Hello! It’s Jennifer from Sea Lemon I have a new doodle challenge for you guys and this time it’s with gemstones! there’s a free printout which you can download in the description below It comes in US lettersize and A4 size you can print it out and doodle away or you can write the prompts in your own sketchbook, if you prefer I thought this would be a really fun thing to try I included 30 gemstones in the challenge but there are so many gemstones out there and you might need to search some of the names to see what they look like but I also thought that would be fun to learn more about the minerals and the rocks so I hope you guys have fun with this In case you’re new to this the challenge is to doodle a prompt every day for the 30 days and since there is no month assigned to it you can really start this whenever you want or if you want to hold yourself more accountable you can start it at the beginning of the month You can use the gem shape as a guide but you don’t have to stick to it you can cover it up if you want to or doodle around it if you want And be sure to share your doodle challenge sheets or your prompts in your sketchbooks with #sealemon I love seeing your doodles I primarly see your posts on Instagram and Twitter but you can share these on any of your preferred social links and the posts that you’re seeing now are from the eye doodle challenge it was so fun to see your posts you can still take the eye doodle challenge if you want I’ll put that link in the description below And I will be reposting and retwitting some of my favourites on this challenge throughout the month And I am just going to let this montage roll because there are so many and I want to share them on this video ♫ And if you want more doodle fun I have some stuff that’s going on on my Patreon including a weekly doodle prompt reward and also a reward for my doodle book which I am still working on and I’m making progress on it It’s a one year doodle challenge book which I plan on sending to print this year thanks to my Patreon sponsors If you want too contribute toward the project, get your name printed on a doodle thank you page, get a copy, all of the details are in the Patreon link which I will put up here and also down below I do plan on putting this book up for sale and making it available to all of you and once I get closer to that within this year I will definitely make a video about it showing all about the book and where you can find it The Patreon rewards and sponsor button on this channel are just extra ways to help support this channel which allow me to post more videos that are free for you to watch on YouTube But if you can’t afford it don’t feel obligated to spend your money there are other free ways you can support this channel by subscribing and tapping that bell icon so you get notified when I post a new video If you haven’t done that, definitely do so and I will also put all of the doodle challenges in this playlist over here you can find all of my past ones in there links will be down below and I will see you guys in the next video Happy doodling! Bye!