Hey there! This is Jessica from JewelryTutorialHQ.com
and Bespangled Beads on Etsy. In this video, we’re going to learn how to make this braided
leather tassel bracelet. Materials that you’ll need for this project
include 3 feet of 3 millimeter wide (1/8th inch wide) suede leather lace, 3 jump rings,
2 fold over ribbon crimp ends, and a clasp. I sell this as a kit in my shop – it’s available
in other colors besides this one. You can click here to buy that kit now if you don’t
already have it, or you can use your own materials. Some other things that you’ll need include:
2 pairs of jewelry pliers, flush cutters or small sharp scissors, some leather glue or
fabric glue, and some toothpicks and a paper towel. I’ve already cut my leather into 3 sections
that are each 1 foot long, and I’m going to layer the ends one on top of the other so
that they’ll fit inside the end crimp. I’m going to push the leather into the crimp,
making sure it goes as far back as possible and give it a little squeeze with my fingers,
and make sure none of the ends are sticking out, then I’m going to squeeze again using
my chain nose pliers or bent chain nose pliers. Make sure you squeeze on the end where the
teeth are so they get a good grip. Now I’m going to attach a jump ring. If you’ve never
used jump rings before and you’d like to know the proper way to do that, you can click here
to see that video – I go into detail on using jump rings. After you slide on the clasp you can close
up the jump ring, and then we’re ready to get to braiding. I’m going to assume that most people know
how to braid, so I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail, but I’ll just tell
you really quickly – it’s pretty easy. It’s just right over middle, then left over middle
and you keep repeating that on and on. And the trick with this flat leather is just
to make sure that it stays flat as you braid, and make sure you untwist anything that gets
twisted along the way so that your bracelet will lie flat when it’s finished. Now, I think you’ve got the braiding thing
down. You want to continue braiding until you’re about a quarter inch shy of the length
you want the finished bracelet to be. So you start measuring from the clasp – I’m going to cut mine at 7 and a half because
I want it to be 7 and three quarters. And that will just account for the jump ring,
because the crimp end is not going to take up any space really. We’re going to do the same thing as we did
on the other end – make sure that your ends are overlapped and if they’re uneven, go ahead
and trim any excess off so that they’re all aligned. Slide the ends into the crimp, squeeze it
with your fingers, crimp it with your pliers, and attach another jump ring. Now we have the bracelet finished and we are
ready to make the tassel. For that, we’re going to grab one of the pieces
left over from when we trimmed our braid. Now this piece is probably about 4 and a half
inches long, but it might vary because the length of your bracelet will vary. But that’s
ok because we can trim it up later. So thread it through a closed jump ring and
find the middle. Then I’m going to do the same with a second piece of leather the same
length, and make sure it lies flat against the first piece. Using a toothpick, I’m going to apply a tiny
bit of fabric glue – you can also use leather glue, and I don’t want you to worry too much
about the brand. Anything that says it will bond leather or fabric should work just fine. And I’m going to do the same on the outside
of the first piece of leather, and I’m just doing this so that the leather will stay in
place as I wrap around the last piece. Now I’m just putting some glue on end of the third
piece of leftover leather, and I’m going to line this up so that it sits in the middle
– about halfway across one of the sides of the tassel. And then I’m going to wrap it around and glue
all the sides as I go around. Then when I get back to the side where I started,
I want to overlap just a little bit the other end, and then trim as close as I can using
either flush cutter or sharp fabric scissors and sticking that last end down. Now we just need to attach the tassel to the
bracelet. Open up the jump ring, hook it onto the ring – Iike to attach it to the ring that
holds the clasp so that it doesn’t get in the way when you go to open and close the
bracelet. And with this tassel you can trim it however
you want – you might prefer it one way or the other. But that’s it! I really hope you
enjoyed this project and I hope you’ll visit me at JewelryTutorialHQ.com and don’t forget
to like, share, and subscribe! Thanks for watching!