During World War Two we were living in Belgium But when the Germans came into Belgium we fled to England And our family couldn’t stay together there was my mother, there was my grandmother, there was my three sisters; Tzili, Adele and Malki. Tzili was Saba Shmuel’s mother and we got separated. I got to London
with my mother and my father Saba Ze’ev got to Portugal with my three sisters. They were
teenagers already. We knew they were in Portugal and they knew we are in London. The war was
hard, the war took six years. But during the war there were English soldiers in Portugal
and sometimes some of those soldiers would come to England. My father knew some of the
soldiers, so he would send a present. I got a little gold watch, I got some candies and
some chocolates. All kinds of things my father sent me sent me. And one day they sent me a neckless,
a gold neckless with a little gold heart that opened up and inside the heart there was a
picture of my father. And this was a wonderful gift for me. I wore it all the time because
I was separated from my father so I wanted to have him in my heart all the time. The
war ended and we all came back to Antwerp to Belgium. We came back from London, my father
and my three sisters came back from Portugal, and we were all together in Antwerp again.
And that’s when Safta Tzili met Saba Abe. They knew each other from before the war because
they used to be in Bnei Akiva together. But after the war people were all over the world,
and all of a sudden Saba Abe came from Eretz Israel to Belgium to visit his mother, and
my sisters were there and they met in the street and they were so happy to see each
other after the war. Of course we invited Saba Abe to our house for Friday night dinner
Safta Tzili and Saba Abe fell in love and got married (Mazal Tov) They married in Belgium
and then Saba Abe went back to Eretz Israel and Safta Tzili she prepared all kinds of
things and also went back to to meet together with Saba Abe, of course.
But before she left from Belgium she said to me “During the war when we were all separated
you had this gold heart with Saba Ze’ev – my father. Now I’m going to Eretz Israel, I don’t
know when we’re going to meet each other again, when we’re going to see each other again,
I would like you to give me this gold heart I should wear it with the picture of Sabba
Ze’ev in it and I will give you something else to wear”. So I said OK. Well, she went
to Eretz Israel and she lived in Yavne and slowly, slowly we also, my father, my mother
and I we went to Eretz Israel to live (here). And in the meantime, Shmuel was born, (your
Saba Shmuel was born) he was a baby when I came to Israel and I stayed in Yavne for about
a year till my parents were all settled in Israel. And Safta Tzili was holding Shmuel,
and he was always playing with this little heart and he took it into his mouth. And one
day he took it into his mouth and pulled it off, put it in his mouth and swallowed it.
Just imagine, he swallowed the little heart. So poor Safta Tzili, every time that he had
a dirty diaper she had to check with a little stick and in those days babies would sit on
a chair with a little pot and they would make in that little pot. So every time Safta Tzili
would go with a little stick and looking for the little heart. Until one day she found
it, because gold does not get digested in the stomach, right? At that point I said to
Safta Tzili “you know what, now we are all together in Eretz Israel, we’re not separated
any more, you’re not separated any more from Saba Ze’ev, I think you should give me back
my little heart, OK?”. So she said OK and she gave me back the little heart, of course
it was all cleaned up, and I gave her back the little thing that she gave me to wear.
Now I still have this little heart and I would like to pass it on to the next generation.
So we got together, the two of us, and we decided who we should give it to. And it just
so happened that I was reading a book about a girl named Rachel and in that family there
was a diamond. That diamond was given to the oldest girl in the family, it was passed down
from generation to generation to the oldest girl. And because Nadav was the first one
who had a grandchild, and she was a girl [What’s your name? Shani. Your second name? Tzilla]
so I decided that Shani should be the one to receive this little heart, because it’s
her Saba and because you’re the first grandchild of Saba so you are the one who is going to
receive this. So I now, please stand up I now [does she have to swallow it? Well, no…
her child… maybe her child…] this little box, in this little bag is the box
this little box is the gold chain which I want to show you has teeth marks. See the
little teeth marks. I’m going to open it up. Shani stand up. I got this when I was eight years old. Seven or eight years old. Almost 70 years ago. Wear it a long time, and pass it on to the
next generation, if it’s still alive. subscribed by: Shani Kehati