Hi there! I’m Tara with the Hobby Lobby
creative studio. Want to know how to stock your jewelry box with
cute one-of-a-kind handmade earrings? Don’t go away because today I’m
gonna show you two very easy ways to make your own earrings
right after this. Earrings are an easy way to add the
perfect finishing touch to any outfit. They also make great stylish gifts or
could even be a fun craft to do at a party with your girlfriends or
daughters! Let’s get started today with these cute tulip and chain earrings. Here are the
supplies you’ll need: Two antique brass Eye Pins, a pair of antique brass fish hook earwires, 6 antique brass jump
rings, eighty inches of antique brass fine curb
chain two green, brass tulip bead caps, flush cutters, chain nose pliers, bent nose pliers, round nose pliers and a bead mat. It’s also a good idea to wear protective eyewear when making jewelry. You want your eyes to be covered if little pieces of wire go flying as you cut. Begin by cutting one, two and a half inch
piece of the curb chain using your cutters.
Using that one as your guide, cut 15 more pieces at that same two
and a half inch length. Don’t worry too much about being exact
on these, you’ll be trimming them down later in the
process. Now, open three jump rings and the loop
on the Eye Pin. Place four pieces of the two and a half
inch chain onto each jump ring and onto the loop
of the Eye Pin. Threading this tiny chain on to the jump rings can be a little bit difficult I like to let the chain drape across my
fingers. Then I can guide the jump ring through the last link of the chain. As
you fill one jump ring with chain leave it open and gently lay it down. Keep
going until all the chain has been attached.
Close the loop of the Eye Pin once you have your four pieces of chain
on it. Be sure the lop is closing around all four pieces of the chain. Then, connect the first of the chain-filled jump rings to the loop of the Eye Pen. Then connect the second jump ring to the
first one and then connect the third one to the
second one, closing each ring as you go. Not that you’ve connected all the jump rings, the
chain and the Eye Pin, you’re ready to assemble the rest! Thread the straight end of the Eye Pin through one of the tulip bead caps. The bead caps should come down over the linked jump rings showing only
chain hanging out below the petals of the tulip. Holding the chain and bead cap firmly
together, bend the wire to a 90 degree angle by pushing it down against the bead cap.
Now, with your cutters, snip the wire to about
three-eighths of an inch. Switch to your round nose pliers. Grab the wire at the very end and roll
the wire with the pliers forming a loop as you go. Before
completely closing up this loop, put the ear wire on now you can finish
closing the loop. If the shape needs to be refined a
little, simply bend and move little by little, until you’re happy with the shape of the
loop. The last thing to do is to hold earring up at eye level and trim all the
chains to approximately the same length. Find the shortest chain, and trim the others to match that one. And that’s it for the first earring! Now
repeat that same process for the second earring and you’ve got your first completed
pair of designer-looking earrings you made yourself! Next up is this awesome pair of beaded chandelier-style earrings. They
look impressive, but I guarantee you can make them yourself! Here’s what you’ll need: 12 2-inch silver finish head pins, 68 four millimeter round, turquoise jasper
beads, two 3-inch silver finish Eye Pins, about 8 inches of white nickel fine curb
chain, a pair of silver finish fish hook
earwires, 16 4-millimeter silver finish jump
rings, chain nose pliers, bent nose pliers, round nose pliers, flush cutters and a beat mat. We’ll begin this one by
preparing all of the dangling, beaded head pins first. For one earring, you’ll need two head pins
with four beads, two head pins with six beads and one head pin with eight beads. To make the first one, place four beads onto a head pin and
form a loop at the top– just like I showed you on the last pair
earrings. For each of these, add a jump ring before you finish closing
the loop. Repeat this until you’ve got all five of the head pins beaded and
ready to go. Now it’s time to attach them all together. Start by laying the beaded head pins out
in the order you’ll place them on the eye pin: four beads, six beads, eight beads, six beads, four beads. You’re going to start and end with a
single bead on both sides and put a single bead between each of these pins. place a single bead on the Eye Pin, then the first four-bead pin followed with
another single bead, and the next six-bead Pin. Continue
this until all the beaded Pins are attached and finish with one last single bead.
Using the same method you did on each of the beaded head Pins, make a loop at the end of the Eye Pin to hold it all together. You’re almost done! Count out 17 links of chain, and carefully cut the chain at
that 17th link, leaving you with 16 complete links. Do this again, making two identical links of chain, they
should end up almost one and a half inches long. Open a jump ring and place the two
chains on it, add an ear wire and then close the jump
ring. Now open jump ring and place it on the
end of one of the chains. Also place the looped end of the Eye Pin on the beaded grouping onto the jump ring,
then close it! Repeat this to connect the second chain to the other end of the beaded grouping.
Close the jump ring and you’re done! that’s all there is to
it! Repeat this entire process for the second earring and you’ve got another pair of
DIY earrings you will love to wear. Now that
you finished these two pairs of earrings imagine how many more you could make
just by changing out the beads or metal finishes! Don’t be afraid to play around and have
fun filling your jewelry box with lots of beautiful handmade earrings! Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time!