small olive wood pieces. now doing some rough sketches for pendants now cutting the pendants on Makita LB1200 Band Saw I will not through away these small wood pieces. I might use them in future projects. now making finer cuts on scroll saw. its a small and cheap one. not very good all six pieces are cut on the scroll saw now making the sides finer using sanding disk good way to clean cloaked sanding disk. use a wire brush. now to carving using a rotary tool. something like a Dremel first using a carbide bit to remove a lot of wood then after that I will use sanding drums. a lot of carving olive wood grain is very nice. these are just abstract pendants shapes. refining the shapes. these carbide bits are not dangerous at these speeds. even if it touches your fingers. it will not cause any harm now moving to sanding drums now using two grits ( 120 & 220) I think 🙂 I am not sure what are grits, but for sure less than 220 grit doing all six pendants with these two grits now sanding using 320 grit and 800 grit sanding papers a lot of sanding more and more sanding after sanding with 800 grit. the pendants are too smooth now polishing and buffing using polishing compound check video description to see where you can buy it. buffing wheel now addressing the wheel with some white buffing compound now polishing the pendants to make them shining see how they become shiny when polishing it. polishing all six pendants look how nice these pendants. they are shiny without any wood finish. now adding a coat of mineral oil look how shiny it is 🙂 I am very happy with results