Meet GEMMA, Adafruit’s new super tiny wearable
electronics platform. We’ll be bringing you lots of projects with this bitty board, and
for starters, we thought we’d show it off in the center of a NeoPixel ring, perfect
as a pendant or a pair of earrings. The wiring couldn’t be simpler. Place Gemma
in the center of the ring and solder connections to power, ground, and signal. Program over USB with the Arduino IDE to create
any animation you like. Use a little clear thread to keep Gemma in
position at the center of the ring, and attach an earwire or pendant hanger with a jump ring
to the NeoPixel ring’s output pin. Plugging in the battery turns it on, and our
tiny rechargable lipo can stick to the back with double stick tape. Weighing in at __ grams, they’re lighter than
a lot of the big earrings in my jewelry box. So follow along at the Adafruit Learning System
to build your own earrings or pendant, and show off your creations on our weekly show
and tell on Google+. Subscribe to the Adafruit channel on YouTube, and don’t miss our weekly
live show all about wearable electronics, with me, Becky Stern.