Hi everybody, welcome to a Disney craft. Let’s make Ursula’s necklace and earrings. Hi guys, I’m Amy. Welcome to my channel. And thanks for joining me for a Disney-inspired
craft. Today’s project is inspired by the Disney
villain, Ursula, from The Little Mermaid. I have thought about Disney Bounding as Ursula
for some time, and I decided to make her necklace and earrings. Before we get started, I wanted to let you
know, you can support me, for one dollar a month, on Patreon. You can find links for all the materials you
will need for this project in the description below the video
both on YouTube and at CraftyMcFangirl.com You will need three toothpicks gold polymer clay purple pearl polymer clay a silicone clay blending tool is optional a craft knife or clay blade thin black ribbon scissors a baking sheet with an optional silicone baking mat. two earring hooks two 6mm jump rings and two pairs of jewelry making pliers I apologize for how dark and grainy this video
looks. I was trying out a new filming set up and
the lighting just was not optimal. Okay, on with the craft! Start with a ball of gold polymer clay, and
roll it out into a long round cone shape, tapering to the end. Then gently roll the thin end up into a spiral
until your shell looks like Ursula’s. It only takes a couple of rolls, as her shell
is very simple. Use a craft blade to cut any extra off of
the end. Then make sure it is well pushed together. The next step is to push a toothpick through
the top of the shell. Push it slowly, using a twisting motion, so
you don’t change the shape. Make sure to refer to a picture of Ursula’s
necklace and position the toothpick where the ribbon should pass through. Then use a smoothing tool to smooth down edges
of the holes made by the toothpick. And don’t forget to add three lines on the
shell to make it just like Ursula’s Bake according to the instructions on your
clay package. Baking time and temperature will vary by clay
brand and the size of your project. Once your shell pendant is baked and completely
cooled, carefully twist and remove the toothpick. Next, cut a piece of thin black ribbon or
cord. The length should be long enough to fit the
necklace over your head, with a bit extra for the knotted ends. Then run the ribbon through the hole using
the toothpick to help. Tie a knot in the end, and your necklace is
ready to wear. Making Ursula’s earrings is almost as fast
and easy as the necklace was. Start with two balls of purple polymer clay
and two toothpicks. Roll one portion of purple clay into a teardrop
shape. Pinch the bottom end so it is slightly pointed. Then holding the pointed bottom end, gently
twist the teardrop shape into a spiral. Use a toothpick or smoothing tool to smooth
the spiral and create a few obvious shell lines Refer to a picture of Ursula to get the shape
correct. Her earrings do not have a lot of details. Next, take the second ball of purple clay
and repeat the steps. Roll it into a teardrop, pinch the bottom
end, and twist into a spiral. Use a smoothing tool to make both earrings
as similar as possible. Once you have the pieces how you want them,
push a toothpick through the top of both shells. And now you are ready to bake the clay. Bake according to the instructions on your
clay package. Once the pieces have baked and completely
cooled, carefully twist and remove the toothpicks from each shell. now you have a nice hole for your jump rings. Use two pairs of jewelry making pliers to
open a 6 millimeter jump ring and thread the shell on. Then use the pliers to securely close the
ring. Open the loop on an earring hook, slide the
jump ring into the loop and close it up, and your earring Is done. Then repeat the process for the second earring. And your jewelry set is complete. Now you are ready to Disneybound as Ursula,
or use these for a cosplay or Halloween costume. You could even wear them to school or work
and see if any other Disney fans notice. Thanks so much for crafting with me today. Have fun with your Ursula Disneybounding project. If you enjoyed this craft, and you ant to
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