Here, it seems an appropriate moment to give you this. I acquired it on my very first job for the Crows. A Rivainian merchant prince and he was wearing a single jeweled earring when I killed him. In fact, that’s about all he was wearing. I thought it was beautiful and took it to mark the occasion. I’ve kept it since and I’d like you to have it. Don’t get the wrong idea about it. You killed Taliesin. As far as the Crows will be concerned, I died with him. That means I’m free, at least for now. Feel free to sell it or wear it, whatever you like. It’s really the least I can give you in return. I-I… look, just- just take it. I-It’s meant a lot to me, but so have- so has what you’ve done. Please, take it. You are a very frustrating woman to deal with, do you know that? We pick up every other bit of treasure we come across but not this? You don’t want the earring, you don’t get the earring, very simple. I did not thank you. It occurs to me now that you have freed me from the Crows and yet I did not think to thank you for it. No matter why you did it, still, it was done and I the benefactor, so thank you. No, there is a need. I am simply not accustom to the customs that come with our arrangement. In the Crows, we do not have friends, and yet here you are and I cannot help but consider you such. I must admit that I have thought of you in the same way. I simply had no idea you might feel the same. How very novel. Well, now that that moment’s over with, shall we return to the road? I am yours. Again? I’m game. No, I- no. I mean no offence. I simply… no. You do not need to apologize, just… do not ask. I am yours. Again? I’m game. No, no, I-I do not think so. Surely there is something else on your mind other than that. Mmm, I thought that this might be it. Are you certain you wish to talk about this? I-I really do not know what to say. I- no, this I-I am acting like a child, I realize, I apologize. Let me try to explain. An assassin must learn to forget about sentiment, it is dangerous. You take your pleasures where you can when life is good. To expect anything more would be reckless. I thought it was the same between us, something to enjoy, a pleasant diversion and little more. And yet… I don’t know. H-How would you know such a thing? I grew up amongst those who saw the illusion of love, and then I was trained to make my heart cold in favor of the kill. Everything I have been taught says what I feel is wrong. Yet, I cannot help it. Since you asked me into your tent, I have been nothing but confused. Do you understand me at all? All I need to know is if there might be some future for us, some possibility of… I do not know what. I still have the earring. I would like to give it to you …as a token of affection. Will you take it? …Not unless you wish it. Then that is enough for me. I am sorry for acting so strangely. I think I will be better now, much better. I am yours. Again? I’m game. Again?! What must the others think?