Hi guys! So today I have a really simple DIY for you today. Its these really cute, simple heart shaped earrings If you’re kind of a crafty person like me, you’ll probably have most of these materials at home which is really good! So, yeah! Without further ado, lets get on with the tutorial! And there you have it, your very own heart shaped earrings! I do wan’t to say one thing about this, there is no jump ring I just thought that it wasn’t really necessary to have a jump ring because I thought that it would kind of make the earrings look more clunky and also, there is a risk of these little earring parts falling down because there is a little gap from where the two ends of the heart meet but I found that that isn’t much of a problem because I can move around like this and even so, the earrings will not fall out so even if it is kind of a little unprofessional, it still works and it looks fine so just keep that in mind when you are making this so yeah, thank you for watching the video and I’ll see you guys in my next video! Bye!