hi all thnx for watching again today i’ll show you how to make these cute mickey mouse earrings very easy to do what do you need stepping pliers or round nose pliers flat nose pliers a file wire cutters 20 gauge wire i begin bending the wire at about 1,5 cm=34 inch i take the second step of my stepping pliers and bent the wire around it then i take the second last step of my pliers be sure the step is on the inside and bent the wire around wrap it around 1 time then you go back to the second step of the pliers and bent the wire around 1 time cut the wire there where they meet correct them a bit by putting them back on the pliers and with the flat nose pliers do this 2 times. and file the ends down before wearing them 1 time in mirror image and the earring is done this was the tutorial of today i hope you liked it give it a thumbs up subscribe to my chanel if you don”t wanna miss anything and i see you soon again…bye!!!