Hello to all my regular followers and occasional guests! In this tutorial you will learn how to create a three-drop earrings from wire, beads and pearls with your own hands. You will need a piece of wire for beadworks 0.4 mm in diameter and 60 cm in length for one earring. Fold it twice and put 25 small beads on one end of the wire Bend the wire in the middle and twist both sides to get a droplet. Then put a small pearl on one end, pull it into the center of the drop and twist the wire several times. Then twist the wires 10 times. We continue to work with the wire on the right side. Now put on 20 beads and make similar droplet. Twist one more drop in parallel to the right side. After this, put a pearl with a larger hole on two wires. Put five beads on each wire and pull the wires back into the hole, moving from the bottom to the top. Now take the head pin and put it into the pearl. Fasten tightly both wires to the head pin, then cut off the excess wires. Press the ends of wires with pliers. At the end of the work, put a large bead on the head pin and bend it in shape of a earring hook. The earrings are very light and delicate. You won’t need a lot of time and materials to create them. I hope that you liked this small tutorial and please share this video with your friends. I will be happy if you will subscribe to my channel and will add your comments. Thanks for watching me! Bye bye!