hi everyone, today i’m going to review the pink star locket that i got today in the mail this morning concerning the box, i have to admit that i’m not really fond of its design and its colors i like way more the packaging of the proplica and the make up compacts the thing is, with this kind of packaging, there is no transparent part so you have to take it out from its box to display it actually the colors of the package make me think of the vintage old SM toys i choose the pink version because i absolutely love pink you can see it, protected in a little plastic case and inside of the box, you have some instructions and the necklace, that you have to attach to the top part of the star i already took off the tape before hand so it is easier for me to film with one hand XD first of all i think its so pretty and shiny, i love its pink color there is a little plastic pouch to protect it (LOL Im so sorry for the clumsiness… ) then you just have to turn the little hook behind the locket to activate the sounds and to make the moon turn i love the holographic effect inside and all the details you also have a glass part to protect the moon so, let’s turn it on ! this is how it sounds like, i didn’t turn the hook completely so it didn’t last long then, you have the chain, and you only need to attach it anyway, i think it’s amazing and i don’t think i will ever regret buying it XD i hope you liked this video, tell me what you think the comments and thanks for watching, bye !