We all know that feeling; you try to
stand up to get some more grub to shove down your gullet but oh no! Your back is
hurting! Doctors cost a fortune, and alcohol only seems to the numb your mental pain!
But don’t worry because now there’s a cheap cost-effective solution! With
spiritual healing you’ll be treated by a healer who can do the exact same thing
your doctor can but… they’re better somehow! Not to mention avoiding all those
medical bills for treatments that surely aren’t as effective as someone waving
their hands around and removing your negative energy. But wait! There’s MORE!
Call in the next twenty minutes and you’ll get a complimentary bottle of
snake oil which cures everything from headaches to cancer! “Terminal seven”
that’s not all! “BRAIN CANCER” We’ll also throw in some magic beans! They literally
do nothing but I’m sure you’ll get some sort of placebo effect from them! “What a
deal!” So what are you waiting for? Call the number on your screen to
schedule an appointment for the low low price of $19.99! Man, it sure is a
coincidence that a commercial would play on the television that relates with
today’s video and that I was also in that commercial that was playing just
now. Good morning YouTube! This is Coffee with your host TMT and alternative medicine sure does seem to be prevalent these
days. Whether it be essential oils that help cure autism or gemstones to help
remove your negative spiritual energy… Wait a second, what even is spiritual
energy? Yeah, despite there being many people who practice some form of
spiritual healing no one is able to describe what this spiritual energy is
or what it’s made out of. That of course doesn’t stop idiots from believing in
this BS and going to healing sessions. There are several different forms of
spiritual healing but the one I can understand the most is gemstone therapy. You see, people used to be stupid! They’d look at a ruby and think; “It’s red so it
must represent fire!” However, now that science is a thing we of course don’t
believe in stuff like that ‘rose quartz controls the element of love so it opens
up your love chakra’ or at least most sane people don’t. Some people actually
believe that gemstones can be used to heal you spiritually and remove you of
negative energies or whatever. Unless we’re talking Steven Universe I don’t
think Rose Quartz is gonna be doing any sort of healing. As you might have
expected these videos are full of esoteric BS like the each gemstone
controls a different element. We all know the fundamental elements; Whatever happened to air? “And your energy field wanted it wrapped in this particular direction” a lot of these spiritual healers refer
to this energy field and say stuff like that; ‘their energy field wanted this’ or
that ‘I could feel anger from their energy field’ What even is this
energy field? “The force is what gives a Jedi his powers. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates
us, it binds the galaxy together.” That makes too much sense. “circling helps to
collect information when circles you move around your body it’s helping to
collect and distribute that information so that the whole of you knows what’s
going on in every other part” They also use these really vague phrases as an
excuse for an explanation. It frankly just makes them look like an idiot
because they can’t even properly explain the voodoo science that they practice.
“It’s actually a concept that the aura that surrounds you is not static. When
it’s healthy it should actually rotate around your body.” I have a concept about gemstone therapy too lady and I think mine is a lot more evidence to
back it up. “Asking her higher intelligence what tools and techniques I
have that can best serve her immediately I get an image of diamond.” Oh, how
convenient that her ghost aura or whatever just so happened to want a diamond when you were hoping to have a diamond therapy at the beginning of this video. Gimme a break. “Welcome to this demonstration of a
gemstone and possibly diamond therapy session” How could you sense that she
wanted this? Like how did her spirit tell you that she wanted a diamond? Like does this psychic power only work with like gemstones or can you just read minds? Has anyone ever tried this to like get laid or something like that? “Hey baby, I can
tell by your spiritual aura that you want to get out of here and come back to
my place.” “Is that really the best pick-up line you have? What a loser.” “Uhg! Why doesn’t that ever work!?” Wanna know a fun drinking game? Drink every time that they misuse the word energy in one of these healing videos.
Energy refers to the measurable output of something not some sort of object or
field. “Energy” “Energy” “Energy” “Energies” “Energy” “Energy” “Energy” “Energy” “Energy” “Your energy field” Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe don’t do the
drinking game. You might end up killing yourself. One thing these healers would
have you believes that they see color chakras or something in your body. “Coming
back and observing a beautiful bright clean green at the heart.” This is
actually one of the few times where they aren’t trying to deceive you; they are
seeing green just not of the chakra kind if you catch my drift. “There’s some jiggling going on here I am not doing that. that is her energy field that’s doing
that.” Going back to what I said about how these healers can supposedly sense stuff
about your aura they also say stuff like; Oh it isn’t me
moving this! No! It’s their aura! “THE FORCE!” “So what I’m doing is looking to see what
are the energy centers doing and a clockwise circle like this” Listen lady,
it’s obvious you moved your hand to get it to stop spinning. You’re not
fooling anyone. They also say stupid stuff like that
their hand moving is due to the energy aura or something like that. “My hand is
kind of moving with the energy, I’m not moving my hand” Her hand moving is the same reason
why your arm sway slightly when you hold it out in front of you. To put it
simply; the more force that’s exerted, the more your muscles vibrate, so when you
hold your arm out like this it’s gonna move a little bit. That’s a very
watered-down explanation so here’s a more in-depth description if you’re
interested or not I don’t care. These spiritual healers must have a pretty
easy job. Just wave some stuff around and pretend to know what you’re doing. At the
end of these sessions the patient is usually asked if they felt anything or
not and of course they usually say yes. The sort of people that go into these
healing sessions usually go in with the expectation that it works, so it’s
probably just the placebo effect in play. Other “results” can be explained using
simple logic. “and how do you feel now compared to when we started?” “I feel a lot more relaxed.”
after your session you felt more relaxed What? You mean after your session you felt more relaxed? Newsflash;
The therapy didn’t do shiz! You were lying down with your eyes closed the
entire time of course you would feel more relaxed after that. Thankfully I’m
not the only person that doesn’t buy into this BS as the comment sections are
littered with skeptics. However, every once in a while I’ll come across a comment like this and remember why I have no faith in humanity. Or something just really idiotic like this; In conclusion don’t buy into this BS. It’s just a snake oil salesman under the guise of a spiritual healer who cons morons out of
their cash. Anyways like, subscribe, hit the bell, share, comment, follow me on
social media, FML, bye, I’m done I’m outta here, see ya! What’re you still doing here? Go! There’s nothing more for you! Just leave already!