(acoustic music) – Hi guys, so today I’m going to show you a costume idea that’s maybe not the most original in the world, but it’s really easy, and I think I made a
really cool version of it. And it is… the Sims diamond! Also known as a plumbob. The beauty of this costume is that once you make the headpiece, you can basically wear
any clothes that you want. You can go all out with
a pixelated cover up, or just wear your normal clothes if you’re running out the door to a costume party. So most of the ones I’ve seen online seem to have the diamond made of paper, which I know would make me nervous if it fell off or got
crushed or something. So today, I’m going to show you how to make this more durable version which you can wear to costume parties year after year after year. So you’re going to start with some sort of decorative green paper. I found this glitter paper at Michaels for only a dollar or two a sheet, and one sheet is all you need. However, the glitter on
this paper kept falling off, so I began by giving it
a light coat of Mod Podge to kind of seal it all in so that I wouldn’t be shedding
glitter all night long. I set that aside to dry and now it’s time to cut out
some cardboard triangles. You’re going to want to
print out this pattern, which has 12 triangles and two hexagons, and I’ll link the PDF right down below. Trim off some of the excess paper, and then tape it on to
a piece of chip board. You’re going to want to use chip board and not corrugated cardboard for this, since that would be way too thick. But if you don’t have a piece
of cardboard like this one, you can always cut up an old tissue box or an old cereal box. So once the pattern is taped down, use your X-Acto knife to
cut over all of the lines. Don’t worry about cutting all
the way through the cardboard, you’re just transferring the pattern from the paper on to the cardboard. Once you’ve gone over all of the lines, remove the paper, and you should see all of the lines shallowly
cut into your cardboard. Now just go over them with you X-Acto knife until you’ve cut out all of the triangles. Do the same thing with the hexagon so that you have twelve
cardboard triangles and two cardboard hexagons. Now flip over your green paper and use craft glue to
glue just the triangles, not the hexagons, to the back of the paper. Once those are all on there, and you’ve let the glue
set for a couple minutes, use your X-Acto knife to
cut them all out again. It’s easiest if you
keep rotating the paper so that you’re always cutting
against the cardboard. And then you should have a really pretty green triangle like this. Once all of your triangles
are cut out and green, it’s time to start gluing them together. You’re going to want to
use hot glue for this since it dries the fastest and holds cardboard together really well. Basically, use the hexagon as a base and one by one begin
gluing the triangles on. This first one is the hardest, but once you get the first two on there, and you’ve glued the seam inside, it’s pretty easy to just
keep working your way around. There aren’t a lot of
tips I can give you here, just fiddle around with it until it’s all lined up evenly and be generous with the hot glue. Once you’ve gotten all the way around, just put an outline of
glue on all three edges and press the last piece on top. And now the top of your
diamond is complete. For the bottom half, do the exact same thing. Except when you’ve attached
four of the six triangles, set it aside for a second
and grab some wire. This is wire I’m using. You’re going to want
it to be fairly strong to hold up all of this cardboard. Bend the end of the wire
in a 90 degree angle, and cut off a piece,
leaving a generous amount of extra wire to wrap
around your headband later. Now put the bent end of the
wire inside the diamond, and use your hot glue to glue it in. You’ll want to put a lot
of hot glue on both ends, the bent end, and the part that’s going through the bottom of your diamond. Once that’s securely in place, glue the last two triangles in, and now you should have half of a diamond with wire sticking out the bottom. Now before you glue them together, one last touch. If the edges of the paper were white, you can grab a lime green Sharpie and just draw over them, which makes it look a little
more finished and professional. Once that’s done, it’s time to glue them together. Put a generous amount of hot glue on the bottom of one of the pieces and then just press them together. Hold them in place for a minute to set, and then your Sims plumbob is finished. All that’s left is to
attach it to a headpiece, and for this you’ll need
any sort of headband that is comfortable for you. I tried a few different
way of attaching it, but finally, I just wrapped
the wire around the headband, and then doubled it up and wrapped it back around itself and the bottom of the diamond. I added another layer
of wire on top of that, and then it felt pretty sturdy and didn’t look too bulky. So there it is. This is great to have on hand in case you get invited to any
last minute costume parties. And since it’s made of cardboard, you don’t have to worry
about all of your hard work being ruined if it falls off, or if you’re really tall and it hits the top of a door frame. So let me know in the comments, have you guys been
playing the new Sims game? I haven’t actually
played a lot of the Sims since the Sims Facebook game, in which I made a flamingo house. But my roommate Michelle is
obsessed with The Sims 3, so maybe I’ll let her borrow this. So if you wanna see another
nerdy Halloween DIY, last year I showed you how to make Jake’s sword from Adventure Time. You can watch that right here. Or if you want to see how I DIY-ed some really cool patterned
pumpkins a few weeks ago, you can watch that one right here. And I’ll also have a playlist
for you right down below if you wanna check out
all of my Halloween DIYs from over the years. So that’s going to be it from me, thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you all next time. Bye everyone! (acoustic music)