Hey guys. So as you’re probably very well
aware, it’s less than 6 weeks now to go until Christmas. So for todays DIY I thought I’d
show you how to make something that could be used for a Christmas present for a friend
or a family member, or maybe even for yourself if you wanted to. I like to give myself a
present at Christmas time. A few months ago I showed you how to make
a necklace organiser from a frame, and today I’m going to show you how to make something
from smaller frames to organise your earrings. This video is actually in collaboration with
two of my favourite people on the whole of YouTube, Tara and Ellen from ShopStyleConquer.
They’re New Zealand YouTubers just like I am and they make awesome videos about fashion
and beauty and fun things like that. Unfortunately for me, they live up in Auckland and I live
down here in Wellington so we couldn’t film this together. So how this is gonna work is
they’ve made a Christmas present DIY idea as well, and we decided to send each other
the things that we’ve made as a little gift that we can open up on camera. So I have this box here from them that has
their DIY inside it and I’m really excited to open it because it’s been sitting on my
floor for two days until I could get to film this. But first of all I’m going to show you
how to make the earring organiser frame that I sent to them. For this DIY I’m gonna give you two options.
For the first one we’re using a silver frame. Some mesh fabric. and some washi tape. Start by taking everything out of the frame
including the glass. I’m then cutting strips of washi tape to go
across the corners of the frame like this. I’m also sticking washi tape on the sides
of the frame as well for some cool contrast. i think it looks really effective and I just
really like the clash of silver and gold. I know you’re not supposed to mix metals but
oh well. Next use some sellotape to stick the insert
that came with the frame on the mesh so that you can cut out a piece to fit inside your
frame. I’m using a hot glue gun to stick the mesh
into the frame. I’m starting at the bottom edge, and then up the sides. Well I mean you
can see what I’m doing. Go careful with your fingers when you’re sticking
the mesh into the hot glue. After years of art school my fingers have sort of become
immune to a bit of hot glue so just be careful and try not to get it stuck to your fingers
like me. And that’s all you have to do for this first
option. It’s pretty easy but I think it’s turned out
looking pretty cool. Stick your earrings through the mesh and prop the frame on your dresser
or wherever you like to keep your jewellery. This one can easily tie into the colour scheme
of your bedroom too, you just have to pick out a washi tape that matches it. The second DIY is a bit more complicated but
it’s still really easy. For this we’ll use a deeper black frame. Some dark patterned scrapbook paper. And some black lace ribbon. Start by cutting the scrapbook paper to fit
the frame. I did this by using the frame insert as a guide. Then you need to cut out four strips of lace
long enough to go across the frame and also wrap around both edges. lay them on the frame and stick them down
with some blu-tack to hold them in place. Try make them spaced as evenly as possible
but mine weren’t really that even in the end so it doesn’t really matter. I’m using PVA glue to stick the lace to the
side of the frame. All you need to do is paint a line of the glue on the side and press the
lace into it. And don’t worry if your gluing is a bit messy because the PVA will dry clear. Once that side has dried for an hour or so
then take the blu-tack off and tape the edges of the other side down in place. Just so it’s
easier to remove than blu-tack is when they’re both stuck down. Then just repeat the gluing for the other
side. When that side’s dry take the tape off, pop
the scrapbook paper and the frame backing in and you’re done. On this frame the earrings hang in the holes
on the lace and because it’s a deeper frame it stands up easily on its own or you could
hang it on the wall if you wanted. I just really like how it looks on my dresser. But these frames are not for me though, so
I wrapped them up and sent them off. I really hope Tara and Ellen liked their earring
holder frames that I made, and now for the exciting part I get to dig in to this box
and see what they’ve made for their DIY idea. Oh my gosh their package has lots of like
little things inside it and I don’t know which one to start with. I seriously feel like Christmas has happened
already. Cute! Oh my gosh. That looks pretty darn professional. Check out the cute little bunny sticker! Woah this ones got little flowers in it. it
smells like, um, citrussy. I’m gonna say… but I’m terrible at describing scents so… These ones smell like rose I think. Maybe
I’m just saying that because they’re pink. But I think they smell like rose. These are
so cool. They like little, my guess is they’re little like fizzy tablets that you pop in
your bath. These ones are shaped like hearts and they
have little star glitters in them. Awesome. Oh my god this one has googly eyes!
So cute! So that’s really cool they’ve made their own
bath bombs and little like fizzy bath tablet things. That’s such a cool idea. I’m gonna leave a link down below to their
video and you can also click here…ish… to go over and see how they made them. make sure you subscribe to them while you’re
over there because I’m honestly obsessed with these girls. they’re so cool. they’re sisters
and they make videos about fashion and beauty and other little fun lifestyle things. So
go and check them out and I promise you will not be disappointed. And thank you girls for my awesome little
package of fun bath things. I’m really excited to use these. make sure you give this video a thumbs up
if you liked my DIY and this fun little collab that me Tara and Ellen did. And let me know
if you’d like to see any more Christmas present ideas from me, because that could be fun. Hit the subscribe button down there if you’re
new. I make videos about design, style and DIY’s obviously every saturday, and I’d love
to have you stick around. I’ll see you guys next time. bye