-Hey. Well, I — I feel very humbled
and surprised to have been asked to this stage. I would like to congratulate
my fellow nominees for your beautiful work. I am, um… I am in very fine company
this evening indeed. Uh, Winston Churchill said,
“My tastes are simple. I am easily satisfied
with the very best.” [ Laughter ] And I was surrounded
by the very best. Kristin Scott Thomas, um, thank
you for my beautiful Clementine. Your work is exquisite, and thank you for putting up
with all those awful cigars. Lily James, Ben Mendelsohn, Stephen Dillane, Ronny Pickup, you are gifted, you’re
supportive, you’re passionate, and it was a joy
to work around you. I would like to thank
my magnificent makeup team. Kazuhiro Tsuji, Lucy Sibbick,
and David Malinowski. Your artistry has no equal. You were kind and you were funny
and you were patient. And we got through
63 applications. I would like to thank our… ♪♪ [Scoffs] …producers,
Douglas Urbanski, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner,
Lisa Bruce, and Anthony McCarten. And my wife, who put up with my crazy
for over a year. She would say to friends, “I go
to bed with Winston Churchill. But I wake up with Gary Oldman.” [ Laughter ] Which is, I suppose, better
than the other way ’round. [ Laughter and applause ] Um… I am very proud
of “Darkest Hour.” It illustrates that words and actions
can change the world, and, boy, oh, boy,
does it need some changing. Thank you, the Hollywood
Foreign Press Association, and thank you,
Winston Churchill! [ Cheers and applause ]