Okay so to start off this tutorial, first thing we have to do is to gather our materials. Now what you’ll need are… Two pliers A pair of earrings You can, y’know, just go out to a store and like purchase the earrings just for the tutorial, or you can just grab some old earrings that you don’t wear anymore. Make sure that they’re dangling earrings…like these You’ll need a hijab pin and this type of hijab pin is important because it has an eyelet as you can see *no pun intended* It has like a lil’ loop And yeah, that is basically what’s gonna help us create the dangling hijab pin. If your earrings don’t have any on them, you’re gonna need a jump ring Just one jump ring And this is just a larger jump ring for me to show you on how to- for me to show you how to open a jump ring We’re just gonna start off on learning how to open a jump ring If you already know how to do this, you can just skip to the next part Okay, so here is a jump ring As you can see, it’s like a circle shape aaand Over here… Is where you see this little seam, and that is where you can open the jump ring Uh make sure that when you’re opening a jump ring that you open it sideways and not outwards Um so yeah. Here, lemme just demonstrate it. This is how you would open…just like that And by opening it sideways like this, it makes it easier to close it back together and keep the perfect circle shape Cuz if you open it outwards, it actually becomes like an oval and um… Even though you try and put it back together, it just won’t have that same like perfect circle shape So yeah, very easy Just go like this, and like this So yeah, to start off the tutorial what you’ll need to do is… take one earring, so yeah, if you look at the earring *clears throat* It is- it has like the stud thing right here, but it is still like a dangling style and as you can see, it’s connected through here by a jump ring So um what you’re gonna do is basically open this jump ring, and attach this dangling rhinestone piece right here to the hijab pin and it’s as simple as that ^^ If your earring does not have a jump ring in it, then you can always like steal some from an old piece of jewelry that you don’t wear anymore Um preferably with the same like metal color as you can see i’m using like gold so I kinda just want to stick to the gold color scheme So yeah We’re just gonna do what I showed you earlier, which is open a- the jump ring So this jump ring is a little bit smaller, uh I showed it to you from a larger one just to show you kind of how it works I’m gonna hold one side of the jump ring with this plier, and the other side of the jump ring with this plier With the seam in the center and between the pliers And I’m just going to open like so So yeah, now that it’s open I can take off this part of the earring right here And remove it And so yeah, now we’re left with this piece right here It’s as easy as that, all we’re gonna do is loop the jump ring onto the hijab pin right here And we will be done soo Just gonna loop it in, so it’s like this It is attached now, and now we’re just gonna close the jump ring So again, one side of the plier- I mean one side of the jump ring will be held by a plier, and there will be a seam in the center and we’re just going to close the jump ring and VOILA!! ^^ Now you have your dangling hijab pin So yeah, very easy to make very stylish very very quick so you can make these as gifts, you can use them to accessorize like on a daily basis or like for like evening wear something like that, and yeah now you know how to make a dangling hijab pin so yeah, if you liked this video make sure to subscribe, comment, and like 🙂 and i’ll see you next time :)) Bye and thank you~ Assalam Alaikum