Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! this is probably the last video of 2018 where I will teach you how to make a pair of beautiful earrings you will see them better from the preview I have already put if you want to see how to make these earrings, keep on watching! all you need for this tutorial is: some 1 mm diameter copper wire some thinnest copper wire pliers with round tips pliers with flat tips and a cutting pliers and, of course, the pearl that goes to the center of the earring (this is 10 mm diameter) take a piece of 1mm diameter copper wire 11 cm long fold the wire in half, in a “U” shape and cross the two ends, creating a kind of drop the crossing of the wires will be about 3 cm from the “U” shape curve in the middle we make the wires parallel from the crossing onwards hold the drop firmly to not ruin the shape turn the parallel threads backwards to create the earring hook cut the excess apart close the hooks well at this point we have the base of the earring to which we will apply the rest take two pieces of wire 1 mm in diameter, 10 cm long bend the wire in the same drop shape as the base take the thinnest thread and “sew” all three drops together turn the thread about ten times cut the excess apart now, the base remains unchanged keep the wires we have applied in front of the base starting from the rearmost wire (excluding the base), we fold the right-hand side, to the left and then, above, the left-hand side, to the right with the wire ahead, let’s do the same, let’s bend the right side, to the left and then, above, the left one, to the right in this way we have created the intertwining of our earrings with the thin thread we go to join the two pieces that create the hook cut the excess apart holding firmly the crossing of the wires we turn back the heads left cut the excess threads leaving 3 mm from the base drop hook the wires that protrude at the base take the thinner thread, insert the pearl, and hook it to the smaller inner drop cut the remaining wires and here is the magnificent final result! Obviously this is an earring, make the little brother of the earring just done! attach a pair of earring hooks and here are finished a nice pair of earrings! if you liked the tutorial, leave me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! with this video I take the opportunity to wish you happy holidays. I hope these earrings can fit into your last minute gifts! hello everyone, see you next year!