Hi guys, I’m Bonita! Today I want to share how I made this cute and magical heart and star pendant necklace. Let’s start crafting! First of all, we’re going to make a heart from wire. Find the middle and bend it. Then using pliers, hold the middle point and bend the wire until you got a little loop. Then grab a circular object like lipbalm or glue stick, and bend the wire on both side using this, to make the heart shape. Then I corrected the shape again with my hand. Secure the excess wire by twisting it. Cut the excess with wire cutter. There you go, wire heart pendant! It’s time to cover this heart with colorful threads! I love this pastel colors combination so much! Put a glue to secure the first twist, then just twist and twist the threads covering the wire. It looks tiresome but for me it’s therapeutic doing that. I only cover half of it with purple, because I want to combine it with pink! Oh yeah, don’t forget to use glue at the end of twisting too! Repeat with another color, I use pastel pink here. Twisting twisting threads around~ On the loop, I just cover it like this. It’s a little bit tricky at this point. But with mr. glue help, we’ll be fine! Just be patient~ If you want thicker cover like I did, backtrack while you twist all over again. Yeaay the heart is so adorable~ But I think adding bow is cuter! Hmmm but where should I put it. Here? Here? Here? Hmmm I think I like it at the center. So I just glue it here! Yeay! So so so cute! Now grab your toothpick and threads. And cover it with the threads like you cover the wire. Grab the star bead and glue it on the covered toothpick. And you got little star staff! But a-a we need a wing! So I drew a wing shape on white felt. Then cut the shape and cut two! Use the glue and sandwich both of them for thicker wing. Now I put glue on the staff and stick the wing onto that. Cute winged star staff! Yeay! To make it a charm, I made an eyepin from wire, and I have measured the eyepin length. Then I put a good amount of glue, and insert it to the star beads, hoping it would stick to the staff. I should also put glue on the star head, but I forgot. You should do that guys, to make it more secure. It’s time to attach a chain! With jump ring of course! I only have this vintage colored chain. But I think, pastel colored chain would suit it best. White chain is a safe and best choice, though! Lastly attach the star staff using jump ring too. The chain is already long enough to be inserted through my head, so I don’t use a clasp for this necklace. And yeay! I think this necklace is lovely and magical~ That’s it everyone! I hope you enjoy this video! Please share, like, and comment down below. Also subscribe if you haven’t. Love, peace, and courage as always! Have a fun crafting! Bye!