Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from naztazia.com
Today I’m going to show you how to crochet a beaded necklace and bracelet.
The written pattern can be found on my website naztazia.com
Also to view this video in other languages, just click on the closed caption link on YouTube,
and turn on subtitles. From there, you can pick from over 100 different
languages. To begin you’ll need some beads.
Any kind of beads will work: pearls, gems, acrylic, glass, small ones, large ones.
And I’m using some size 3 crochet thread. Now I know how using thin crochet thread can
seem scary, but, this is an easy and perfect project for it.
First we need to string the total number of beads onto the crochet thread.
Some beads will slide on easily. Others will be difficult.
You might need to thread a needle and use it to slide on the beads.
My favorite method is to paint some clear nail polish on the edge of the thread.
Once it dries, it hardens the thread. You can slide on the beads directly onto the
thread much easier now and you don’t need a needle.
In my sample, I threaded on 100 beads. To begin, make a slipknot.
I’m using a size D 3.25 millimeter hook. Chain 1.
Slide your first bead up towards the crochet hook.
Yarn over, and pull your hook through the loop already on your hook.
Basically you have just completed a chain, while at the same time, encasing the bead.
Next, chain 2. Please see my beginner crochet video on YouTube
if you need help with the basics of making a crochet chain.
Slide up your next bead towards the hook. Yarn over and pull through the existing loop
on the hook. Chain 2 again.
Slide the next bead towards the hook. Yarn over and pull through the existing loop
to encase the bead within the thread. Chain 2.
Keep repeating this pattern of sliding up a bead, encasing it with a chain, then chain
2 for as long as you want your necklace or bracelet to be.
With my sample necklace, I will be folding it in half, then in half again, so I made
it 88 inches long, using about 100 beads. Once you finish encasing your last bead within
a chain, just do a chain 1. Then, leave an 8-inch tail and cut your yarn.
Pull your yarn end out and pull tightly to secure the knot you just formed.
Now, while holding onto this end, grab a hold of the beginning end as well.
Tie and knot these two ends together. Tie them a few extra times to ensure it is
secure. Cut the excess thread off.
Then I like to apply a little bit of something to secure this knot so it doesn’t unravel.
You can use clear nail polish, or any one of the stronger jewelry glues that are available
on the market. At this point, you can wear this necklace
as-is around your neck. Or you can double it, and make it a double-stranded
shorter necklace. Or you can double it again, and make it into
more of a shorter choker necklace. In the jewelry section of craft stores, you
can find metal clasps. These are usually round or oval items that
have an opening to be able to secure two ends of a necklace.
I can push down on the center of the clasp to open it, then insert the left-hand side
of the necklace strand onto the clasp. Then I can put the necklace around my neck
and insert the right-hand side of the necklace into the clasp.
Because this clasp is easily removable, you can wear your necklace in several different
ways. If you can’t find that particular clasp,
they oftentimes have larger lobster clasps available in craft stores as well.
The principle is the same as the round clasp. However if you want a more permanent option
for your necklace size, you will want to get a lobster clasp as well as some jump rings.
Jump rings are metal jewelry rings with a cut in them so that you can hook items together.
The proper way to open a jump ring is to lift one side down, and one side up like this.
Insert the strands of the necklace into the jump ring, then properly close the jump ring
by moving one side down and one side up. You can add another jump ring to this jump
ring if you wish. Then take another jump ring and properly open
it. Attach it to the other side of the necklace,
then, attach it to the bottom hole of a lobster clasp.
Move the one side up and the other side down to properly close this jump ring.
Now your necklace clasp will look and operate just like the traditional store-bought necklace
clasps. If you wish, you can add a pendant or other
item to the center of your necklace. You can attach the pendant with a jump ring.
This pendant came with its own jump ring, and it is rather tough to open.
You can open jump rings with two pliers instead of your fingers.
Place the pliers on either side of the jump ring, then properly close the jump ring by
moving one side upwards and one side downwards. And here is the finished necklace.
The bracelet is done in the very same way as the necklace, except in this case I made
my chain with beads on it 38 inches long and used about 50 beads.
I connected it the same way as the necklace with a round clasp.
And here is the finished necklace and bracelet. I hope this video has helped you, please subscribe
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