By Scott Cawthon and Kira Breed-Wrisley chapter one “He sees me.” Charlie dropped to her hands and knees. She was wedged behind a row of arcade games Cramped in the crawl space between to the consoles in the wall tangled in electrical cords and useless plugs strewed beneath her she was cornered The only way out, past the thing , and she wasn’t fast enough to make it she could she him stalking back and forth catching flickers of movement in the gaps between the games. There was scarcely enough room to move around ,but she tried to crawl backward her foot caught on a cord. she stopped contureding herself carefully dislodging it she heard the clash of metal on metal and the furthest console rocked back against the wall he hit it again shattering the display then attacked the next. crashing them almost rhysmichly tearing though the machinery coming closer “I have to get out I have to” The pancied thought was of no help there was no way out. her arm ached and she wanted to sob out loud. Blood soaked out though the tattered bandage and it seemed that she could feel it draining Out of her the console a few feet away crushed against the wall and charlie flinched he was getting closer. She could hear the grinding of gears and the clicking of servos ever louder eyes closed