Alright, so another question was, “Do we have to wear the necklaces on our skin
or can we wear them on top of clothing? Is it okay to have part of it on my neck and
the rest showing in the front of my dress? Is this okay? Is this okay? Or what? Just, what’s the best?” And you know how I’m going to answer this, those of you who know me. My first response would be, well, ask the gemstones how they can serve you best
in this moment. If you’re not sure about the answer, ask yourself, “Well, how would I prefer to wear these today?” and in doing so, you are acknowledging your
higher intelligence. The more often you acknowledge your higher
intelligence, just ask its advice is acknowledging it, the more that higher intelligence is going
to step forward and speak to you throughout your daily life. So, your desire, no matter how fashion-based
your motive might be, in reality, it’s an expression of your highest
intelligence trying to steer you in the right direction. So, in short, wearing the necklace any way
will be beneficial. Now, let’s get a little more technical here. If you have the gems worn against your skin, they’re going to work more on the inside of
your body. And those who have read the home study course, specifically on the Levels of Manifestation, I can say that working with the necklace against
your skin, this is going to relate to the microscopic
levels, the atomic, molecular, cellular, and even
the organ, maybe even the system. But wearing the gems on top of the clothing, it’s more likely to radiate into the field, so systems, and I have categorized systems for both on
the skin and on top of the clothing because systems is kind of like the, it could
go either way. It’s borderline macroscopic, microscopic. So systems, whole body. Whole body level consists of the physical, supra-physical, emotional body,
causal body, and mental body and also your whole being, which encompasses the whole nine yards, the whole whole of you would be the whole
being level. And the sum is greater than the parts, so the whole being level does have its own
special contribution to your life experience. So, no matter how you wear them, the therapeutic gemstones are here to help
you work forward, they’re here to help you move forward on your
journey to greater health, so just wear them, enjoy them, let them support you.