They’re hyper allergenic hyper alorgenic Hyper? Say it to me Hello, men women and children today we’ll be making your very
own DIY earrings as part of my brand new handmade jewelry line. Here’s what you’ll
need Earring hoops, wire, wire cutters, needle
nose pliers, flat nose pliers, small nose pliers, a file, and a variety of
decorative items and you will need your credit card information handy to take
advantage of this exciting new opportunity.
Are you ready? I sure am let’s get started Cut a reasonable length of wire
about I don’t know six inches or so Now this is a gold wire, it’s very strong, very gold. You can bend it into a variety of different shapes it’s also good for
cleaning your drain It’s a little strong one this is a demonstration of how tough
the wire is. You there ma’am in the front row come down. Maybe we just did this
together you can demonstrate how strong it is. Thank you Next take your needle nose pliers and create a small loop at one of the ends. Well these loops are fun huh aren’t they gorgeous get a good look at that. You come in on that can we get that there And of course as you may know all
these materials are machine washable and gluten free so they’re good for you too. You know let’s take a look at how many we sold Maybe they just need to see it moving along a little, we’ll keep forging
ahead I know you’re interested though These are great to wear anywhere a
formal dinner, Bar Mitzvah, human sacrifices, they are real real versatile piece Oh! Do we have a sale Sorry just went off my ear sorry And now it’s time to string on a variety of decorative items here I have some beads
I have some letters and I have some faces of people of jaundice very
interesting Oh I’m sorry do uh do we have a caller? CALLER: Hi there I try to make
your bath bombs and now I’m breaking out into a rash That just means it’s working
keep bathing Of course these are very customizable I’d be happy to fit them to
any size ear just send me the size of your lobe Let’s check the buyer counter We’re gonna take the non looped end and put it
through our loop that we have made here we’re going to take our earring hook and
put it through the earring hook hole just close it up like this and there it
is You can hear wallets opening up all across the country You can have one in the
car you can have them in the bedroom you can have them for your dogs Alright so, uh who’s ready to buy? Guess you guys need to see it on me And there you have it your very own DIY
earrings the perfect to add to your collection Please someone buy this