everyone and welcome back to my channel
I am gonna dye my hair today and I have no idea how it’s gonna turn out the dye
I’m using today is this one it is the live brights colors it’s called steel
silver obviously I have bleached hair in the box it comes with 2 sachets of
conditioner which is quite nice and usually just comes with one and it also
comes with the color cream this is what my hair looks like when it’s down I have
just brushed through it quickly so I’m gonna do because I might end up speeding
past this up I’m gonna get sections of my hair I’m gonna try and paint it
freeze my fingers see if that works it’s like so thick but it’s really
difficult to spread it smells weird it smells like musky like a dog you know
like a wet dog that’s what it smells like so it’s kind of hard to start with doing
this but I’m just really trying to saturate all the hair with dye and then
I’m just gonna kind through it just to help get rid of any knots and it
hopefully will try and blend some of that color through okay so we are pretty
much done this as best as I can get it it might be a little bit patchy I don’t
know yet but it’s as best as I can get it and I’m fine with that
I’m gonna leave it on I reckon for about 15 to 20 minutes and then I’m gonna wash
it out and tell you show you what it looks like so this is the final outcome
I’m disappointed because I feel like I’ve wasted my time maybe there’s like a
slight shine on it that picks up its certain light nothing what it looks like
is I’ve toned my hair and that’s about it what a load of so this don’t even
bother it’s just a very very slight very slight change again it’s as if I’ve just
toned my hair there’s nothing major like it is not silver it’s definitely not
silver but I well it was an experiment we were just seeing if it works or not
and clearly it hasnt so yeah if you liked the video give it thumbs up make
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