore. I, for one, make sure that every single watch
that I sell that is fully iced out, is watertight. So just keep that in mind. Those are things that you wanna know. You already have a modified watch, so those
things might suffer. As far as the Watch Game goes, men’s diamond
watches are obviously on the top. These are pieces that obviously demand attention
and make bold statements. There’s no denying. Somebody walks in with a 5980, rose gold,
full pave, you know this person means business. You don’t just by coincidence buy a watch
like that. So, basically, I have many requests from clients
for these bling, bling watches, so I figured I go ahead and I make a video, so we could
talk about it a bit. You know, there’s many different situations. There’s some people like them. Purist hate them. The purists don’t even like them full-set,
even factory. It’s not their style and I agree, it’s not
really for everybody. You just kind of gotta like this type of stuff. Then there’s always that topic of aftermarket
versus factory-set. You know, it could go either way. You can get a factory set watch, but you’re
probably gonna pay five times the amount, not to mention, there are some models that
are not even offered; for example, the Yacht-Master II, as I stated earlier; so, that’s when you
kinda have no choice to go custom. Keep in mind, the people that are doing these
types of watches are not really too concerned about the resale value in these things; for
example, one of hip hop’s greatest stars right now, �Future,� just actually purchased
one of the new Patek, the big one with the chrono 5980 that’s got the full 40th anniversary
and blinged that out. Obviously, Future is not thinking about the
future, but I tell you what, he’s definitely dominating the iced-out game. So remember, if you’re looking to purchase
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