I remember I was humming
to myself I was like, (hums) And then Jay Mike was
like, yo, send me that, send me that voice recording and then I sent it to him. And he started like playing chords and he like kind of altered the voice to sound like really warped. And then all at once I just started like, I was like tears of gold. ♪ Don’t you know that
I got tears of gold ♪ And I wrote the, like I wrote the chorus all at once, and it really just clicked in that moment. I remember this day so clearly, the day that I wrote the
song I had been in sessions all Summer, every day. And I remember just being like, nothing that I’m writing is
like really clicking with me or connecting with me. I was like, I need to just
have like, one day off. And then I went home, took the day off. And the next day I walked
into the studio with Jay Mike and I don’t usually write
from personal experience. Usually I write about
other people’s experiences or you know, just like, things
that people can relate to, but I was like something in me, I was like, I’m gonna
write about something that I can truly connect with and I know that people
can connect with too. So I wrote tears of gold So growing up literally, ever since I was like six years old. I would get myself into these friendships, where it’s just the connection
just was, totally one sided and my mom is so similar to me. Our personalities are the exact
same, it’s actually insane and we, she has been through, everything that I’ve been through and she knows that, like
I’m gonna end up hurt and that it’s just not gonna, it’s not gonna be a good situation so she’d be warning me, Se be like, I’m telling
you this isn’t right, just maybe distance yourself
or just find connections with people that are just 100% both sides, ’cause you’re gonna end up drained and you’re gonna, you’re gonna
end up just feeling hurt. I’m 19 years old, I feel
like I’m still very young. And when you’re young,
you just think I’m right. I’m right about this, like, nobody knows. Like, you don’t know until
you’re in the situation, but. That’s why it’s just like,
don’t worry, I got this. But then when you, when your parents or whoever’s around you is telling you something, and they’re right about it. You’re like, man, I should have listened. Sometimes when you just give and you give and you give and nothing’s coming back. I wanted to compare it to money. And like love is nothing
like money, of course. But I just wanted to have
that concrete example where it’s like, you’re in debt like you, not that you don’t have anything you’re in less than what you’re
supposed to have right now. And that’s just like, that’s
the visual representation that I wanted to give people that were listening to the song. Tears of gold, I wanted it to
be such a powerful statement and its just like I
didn’t just cry for you, like it wasn’t just like
water salts in urea. It was it was, that was so naughty am so sorry. It was gold like I gave my
literal, like my all to you. When people know how
much they’re hurting you. When people know that they’re hurting you and you’re still coming back they’re gonna know how
much power they have and they’re gonna want to keep going ’cause they know you’re
not going anywhere. So that’s exactly what it
is, you love it when I cry. Yo I literally Googled, I was like what is the most
like, valuable, valuable element and I was like platinum and I was like okay. On the whole tears of gold thing. It’s like I cried for you and I also gave you platinum love. Like it wasn’t just any kind of love, it was Platinum. So many times it has felt
like generosity is my enemy and it was just like,
why did I give them much? I’m like, am I stupid? Like what, why did I do that. People shouldn’t be heartless,
people should love and give and, but sometimes it just backfires. And that’s exactly what that line is. I think it’s super important
for people to realize the mistakes that they’re
making continuously over and over again. I know that at a certain point, It’s like, how many
times am I gonna do this before I realized that,
you know, I’m like. I’m looking like a clown at this point. What if, this person is gonna change, or life is gonna get better. Like what if, you know the 13th time. You’re just like, it’s probably not gonna change and that’s why it’s like, what is going on with my head? What am I thinking? And it’s just, it’s almost
like it’s funny at that point. It’s like what am I doing again? All right so at this
point, we’ve given it all the tears of gold, the platinum love, the works, and it’s like, how much worse can it get? You’re thinking all right,
I’m gonna do this again. It’s gonna happen again. It’s gonna be, it’s gonna be bad again. And it’s like, no, no,
it’s never gonna end. That’s the worst part. So like at some point you need to stop it.