Hi everyone, this is Jessica from JewelryTutorialHQ.com Today I’m going to show you how to make these
fun beaded hoop earrings. And I’ve got something exciting to share with
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win these beautiful beads from Beachartz. Now, let’s make some earrings! I’m going to start you off by showing you
a little trick I use to get the same size loops every time. Just use a fine-tipped sharpie marker right
on my round nosed pliers on the jaw that faces me when I’m holding it in my dominant hand. So if you’re a lefty, you want to mark it
on the other side. I’m starting with an 8 inch piece of 22 gauge
half hard copper wire, and make sure I can’t feel the end sticking out between the jaws. And I’m going to twist away from me, let go,
twist away again, and I’m going to keep repeating this until
I’ve gone around two full times and I come back to where the first end of the wire is. And I’m just going to pull it straight, now
I’ve got a little coiled loop. Now I’m going to take 4 inches of beads, and
I’m telling you in inches because that means you can use different sized beads and still
get the same result. These are size 6/0 glass beads which means
they’re about 4mm. So I’ve got 4 inches of beads now, and I’m
going to take the end of the wire and pass it through the loop. I’m just going to gently curve the beads around. And I’m going to pull this tight and grab my chain nose pliers and hold that
in place and bend it so that should stop it from sliding around. Now I can just reshape this as necessary. Now I’m going to grab the wire with my round
nose pliers, lining it up with the mark on the jaw and I’m about 1/4 inch up, and I’m just going
to bend the wire away until my wrist won’t move any more, and then grab the end of the wire and pull
it around the rest of the way. Now that’s a little crooked so I’m just going
to kink that back to straighten up that loop. Now with my chain nose pliers I’m going to
hold on to that loop and twist the wire around one time and I’m going to hold it like this so you
can see what I’m doing. I want to pull this wire straight down – see
it’s not quite centered so I’m going to bend it over just a little bit and try again. I want it to come straight down between the
two beads at the top like that. Now, with my flush cutters – use the back
of the flush cutters so you get a flush cut a little bit more than a quarter of an inch,
cut it off. And then, again with the round nose pliers,
lining up with the mark on the jaw twist it away from me, do that a couple of
times until the end of the wire meets itself again. Now I’m just going to straighten up this loop,
and this might be sticking out a little bit so I’m going to push that back a bit so that
it will line up and it will hang straight. Now we’ve got our first beaded hoop! We’re ready to make the second part – So we’re doing the same thing again- we’re
just going to make a double coiled loop, using the same technique as before. This piece of wire is about 5 inches long,
and I’m going to thread on 2 inches of beads in my second color this time. Another reason I like to measure instead of
counting beads is because a lot of times these beads aren’t always the same size, so 18 beads
on this one might not measure the same as the other one. So we’re going to do the same that we did
before, just kind of curve the beads around and thread the end of the wire through the
loop and pull it tight. And then use your chain nose pliers to make
a 90 degree angle to help hold it in place. I’m going to cut this using the back of my
flush cutters at about 1/4 of an inch long. And using my round nose pliers lined up with
the mark, just twist until the wire meets itself. So this is just a single loop that we’re going
to be able to open so we can hook it to the other piece. Now with your chain nose pliers we’re going
to use a twisting motion just like when you open a jump ring. That will help not bend the loop out of shape.
And hook it through the loop on the big hoop and using that same twisting motion close
the loop. Just kind of rock it back and forth until you get it closed. I’ve done the same on both hoops. Now I made a mistake before – I should have
made this loop facing side to side instead of front to back, because this is the way
I want my earrings to hang. Now if you want them to face to the side,
that’s fine, it’s a matter of personal preference but it’s real easy to fix. You just use your chain nose pliers and twist
about a quarter of a turn until the loop faces the right way. No sweat – I do it all the time! Now I’ve got my ready made ear wires and we’re
going to open these the same way – twisting motion using your chain nose pliers and by the way if you’d like to learn how
to make ear wires just like these, I’ve got another great video that will show you how
to do that. Close it back up with that same twisting motion
and do the same on the other earring. And TA-DA! These are pretty fun. I hope you loved this project and that you’ll
join me again soon. Be sure to check out JewelryTutorialHQ.com for more free jewelry tutorials and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
if you don’t want to miss the next video! See y’all next time!